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Levitation – Levitation is a dream symbol of enlightenment, often associated with meditation and Eastern mysticism. If you dream of levitating, this may be a beneficial sign of your spiritual state. On the other hand, it may be connected to a dream of flying, which is indicative of freedom and empowerment to accomplish your goals.

You must determine the type of levitation that occurred in your dream to fully understand the meaning of this dream symbol. Also, the emotions and other dream symbols surrounding the dream symbol of levitation will help you to understand this dream.

Levitation dreams are a positive sign. They can indicate that you are in touch with your spiritual side and have achieved balance in your life.

It is important to look at the area and situation where you find yourself levitating in the dream. If you are surprised by your levitating powers, it may indicate that you haven’t discovered your true potential. If you dream that you are levitating something in the air, it may be a sign that you feel in control over a situation.

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  1. I finally had a full levitation last night in my dream state. I’ve been trying to accomplish this for months. It’s not like I purposely go to sleep thinking about this. It just kept occurring gradually at random occasionally when in my dream. At the bigenning I started from a standing position to lean my head and torso forward in an attempt to like Take Off.. at other times it seemed as if I was progressing when I could lift both feet off the ground for just a few seconds, the key was to lean forward and just allow my entire body to lift off the floor. Later on my dreams got more and more advanced like I finally achieved levitation but for just a brief moment then down again. Well after months of NOT having more dreams, last night was amazing I was able to levitate by running and after a few steps I leaned forward and off I went with my knees bent and my mind in sort of like a trance energy feeling of pure concentration, however completely aware of my surroundings as I was inside my house I managed to guide my body anywhere I wanted throughout the entire house making turns left and right controlling everything with my mind probably about three no more than four feet off the floor. I felt accomplished and filled with joy as I moved everywhere within the inside of my house. Never going outside. I also remember my family being there and my dad especially reacting in a very surprised way as if WTF? what the hell’s going on here? He mumbled something in that regard. Then I remember something very odd, as I looked outside through one of the windows it was night time and I saw a cluster of men like in two single file lines in a standing position but moving forward FLYING outside just above roof level. I found that strange, but exiting. This was the ultimate levitation dream I have ever had thus far.

  2. What if I dream of levatating and I can see I’m still in my own home? I can control it too. Its pretty much is like I’m levatating in real life. My head is filled with a dull humming noise. Almost like a vibration. I levatated to my ceiling then put my feet on the ceiling and could feel the cold ceiling on my bare foot. Then I looked at the window. I looked at my fiance. I didnt want to wake him up but I knew I could go higher . I opened it quietly and floated out. I looked down on my neighborhood. I started floating faster and higher up into the stars. I could feel my whole body was tingley and numb. I knew I could control where I was going with my thoughts alone. The humming gets louder the harder I concentrate on projecting myself further into space. Then, I hear a loud screeching and I wake up. In my bed. Still feel the tingly feeling though. I wish I was really flying through space.

  3. I can levitate in nearly all my dreams. It’s totally conscious and voluntary. I can control where I go, how high I go, all that. It feels a little strange to know what it feels like to levitate without actually being able to do it in real life. Most of my dreams are extremely lucid, although I don’t know why. Anybody got suggestions?

    • Hi Amber , it seems you are advanced in your dreaming. You are dreaming a reality you’ve had before in your past life. Edgar Caycee suggests the next time you dream of levitating, ask yourself to levitate to your home. At that point it will take you “home” & you will find your purpose there. Good luck. Namaste

      • What if I dream of levatating and I can see I’m still in my own home? I can control it too. Its pretty much is like I’m levatating in real life. My head is filled with a dull humming noise. Almost like a vibration. I levatated to my ceiling then put my feet on the ceiling and could feel the cold ceiling on my bare foot. Then I looked at the window. I looked at my fiance. I didnt want to wake him up but I knew I could go higher . I opened it quietly and floated out. I looked down on my neighborhood. I started floating faster and higher up into the stars. I could feel my whole body was tingley and numb. I knew I could control where I was going with my thoughts alone. The humming gets louder the harder I concentrate on projecting myself further into space. Then, I hear a loud screeching and I wake up. In my bed. Still feel the tingly feeling though. I wish I was really flying through space.

