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Levitation – Levitation is a dream symbol of enlightenment, often associated with meditation and Eastern mysticism. If you dream of levitating, this may be a beneficial sign of your spiritual state. On the other hand, it may be connected to a dream of flying, which is indicative of freedom and empowerment to accomplish your goals.

You must determine the type of levitation that occurred in your dream to fully understand the meaning of this dream symbol. Also, the emotions and other dream symbols surrounding the dream symbol of levitation will help you to understand this dream.

Levitation dreams are a positive sign. They can indicate that you are in touch with your spiritual side and have achieved balance in your life.

It is important to look at the area and situation where you find yourself levitating in the dream. If you are surprised by your levitating powers, it may indicate that you haven’t discovered your true potential. If you dream that you are levitating something in the air, it may be a sign that you feel in control over a situation.

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  1. Juliet clarke on

    I dream that I was walking with two girls to protect them but then I realize the road was getting lonely and when I follow them I would have to go back by myself so I told them that I will be turning back because it two of them and I will have to go back by myself. So I turn back ad I did that I started to sing a gospel song then its like I was walking but not touching the ground like someone was pushing me so I continue to sing but when I look back. I saw two men I one was trying to hurt me and the other was there to protect me

  2. I woke up very scared, with my heart stopped by fear due to a dream….I was climbing the stairs up to the last floor of my old block …it was very dark and I was climbing with the believe that a man is there doing something wrong. When I got to the last floor a light was on and I saw a little girl floating with her back at me, I only remember her pony tail…and thinking she was strangled but there was no rope there …. I woke up in fear and still wondering what was that

  3. I woke this morning from a powerful experiential dream of levitation and moving through space, the speed increasing as time in the experience passed. It was in a group of people in an unknown multi roomed older house/building where we had gathered for a several day spiritual teaching event. The purpose at this time was to levitate and I was not getting it at first and was starting to give up when it happened intensely. I levitated from my cross legged position rapidly up and started moving through the room and as time passed moving faster and faster through all the rooms so essentially I was flying but never leaving the inside of the building. I stayed in a mostly vertical position. Aware of everyone and everything around me. I also appeared mostly “stuck” in the physicality of the experience as it was happening knowing I was supposed to transcend to a different space, let go of the physical awareness of that around me but I couldn’t get there until I felt it start happening at the very end. Almost a trapped feeling of not being able to shift into the reason for the levitation and movement that had been assigned. I think someone gave me a prompt and I started to chant. The group was wanting me to slow down and I couldn’t. And I also did not want to stop.. I finally was able to direct myself to slow down and to assist that I powerfully chanted in Gurmukh/Sanskrit/Hindi a well known prayer from the depths of my being. I then finally came to a resting place and was strangely ignored, expecting us to share our experiences and some explanations and not receiving this from the group or the teachers. I stayed in the area walking around trying to connect with the others that were gathered and bonding as they got to know each other and remained alone as I wandered the area While still in the experience I tried to find a reason for this response from the others and could not come up with anything that made sense. So some of the initial residual feelings of the experience have elements of disappointment and confusion as I come out of it. I would like to know if any positive interpretations can be seen from it

    • My best friend and partner died over 8 years ago, I dreamt last night about her but it wasnt a nice dream and she was not nice to me, in the dream. In the dream, we were facing each other, nothing was said but I outstretched my arms and started lifting off the ground, probably about 6ft, I remember knowing what was happening, whilst I was floating in the air, I didnt feel scared, it just happened and we just carried on looking at each other and then, the dream ended. It felt so real, as if it was really happening. Jan

  4. Hi there, last night I dreamed that I entered a room, there were people around the edge of the room whom I didn’t know. On entering the room I felt a force like a boom sensation and butterflies in my stomach. I levitated or was pushed towards the ceiling by the invisible force. I was scared and shouted “make it stop” I made my self wake up and was scared to go back to sleep.
    What does that mean? Any ideas?

  5. In my own levitating dreams,I always used my two hands for propulsion while standing in one point and moving vertically.

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