Leprechaun Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Leprechaun Dream Symbol – A leprechaun is a symbol of good luck. Dreaming of a leprechaun is a good omen that riches and prosperity are soon to enter your life, or that events are soon to align to bring good things into your life. What the leprechaun does in your dream is significant as well.

For instance, if the leprechaun guides you on aleprechaun-dreams path, this has significance about the things you need to do to manifest the opportunity promised by the leprechaun. If the leprechaun offers you riches and then takes them away again, this is an indication that you will need to make good use of the good luck that is coming while it lasts, because it will not last forever.

Additional Leprechaun Interpretations

A visit from the lucky leprechaun brings news of money and gold will cross your path soon. This will bring great riches to your life. All things being good, you will prosper very soon. Your hard work is about to pay off. It can be a warning if you are considering doing things the easy, cheap way.

This could not turn out well. You should know this from past experience. Be reminded shortcuts can bring heartache rather than success. Especially if you deliberately cut others out of promises made. Dreams of leprechauns can represent the naughty side of your character.

A leprechaun guiding you on your way is a sign of what you need to do to achieve your goals or get through the tough times. Take note of leprechaun’s wisdom, which can be the key to your future prosperity. When a leprechaun gives you abundance then removes it, this means you need to take advantage of opportunities when they cross your path as they may not be around for long.

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  1. Had a dream of a leprechaun running really fast towards me it just stopped right infront of me and stood there,this was not a scary dream I was just surprised. Woke up and couldn’t find words to pray so I listened to a prayer on my phone

  2. Roxana Rosales on

    I’m going to a ruff time. I dream with him again but he is not the green one, he is short, wearing all black and shyness but I have a conversation regarding my situation. He says: leave it up to me than he walks me out from my house and he stays here in my house and I’m out.

    • Yvonne Cranny on

      I dreamt of a painting of a leprechaun on canvas turned upside down outside an old building at our home, that had partially collapsed in the dream. He was wearing a tall black hat with a buckle on it, with a red jacket and black trousers

  3. I dreamed that a group of leprechauns went after my friends and I at a party because supposedly we had tooken their treasures. They used magic. They would snap their figures and explosions would occur.most People died a few of us got away but, the leprechauns kept trapping us in these little tiny room full of barb wired. We would escape only to find ourselves in the same trap over and over. Finally, i was able to escape they kept attemptimg to kill me but I wouldnt die.

  4. I dreamt of a Leprachaun who lives at a place in Ireland I’d love to call our home in future. I sat there and he came out of the bushes and sat down beside me and we talked. He started telling me that he lives here and even told me his name. I told him how much I’d love to live here, but we need help to get this place. He looked at me and said “well, then I should help you, but maybe you can bring me a jar of honey in favor to my help? ” I told him, that of course I can do so. Then he took out a four-leaf clover with 3 green leaves and 1 golden leaf and said, this should help us.
    What do you think about this dream?

  5. i had a dream that a evil force was attacking our castle and trying to get in to kill us all, they has smashed through one of the walls, they released a t rex who started to run into the castle. at the end of a corridor of doors where the trex was smashing through there was a small green lepricorn trying desperately to to activate a TNT box. the t rex was just about to eat him but the TNT exploded and out came a huge white skeleton dog which began to fight the T rex. All in all last night i had some seriously intense dreams!

  6. Diana Hernandez on

    I was dreaming that I was down town looking at the trees and happen to see a leprechaun jumping from tree to tree but he wasn’t expecting me to. He realized I had seen him then came back two trees and jumped onto the building I was in front of then jumped down to me. He talked to me said I was special to have seen him and he said I deserved a reward. He then put something in my jacket pocket. I pulled it out to find it was some of his gold. I saw it in my hand and moved it around. Then he left and I woke up.

  7. Bianca Jimenez on

    I had a dream with 3 leprechuans one was 2 where good and 1 was evil but not to me to other people in my dream what does that mean?

  8. Last night I dream about getting my 401K and a happy leprechaun was in the picture. i believe it’s good luck”

    • Wow I also had a dream about a giant leprechaun!!! I think it was a good dream, seems like a great omen. Did it turn out to be meaningful for you?

