Lick Dream Symbol


Lick – Taste is an important way in which we gather information about the world, and a sense we usually reserve for things that we already know to be safe. Dreaming of licking something is a sign of experimenting or learning about something in a way that is socially inappropriate or perhaps even gross and disgusting.

You may be curious about a certain subject and wish to know more about it, but your dream about licking is a sign to pay greater attention to social cues and to observe what seems to be acceptable and what is not when going about your investigation.

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  1. so someone who i know had a dream that his school mascot had eaten him and was licking his face.Do u know what this dream means?

    • Maybe he has stuff going on at his school? The licking means he has something to learn so maybe it’s a sign for him to start shaping up. That’s what I’m thinking based of the meaning it gives here. Hoped that helped!

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