  4. I was Meditating when and Indian man approached me he waved for me to follow him I followed him into a cave like structure he sat in a big old gold chair. all of a sudden he seemed very gigantic and I was small sitting on the floor next to him. With my legs folded he held his hand over my head there were other people in the room but I can’t remember there faces. then I remember going to a room it was Pitch black in the room I was lying on my back in mid air nothing was under me. I started to float upward under me there was a really bright light that followed me as I rose as I floated upward towards the ceiling . There was nothing but darkness up ahead. I was not afraid at all. Then I woke up.

  5. Chelsea Green on

    Years ago I used to have dreams of flying away. Running up a dirt track and flapping my arms (like birds wings) and taking off into the sky.
    I believe I was trying to escape my problems then.
    Within the past few years I have had dreams of standing in front of a crowd and beginning to levitate (no arm flapping) high up into the air. Being able to control how and when I go up and down. When first having these dreams I remember being shocked and nervous by my abilities.
    Over the last month or 2 I have been have more levitation dreams. But this time not being nervous. I can control the levitation, move a lot more freely than in the past, and can intergrate levitating into my dreams to make what I’m doing (trying to achieve in the dream) more easily accessible, or even fun!

  6. I dreamed I was sitting on a chair and levitating myself and I had full control. And I was focusing on the lower part of my brain and this was the part I was using to levitate and steer my way.

  7. Robert William Phipps on

    For years I have dreamed of levitation at first I found myself in a field wide and open I flew up or levitated by exerting energy towards the ground much like the force of gravity but I was pushing more gravity back towards the ground using my hands and feet and body much like the feeling of bench pressing weights I went up so high and started falling and got scared trying to gather myself as I approached ground I landed gracefully at last minute this was years ago I have had a hundred or more of these dreams on a weekly basis I fly around my town see roofs houses power lines people sometimes I showcase my powers and do tricks like flips and flying from roof to roof to show off in front of people it is always a pleasant experience I am always traveling somewhere and when I’m in these places each dream I get better and better at my powers I am years into these weekly dreams and have perfected my skills the dreams are vivid with many details people places and faces and atmospheres how can I remember all of these and how did I learn each dream to get better and better as if it was really happening dreams are something we will never be able to actually understand on a physical level maybe this realm really exist I hope I become a good man and these dreams help me

  8. I have somniloqy meaning I chat laugh cry scream and shout in my sleep,often I wake my husband up with my night time antics but last night he said I sat up raised my arm and said I’m floating out of the room. I have never any memory of most of my dreams so didn’t know I had done this. Is it a spiritual connection or just a weird dream? I was awake two nights ago when I clearly heard a woman’s voice say my full name, when I stopped breathing to listen to more I thought I heard people whispering right at my bedside. I often apparently dream of animals and talk to them in my sleep, my husband wakes up often with me saying things like oh you are a beautiful little cat/ Dog etc sadly I have no knowledge of the dreams anyone got any clues

  9. Nathan John on

    I had a dream to which it felt like I woke up and felt so realistic when I was still in fact asleep, I got out of bed and walked to my bathroom to which I then stood at my sink about to brush my teeth and I levitated up not from my own will and floated towards the ceiling as I was going up I was spun round so that my back was facing the floor, I woke up in panic as I actually thought I was already awake. It was kind of creepy because like I said I thought I was already awake but was a weird experience, I didn’t seem to be in danger just my body completely froze

    • I had a similar dream too.I levitated from my bed in my hostel room and I was so frightened .Before this dream I had 2 sleep paralyses.I enjoy sleep paralysis whenever I have but i felt so scared at this dream,completely frozen

    • Lucid dreaming, or astral travel…nothing to be afraid of….you just became ‘consciously aware’ whilst ‘dreaming’ and journeyed with your astral body with mindfulness….worth getting the hang of. I have techniques for actually waking up in the dreamstate and choosing where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, who you wish to speak with, what language you wish to learn, and so forth….it’s pretty awesome once you wrap your head around it…

  10. I have this dream, I see myself releasing energy from my hands that could suspend me up and mostly high in the sky. I noticed in my dream I have to focus and then push my hands downward then I levitate. Its like placing the same side of magnet together… That repelling force. I want to know the meaning of this dream.

