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Letter Dream Symbol – Letters are a dream symbol of communication, especially between loved ones and people who care for each other. Receiving a letter from someone in a dream is an indication of communication. This may indicate that you need to reach out and communicate with that person, or it may even be a spiritual message from the person.

Remember that the parts of the brain which process language are shut down during sleep, so you will not be able to read a letter in a dream the same way you would be able to in real life. The words are likely to change, or else you will not remember what you read once you are finished. This is normal and a result of brain function, not a dream symbol of your communication with this person.

When a letter appears in a dream it can have many meanings. It can represent the hidden understanding you have of yourself coming to the surface. It can also mean you may have a change of perspective. A letter arriving in the letterbox can indicate a legal matter and you will need to treat it with the respect it deserves. It can also warn to be careful not to make mistakes. Pay attention to the small details. You may fail if you miss something important. Often dreaming of a letter indicates there are surprises crossing your path in real life.

Receiving a letter indicates you may like to share your knowledge freely. Maybe you are being asked to take responsibility for something or someone where you need share your knowledge with others. You may feel uncomfortable in this type of role. Receiving a love letter indicates the ending of a phase in your life. You have learned your lessons. It is time to move on.

Dreaming of writing a letter is a sign that there are those in far off places who think about you. Are there friends who wait for the time to catch up with you? It can also mean there may be some trouble that crosses your path. Reading the mail brings nice surprises. Finding a letter can mean you will meet the love of your life or you will soon be married.

The postman delivering a letter can mean there is unexpected news coming. Losing a letter warns of bad news. Tearing up a letter signifies something will have a negative ending. It can also signify anger and constant annoyances. Burning a letter warns not to be careless about something important to you. It could cost you dearly. Sealing a letter can indicate there is some sort of secrecy around your life.

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  1. I dreamed of someone handling me a love letter.i know in my dream that personally i that person but when i wake up, i cant no longer remember his face as well the content of the letter but i know it is a love letter.

  2. I dreamed my ex was writing me a letter at his desk and I was like looking at him from a third person visual view I was being told things by him reading the letter he said “I’m sorry” and other things also “I miss you” we haven’t spoken in years so I am not sure what is happening but I usually have such vivid dreams I wake up crying and sweating It might be the earth trying to get our souls together not sure

  3. I dreamt that someone was finding something in a box. Then I was standing near him, I don’t know what our relationship was but I looked like I was mad at him and he was sorta afraid. I was holding a letter and I said, “looking for this?” then I burned the letter and threw it in the box full of letters. This site said, “Burning a letter warns not to be careless about something important to you. It could cost you dearly.” What if I was the one who was burning the letter?

  4. I dreamt about an ex writing me a letter. Was a positive feel to it. She was writing the letter right in front of me. I could read the writing and it said “hello how are you doing?”It was in a fancy cursive lettering in black ink. I remember waking up feeling happy.

  5. I dreamt I was in school (I currently am a student) and I received two letters, these were letters students/teachers could send as a sort of fundraiser for school or something, they cost a dollar each. I went to class and wondered who were they from, since they had no name just random doodles and writings/words. The cards were outlined in cute colors. So I sat in class looking at them and some kids went “let us give you a clue, one card you have or both are from someone in this class” they were giggling and looked sorta insane. I knew these kids in real life, I neither like or dislike them. So I was like oh okay it was just a little prank to pass the time haha and shrugged. Then my friend who had his head down looked over at me as if to tell me he sent one of them (those kids sent the other) my friend looked sad/insane and wasn’t talking to me but causing a slight scene for the whole class, (the class likes him) and I saw the letter as sorta a reach out for help, a slight love note even. At this point the lights had been dimmed in the class. Dreams are so complicated I have no idea

  6. I had a dream…an aggressive abusive man emptied my purse, spilling the contents everywhere. I felt unempowered. I was sitting on the floor and he was standing over me like an abusive dark tower. This position showed me how he had power over me. Then i saw two hands dump a mail bag full of thank you notes on the floor all addressed to me. Hundreds of them.
    Dream ended.
    For the last year I have been awakening to narcissism and how I’ve been abused by men. I’ve realized this and seem to have come to a completion of my awakening.
    I thought the purse symbolized my inner personality. Who I was. The dream was saying that narcissist abuse forced me to look inside myself, see what I was carrying. What I was allowing to happen to myself.
    The “Thank you” letters are from my own psyche because I’m so thankful to be awakened. I’m so grateful to be healed. And I’m thankful to the narcissists, because without them I could never had seen my purses contents, my unhealthy psyche.

  7. I was napping & dreamed a distant relative who I’m aware of, yet don’t really know: had signed for AND picked up mail meant for ME..IDK why this person would be allowed to take my mail, when I went to Post Office to delete hold we placed on mail delivery before going on vacay..this dream startled me awake!

  8. Tonya Irwin on

    I came here after dreaming the night before about me recieving my utility bill and a strange letter/postcard in the mail. I can remember the first line of the postcard note, it read: It is important that you are available in a couple of days to receive a package from Prison. The name of the prison wasn’t mentioned, and when I turned over the postcard, in the area where my address should have appeared; you know front center; was the address that had my estranged brother’s Name and a partial address. Within the same dream I dreampt about my husband picking me up and I had a bundle of bags, and he had a woman in the front seat that I had never met before, but he seemed quite friendly with her, I was made to ride in the backseat, also in this dream at my mail box there were neighborhood kids teens, and the eldest boy was giving away ballcaps. He gave me four of them, all with American Patriotic statements on them. One on a Camo print, one on a blue and white, and a red MAGA hat, which I loved the art on them all and being a supporter of President Trump, I was very pleased to have the Red MAGA hat. But the item of the postcard has me wondering what to be expecting in the near future.

  9. I have read words in my dream and l remember the visual screenshot of my dream in which they were correctly arranged. Even l have talked to a person within my dreams i.e. the one l was imagining in that dream. Is it any sort of abnormality???

  10. I dreamed I was on probation and had to read book for my probation. A man came to me handing me a book with a letter inside it that he wrote. I remember their being a question of would I understand the letter like could I read it? I remember being overjoyed saying with a big smile ” I am a reader!” Yes ! I will understand it! Saying ” Thank you !”

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