  9. Katherine Null on

    I dreamt I was showing a woman I had never met before, (possibly a real estate woman (?), around a house that I was moving into. And for some reason; even though I wasn’t fully moved in, there were beds in 2 of the bedroom’s. I was telling her that there was a leprechaun in each of the 2 bedroom’s. How I knew this I do not know. But I woke up from the dream having the feeling that we were both laughing and running around the house looking for the leprechauns. When I woke up it was 2:25 AM. And I remember thinking the leprechauns were about an inch to 2 inches high and green? Not scary at all. I had more of a good luck feeling from it, like riches were coming my way. At least I hope!

  10. A few nights ago I had dream about a leprechaun.
    I appeared in my old elementary school, and all of a sudden a leprechaun comes running towards me speaking in his irish accent, except he wasn’t wearing green, he was wearing brown. I got scared and thought to myself “Wtf, get tf way from me?!” and some of my old friends from elementary showed up but they weren’t young anymore they were already 18 like how they look today. It was a lot of us so we all just sat down and the leprechaun goes to an end of the bench and starts picking up the bench up and down (while we were sitting on it) while singing a song in his irish accent.. then I stopped dreaming..

  11. I had a dream that I was alone at the office. I was falling asleep in my dream. I had this sinking feeling something was watching me. I looked up and this short man with short grey hair and and a curly grey beard was standing there. He walked up to me and with an Irish accent he said, “Hello my name is shillelagh. I’ll be seeing you later.” With a smile he turned and disappeared. It was so intense in my mind it felt real! What do you think?

  12. Well I just woke up like 2 minutes ago because I had this scary dream about a leprechaun. I dreamed about hanging out with my coworker which I never hung out with but once. We were at my house and we’re about to go to sleep in the same bed for some reason. This bed was in some room that is not even in my house, it wasn’t even my bed but yet I still dreamt about it I don’t know why. I was going to take a shower before going to sleep so I went to my room to get some clothes out from my drawer. When I pushed back the drawer to close it, something pushed it back out. I had seen a little boot those leprechaun wear so I got so damn scared. I screamed “mom somethings in my room!” But she was like “I’m busy doing laundry what the hell do you want” so I called my friend over and said “yo there’s a fucken leprechaun in my room” and she was like “don’t curse at it your gonna make it mad at you” but she was real calm and I was over here freaking out. So I didn’t here it move or anything and when I checked in the drawer he had disappeared. So I was like where ever you are please don’t hurt me. I close the door and got out of there and walked to my moms room to tell her about it and told my friend to watch the door if he came out. So I walked through the kitchen and I hear this really strange laugh and I look and there he was just staring at me laughing and giggling so hard he couldn’t stop. I tried to turn on the light so I can see his face but the lights didnt turn on so he laughed even more. I got closer to him and jumped to catch him. I had him in my arms but he was fighting to get out and at the same time he was still giggling and smiling real damn hard. So I took him to my mom rooms and said look mom it was him, but she was like that’s just a doll stop playing with me. Once my mom said that the leprechaun stopped giggling. And I was like “look what he can do” and I told him to make a million dollars appear. So he did but that was the end of my dream. I don’t know why it was so scary, I’m laughing about it now. My dream is really similar to MAKINNA’s. I find that really cool and weird at the same time.

  13. In my dream, its started out that I was at a friends house. A girl that seemed like I knew forever but I really don’t think I knew  at all. She had this giant new expensive looking house, she also had a dog no parents were home . So it’s sometime after running around and learning the giant house it was late and we go to bed. She had a bunk bed in her room and for some reason be were we both sleeping on the top. my dream left me for a bit. it was like I was sleeping in my dream,  I don’t know how long it took but in my dream I remember her waking me up. her feet was by my head, my feet was by hers. so she had sat up and crawled to the other end to whisper to me and wake me up. so I sat up and she told me she had been trying forever to wake me up. that there was something in the hall. she could here it. my dream turned dark and cold. I turn around and there is a bang that is constant on the wall. I turn around and sitting beside her now I lean to the left to glance and the sound stops. she told me there is a little man in the hall, right as she she says that he walks straight to the door and looks dead at me.( Now in my waking life I have a terrible phobia of midgets.so this was terrifying). I screamed as loud as I could fir what  like hours. it was a leprechaun. and he looked as evil as he could get. so knowingly I’m on the top bunk in her room for some reason I fly off the bed like he was sucking me to him. he drags me down.the hall into another room and starts to beat me. then it gets quiet, thinking what now? he reappears and starts to run in circles around me (like the flash) and starts ripping me up like a piece of paper. I was literally a piece of paper and starts putting me in a box. I screamed until he git to my gave but I don’t know what happened to the girl. some people may not see the fear like I did in my dream but it was a monster. and I dream every single night. it’s scary when it’s your actually phobia that comes in.

