Lesbian Dream Symbol


Lesbian – Dreaming about being a lesbian is an indication of a need for sexual experimentation and openness. You may never have considered the possibility of being a lesbian, but this dream is indicating to you that you need to open your mind and try something new. Too many of us live in a state of closed-off judgment and ignorance about our true wants and desires.

Your dream of being a lesbian is a clear indication that such a state is not serving you well, and that it is all right to try something different, and even to find that you like it. In addition, you may be unaware of your true identity, which you can only find by experiencing what life has to offer.

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  1. In my dream, this woman who I knew thru my old running club; an previous to that when iwas in my earlier teens, I knew of her, bcoz her dad was pastor of the Sunday school I attended forrawhile – maybe a couple of years.

    I stopped goin to church around th age of 14. I’m talking several decades back, during the late 70’s.

    I met this lady again when I joined the running club she was a member of.

    On with the dream,
    she came to collect me from somewhere, not sure wether it was my, or one of my relatives property. I’ve always associated this woman with the good feelings ihad then bcoz of the running. ZShe appeared genuinely interested in me, so much so tht she advised me to join a better running group …

    I wasn’t sure abt running away or moving on so quickly, bcos I’d only been to a couple of sessions, ann-I felt the beginner ladies really needed us more experienced runners.

    And …
    I very rarely feel thus …
    I was actually, which is again rare, was genuinely interested in these people and felt interested not just in there progress as runners, but also in there day-to-day lives.
    I felt spiritually connected
    to the ‘beginners’.,
    but I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this,
    Ihad no interest in them attall –
    in fact I thought they was too ‘slow coachee n

    But then with the help of the universe n the god which dwells within me(and all of us).
    I realised tht we (humankind) are all individuals but we are all ‘connected’ to each other onna really basic level.

    It’s not RocketScience …
    cos even rocket science isnot

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