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Lie – Truth and lies are very important in dream symbolism, and should always be paid attention to. If you dream of telling a lie, or of being lied to, this is an indication of a breakdown of trust between you and the other person involved in the lie in your dream.

It can also be indicative of an insecurity or instability in the truth of a situation. Perhaps you are not certain what the truth is, or perhaps the truth is something different from what you believe it is. In addition, past events often play out differently in dreams than they actually did in reality, sometimes bringing on thoughts that the dream itself told a lie.

Remember that this may also be the result of wishful thinking, or your subconscious mind working through alternative endings if you had acted differently. This is an essential part of learning from your mistakes, and should be embraced and taken seriously.

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  1. I had a dream that my ex confronted me apologizing For his mistakes in the past then we had wasn’t enjoyable it was neutral. We were asleep then i woke up telling him this is not gunna work out this is a mistake i love where im at now in my new relationship and he could never make me feel the way my new boyfriend does. Then the scene switched to where i was with my boyfriend and i told him the confrontation but lied about having sex and he was still upset and was giving clues that he might breakup with me.

  2. I believe this to be true. I found out my boyfriend lied to me about having children a few months back. I have been fine for a while and we have been working things out and it has been great. I had a dream last night though that I saw a number in his phone I called it and it was another women. I told him about it and it made me angry as if it really did happen.

  3. I had two different dreams where I felt very guilty towards my boyfriend. In one dream I messaged my ex because I needed closure, and for some reason I sent him a pic of my new boyfriend with his shirt off sleeping (idk why I thought it would helo the situation) and then my ex was cool but also was like “no I don’t want to see that, please don’t reply to me again.” Keep in mind my ex has a lot of hate toward me after breaking up with him because he was do dependent on me. Then in my next dream, I had this new business job and my boss was this middle aged man. He took me and this other girl coworker to some downtown bars and then suddenly I was back at his penthouse apartment thingy. He came onto me and for some reason in the dream I thought it would be a good idea to sleep with him and then the next morning, I realized that I cheated on my boyfriend. I felt so insecure and shallow. I went to go see my boyfriend and as soon as I saw his perfect silhouette and his sweet face, he said hi to me and I couldn’t even get a word out. for some reason I was squatting and him and his best friend were just staring down at me, being warm and friendly, but I felt so guilty. I felt like the scum of the earth. I should point out (because it might mean something in relation to this dream) that in real life, my boyfriend’s ex cheated on him multiple times and made him feel insecure. Now he gets really timid when I dress sexy or just simply dance out in public, or when any guy looks at me. Rather than being protective towards me, he seems to get offended. I know this is a lot, if anyone has any helpful advice or insight, I would appreciate that so so much.

  4. I had a dream where my ex boyfriend lied to me. At first, we are at home, particularly in our bedroom. We were just sitting & cuddling. We even kissed, just a few secs. Next was I let him go home. Everything went fine. After, the setting have changed. It was like an apartment. There, a person seemed familiar to me. And I was right that it was his friend. I asked him if there’s a way out there (to their room). But another friend responded. Both seemed nervous as I spoke to them. Then, I found my ex boyfriend was there with their other friends, hiding him from me. I told him I thought he’s going home. He only said “Yes.” but chuckled. Then I shouted very loud.. with anger. But nobody reacted. In waking life, I did not like those friends of him. I kept my ex away from them especially when they’re going to drink alcohol because there will always be girls, strangers & not, involved. An apartment is also where their “chill place” is. We just broke up last July 5, 2018. I still love him, dearly.

  5. Timothy Green on

    I had a dream that my new girl friend told me she lied to me but i don’t know what about or when she did it. I don’t know what to think i don’t wanna start an argument by binging it up if it’s nothing

  6. I dreamed my husband had been lying for years about his true past. I had found out he had several children with several women and had even briefly been married to one of the women. I know this is categorically false and gave no idea why I dreamed it. I’m pregnant so I’m not sure if this hormones are making me overthink things.

  7. Need your help on

    Been having dreams of my lieing, cheating ex for the last few nights. Only about the lies tho and I’m thinking because we have absolutely NO communication at all nor have for years now that these dreams have more to do with my daughter’s bf and that HE will be just like my ex and that the miserable relationship I had with him will be her fate if she stays with her current bf. Anyone else think the same? Or differently?

  8. Your Comment.Hi ihave a boyfrend but we dont leave together he stay with his baby’s mother..ihad a dream last nite telling me that his baby’s mother is having a problem of speaking lies now he does not know why.what does that mean?.

  9. I had a dream that my boyfriend lied to me, the lie was to get out of spending time with me so he could go or be somewhere else,
    In reality he always tries to spend as much time as possible with me and I know that, but he is leaving on a trip with his family in a few days and I believe that I am just feeling insecure about it because I won’t see him for a while and even communication will be difficult though doable, still I will miss him.
    So, I think that is why I had the dream, ?

  10. Last night I had a dream the I lied saying that I had a type of guitar(I don’t play guitar) and that I was trying to fit in

  11. Dreamed that my girlfriend lied about her abusive relationship with her ex husband. And he showed up to where we were and I almost killed him . Then it started over and I told her I wasn’t gonna fight him and she turned around and got nasty with me and said she knew she shouldn’t have started dating me..

    • Earl brewer on

      My name is Earl Brewer. In my dream, my mother in law said that i did something that my wife was clearly there to see that i didn’t do. Still in my dream she would go on to lie and say that i did in fact do what her mother said that i did. This after a hesitation on if she should tell the truth, or take her mothers side. This would result in immediate separation in the dream, as well as a lot of frustration and hurt. In my woke conscious life, i am very close with my mother in law, in fact more close than i am with my wife. Yet and still i feel very disturbed of this dream.

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