    • 5:37am 2/1/16
      This isnt the first time ive had this dream.. I really want to know what they mean. My first dream about this leperchaun was when i was a young girl and in that dream this leperchaun had bitten my ear completely off , i woke up screaming. I thought nothing of it but now i am 20 years old and that same leperchaun showed up in my dream again today.. This time i caught him in my grandmas house and i thought i killed him.. But i could hear him chanting and he speaks to me in english … I was looking under the couch i was laying on and i saw him dissapear .. And in this dream my family is looking at me crazy and i had to show them it was real .. I refused to let him go so i shouted “show yourself demon!!” “In the name of god receal yourself!!” (Really scared had to just believe that GOD would save me) so he appeared right away and i grabbed him to dragg him out as fast as i could and they got to see him but some how he slipped out of my hands and before i knew it he took off runing with my little sister , i kept telling her to come back , but she seemed brainwashed and said that he loved her and that i didnt and i just kepy crying yelling out i did love her. I decided to run after him then i finally woke up terrified.. And im just dying to know what these dreams mean , its like i forget about this dream ever happend but then some how a couple years later im reminded in different types of dreams but always horriying… So if anyone knows please tell me !

  14. I had a dream that I had to find a LEPRECHAUN SYMBOL once I found it I need to find ani th her symbol but the journey was dangerous and hard to complete but for some reason I cant remember that second symbol and the leprechaun symbol was bright and so beautiful (decorated in gold and emerald green). Can someone help me?

  15. I dreamt of a leprechaun chasing me down a hill and it felt more of a scary dream than a lucky one. I really don’t understand this dream because the leprechaun didn’t offer me anything or show me a path.

    • I had a dream about a leprechaun a few months ago. I purchased a lottery ticket before I went home to lay down (significant). I dreamt of the horror film leprechaun and he lead me into a movie theater. It seemed as though he was attempting to converse with me but I could not make out what he was trying to tell me. I woke up, checked my lottery ticket and found that I won. I’ve not had a leprechaun dream since but hoping I do soon. Thanks for the research Stephen!

    • Just had the same thing happen. I was talking about terrible scary movies the other day, and here comes the Leprechaun from that movie,chasing me all over my dream land. As far as I can remember he never caught me, but I remember his ugly face and terrible laugh. I never quite felt afraid, because he was following me kinda far behind, but there was an uneasiness in knowing that if he caught me, something bad might have happened.

      • Omg…I had almost the same dream I was being chased by that evil leprechaun from the movie. I haven’t watched those movies since St Patrick’s day I’m not sure what they mean

      • I had the same dream Monday night with the leprechaun from the movie he kept chasing me saying he was going to get me . I haven’t seen those movies in months I’m not sure what it means

  16. dreamt a leprechaun gave me a gold bracelet that had diamond four leaf clovers all around until the clasp. I tried to give the bracelet back because I remembered the movie ‘Leprechaun’ and I was afraid he’d kill me, but he wouldn’t accept it. So I lied to everyone saying it’s fake thinking I’d be safe. Then I laid down in my bed and stared out the window into the window of an abandoned building. Waiting for a ghost to walk by.

  17. Well when I had a dream about the leprechaun , I was trying to kill it maybe because I was terrified of it in my dream. It was just trying to talk to me and all

  18. Hey i haven’t been the happiest camer and i don’t like leprechauns they scare me.. always since i been a kid but in my dream it touched while i was sleep and rain!

  19. Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for this read. I got a question, even though it sounds so funny or weird to some. This Christmas night I saw a baby leprechaun in my dream. I was holding its hands, conversing and playing with it. Then in the end this kid got all excited and started to chase me. Does it really mean anything? Of late, I have been stressed out a bit in life. But starting to make things better since a couple of days ago.

    Please help me connection the dots.


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