  11. Steve Martin on

    I levitate in my sleep, it’s a dream I presume but what’s odd is my consciouse self is aware of what’s occurring and I can mentally and feel physically levitate when the state comes upon, at will. A few nights ago I went up high and then I willed myself to go higher and I went up like a rocket up into the clouds to come down to earth with a slight bump that always wakes me up. Also my legs itch like crazy as if the blood really did go out of them almost every time I levitate. Im often dreaming like you do with people around me when all of a sudden I start to levitate. I try to talk or shout to them ppl around me saying things like , Can you see me, Im levitating, but they never hear me, like I’ve become invisible. Anybody who can tell me what’s going on tell me

    • Please HELP me…. I’m so scarred to go to sleep that I’m trying to say awake …. I’m absolutely terrified. I close me eyes and know instantly that Im being pulled against my will. Im swirling around levitating with the fear of a presence that is not good. They are becoming more scary every time I have them…. Which has been on and off for 18yrs. I try my best to “just go with it” but it’s like a never ending nightmare….. It’s normally just in my room.. Sometimes going from room to room. I’ve had other similar dreams of flying and being out of control but not feeling the same sense of fear and a horrible presence…… Please can someone help me

  12. Milette Regalado on

    I always have dreams of levitating years ago till now. Lastnight i expirienced it again. It puzzled me out why everytime i have dreams that i can levitate i know the feeling and i know how to release energy on my body down to my foot to lift my body to levitate. I know how to control my body and release some kond of power or energy to make my self levitate as high as i want too. I can play the energy on my body and felt it while i am lifting my body with that energy or something. Why do i always have dream of levitation. Which is i know how to release that energy to lift my body and i can feel the power releasing on my body n foot to lift my body n levitate as high as i want.

    • Amy Leblanc on

      Omg I have the same exact dream as you do , feeling of control over this power , I can not explain it , and I’m afraid of heights in life but not when levitating in my dreams. ?? If you ever get any answers please let me know

    • I have had dreams of being able to levitate since I was a little girl. I am 60 now and it as if it is natural for me to be able to levitate in my dreams. Do you know anymore about this?

  13. Dream: able to levitate upon will and float or hover in the cross legged sitting position about 2-3 feet above the head of an average sized man whose arms would not be able to reach me if stretched above their head. Feeling: that being able to levitate was for very few, but that all can do it — which had eluded me to be able to do for 50 years — and some how I figured it out — like never being able to grasp the brass ring after going round and round and round and then suddenly being able to. There were several tries at levitating which I had faltered at but eventually was able to do. When I was able to levitate, I kept telling myself that I had to remember what it was I remembered to do in order to be successful at levitating so I could do it again. Good feeling while levitating; happy; satisfied; accomplished something. Encountered another human being while “in the clouds” — who was just standing there — like a British gentlemen standing under a gaslight lamp in the London fog. He simply waved a saluting “howdy do” and then “walked” away on the clouds that were surrounding us and disappeared; though I wanted to talk to him to ask questions as how/why I was able to levitate when so many others couldn’t and I couldn’t for 50 years though I’d been trying. Then later encountered another man standing on the ground (who was unable to levitate) who was trying to reach up to grab me (pull me down) for some unknown nefarious reason which scared me because as it was, I wasn’t very good at controlling my hovering and how far above him I could hover so he could avoid me — like a kid learning to drive for the first time — and I didn’t want to come down. But he was looking up at me waiting for me to dip down close enough for him to reach me — I stayed just above his reach but felt that if the more I panicked or became apprehensive, I could just fall to the ground and I’d be a goner with this guy. Then I woke myself up. Hadn’t had a levitating dream since I was about 10 years old when I had 2 vivid experiences.

  14. Hi often have a dream that I am levitating, I am in the standing position and am often a foot or so off the ground but can make myself go higher. It’s a lovely belt feeling and I always feel good after this kind of dream. What does it mean? Thanks

  15. I had a dream last night that I was levitating about 5 feet from the ground facing down. My blanket was covering me so I could not see around me, just the floor. It was very scary.

