Letter “C” Dream Symbol


“C” – Dreaming about the letter C may represent a feeling of inadequacy or being labeled as simply “average,” as when you receive the letter grade of “C” in school. Alternatively, it could indicate a person whose name begins with the letter C, or a place or circumstance that is connected to this letter in your mind.

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  1. I had a dream last night which involved a few things that I remembered. I saw a man with dark hair I have never seen before that i was looking up at and we were in bed together he touched my wedding ring finger that had the letter “c” tattooed on it which is the initial of my ex boyfriend rubbing it and telling me that he had something special for me. As if i could read his eyes he said it was my name he gotten tattooed on his body and I expressed that I wanted to get his matching forearm tattoo which matches my current boyfriend in real life? Any explanation?

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