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Letter Dream Symbol РLetters are a dream symbol of communication, especially between loved ones and people who care for each other. Receiving a letter from someone in a dream is an indication of communication. This may indicate that you need to reach out and communicate with that person, or it may even be a spiritual message from the person.

Remember that the parts of the brain which process language are shut down during sleep, so you will not be able to read a letter in a dream the same way you would be able to in real life. The words are likely to change, or else you will not remember what you read once you are finished. This is normal and a result of brain function, not a dream symbol of your communication with this person.

When a letter appears in a dream it can have many meanings. It can represent the hidden understanding you have of yourself coming to the surface. It can also mean you may have a change of perspective. A letter arriving in the letterbox can indicate a legal matter and you will need to treat it with the respect it deserves. It can also warn to be careful not to make mistakes. Pay attention to the small details. You may fail if you miss something important. Often dreaming of a letter indicates there are surprises crossing your path in real life.

Receiving a letter indicates you may like to share your knowledge freely. Maybe you are being asked to take responsibility for something or someone where you need share your knowledge with others. You may feel uncomfortable in this type of role. Receiving a love letter indicates the ending of a phase in your life. You have learned your lessons. It is time to move on.

Dreaming of writing a letter is a sign that there are those in far off places who think about you. Are there friends who wait for the time to catch up with you? It can also mean there may be some trouble that crosses your path. Reading the mail brings nice surprises. Finding a letter can mean you will meet the love of your life or you will soon be married.

The postman delivering a letter can mean there is unexpected news coming. Losing a letter warns of bad news. Tearing up a letter signifies something will have a negative ending. It can also signify anger and constant annoyances. Burning a letter warns not to be careless about something important to you. It could cost you dearly. Sealing a letter can indicate there is some sort of secrecy around your life.

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  1. I dreamed I was on probation and had to read book for my probation. A man came to me handing me a book with a letter inside it that he wrote. I remember their being a question of would I understand the letter like could I read it? I remember being overjoyed saying with a big smile ” I am a reader!” Yes ! I will understand it! Saying ” Thank you !”

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