  16. Sonya Joslin on

    Im not even sure this was a dream or i was actually conscious.staying at my daughters house.at this point completely awake..i was having trouble sleeping so i stood up to turn the fan on..when i turned it on it was on too high so i turned the light on briefly to see the controls better.then adjusted the fan to a lower position.turned off light and layed back down.all of a sudden my body felt really heavy and i levitated up (i was flat on my back)..just hovering above the ground i was very gently pushed up against the wall where i just was at the light switch next to the door..i was able to move my riggt arm..i tried to turn the light on again..it didnt work..so reached for the door handle and slowly opened the door. I levitated in an up right position out of the door and into the hall way..half way up..i was aware the my kids where still in the loungeroom around the tv playing x box..but couldnt move my head down to see them..i tried to moan to get there attension..but i couldnt..i started to fight being taken against my will ..so i faught and faught..i made myself invision swimming up to the surface of the water from underneath..the i forced myself to call my daughter..it was very difficult but i faught hard untill i was able to call her name..then i shot up in bed..i was not afraid..didnt feel any other precence around me..but did have the feeling i was being taken to be shown something..but i didnt like being dragged unwillingly even though it was all very gentle.

  17. In my dream it feels lik I’m cruising around about 5 to 10 feet off the ground in total control, turning, speeding up, slowing down. I’m amazed that I’m doing this and I’m just showing off to other folks.

  18. Leland Rodney Adams on

    I’m constantly dreaming I’m levatating.I’m flying above tree tops and get higher or lower at will.I’ve linked this to meditation and the chakras.

  19. Janice Prince on

    I posted a comment about levitating when I’m dreaming, and at times moving through the air as though on a hoverboard (but there is no hoverboard). This often happens when I’m around other people who are quite startled to see me doing it. Other times I’m soaring through the air like a bird soaring through the air. Sometimes this soaring through the air is quite high, sometimes above mountains as though I’m flying from one location to another and then soaring down to ground level to see what is on the ground. I’ve met other people when I come down to the ground, and once in awhile there will be one or two who can “fly” like I’ve been doing and we go off to see some other location. I find I don’t have any fear when this is happening, but when I think about it on waking up I start thinking about “what if” this or that happens while I’m flying and enjoying myself. I would like to understand this, and wonder if anyone can offer any hints or explanations. Thanks in advance.

    Apologies for a double post, but I wanted to fill in more information than what was provided in the first comment.

    • I have this EXACT same dream! It is reoccurring. I control the flying or levitating through my mind by pushing energy through my hands. When I am ready to come down I relax my hands. Others have been terrified to see me, so it must be a secret and I usually go out at night. But in my dreams I have met a couple others to explore with as well. No clue who they are. No clue what it means. But it seems empowering, but also disappointing to wake up and not be so free in reality.

      • I also accomplish flying in my dreams by tensing my hands/arms, which initially comes with great effort, but eventually gets very easy. Others around me cannot usually do it. It’s the most freeing feeling imaginable, and when I wake up I am sure that I can still accomplish it somehow.

  20. Janice Prince on

    I often dream of levitating or moving around above the ground as one would on a hoverboard (but there’s no hoverboard involved), or even soaring through the air as a bird would. And I can always control how high or low I am above the ground. I would like to understand this. Can you supply any possible answer(s)? Thank you.

  21. My daughter dreamed of her son levitating and she had to pull the blanket off him. When she woke she sensed some one sitting on her lounge. What do you think the meaning is behind this dream.

  22. Dreaming of being levitated in heaven on a table by Gods light Jesus is standing by. This dream really has been in mind ever since it happened !!!

  23. As long as I can remember I’ve been having dreams where I can levitate a few feet above the ground if I concentrated enough and then come down slowly. In the dreams it is as if I can levitate one cue. Which as far as I know that is impossible. What can this mean. Having similar dreams since childhood.

  24. My dream to place on a houseboat or somesort,with shore nearby,my daughter who is 6 is with me,and a man. Not clear who he is,but I have been enlightened strongly lately n saw flickering light before I went to sleep,in the dream I am reading things,seems like sacred things in a book,when I read these things n I’m open to what it has to say,I get an overwhelming euphoric feeling n I can levitate,n in the dream my daughter is able to know this,not sure if she was levitating too,but had ppl come around,near our setting,either by boat or on the land,we were hiding this from ppl for some reason,it was like a secret we couldn’t let others know,when others came around we didn’t levitate….

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