Leopard Dream Interpretation and Meanings


Leopard Dream Symbol – Leopards are powerful and beautiful animals that are known for their incredible strength and cunning nature in the wild. Leopards are distinguished by the black spots that cover their entire body. Just like other big cats in the feline kingdom, they represent anger, speed, passion, courage, and can also indicate cruelty at times.

The spots on the Leopard suggest the need to be watchful of your current situation. Leopards are very aware of their surroundings and are always looking to hunt unsuspecting prey in the wild. If a Leopard is following you, it can indicate something from your past is still interfering with parts of your life.

Leopard dreamLeopard visits your dreams to remind there is always rebirth when things end. She is a healer. She brings old hurts to the surface to empower you with you have lost. You have all you need – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically – to change old habits and perceptions. To heal old wounds. Leopard can also symbolize your need to accept yourself for who you are. Instead of trying to change, use them to your advantage. You can do whatever your heart desires. All you need is persistence, faith, and to find the right path for success.

Leopard can also symbolize new friendships with someone powerful and influential. You may see this as useful for your future as their connections can help you. Leopard warns to be wary as what they say often changes. They may talk for the sake of talking.

A leopard attacking you can mean you will lose out because of others’ shameful dealings. Who do you know does not always treat others fairly? Be wary. Leopard warns this person you thought of as a friend will rob you in some way. Alternatively, it can mean you are overconfident about expectations for future success.

You may underestimate what it takes to succeed. A leopard attacking its prey can mean someone close to you will become sick and need your help. You a more than happy to help your friend in their time of need. If this type of dream recurs, it can indicate your friend’s illness may become more serious.

When leopard chases you, it can signify there are aggressive people threatening you. Who threatens you directly? Who makes you feel threatened? The longer the dream chase, the more aggressive are the people involved.

A leopard resting in the distance may indicate you may have to change your approach to your career. You need to stop worrying so much about others and focus on what you need to achieve. Avoid standing back at work to let others be recognized for your achievements. She can also bring messages of a promotion if you keep working hard.

If you are hunting a leopard in your dreams, it can mean to stand tall in your truth in your career. You may take risks, but without them, you may not move forward. Do not be afraid of the unknown.
Watching a wild leopard can signify you overcome all current challenges using perseverance. But, if she is caged, it is easy to find solutions to your current challenges.

When Leopard crosses your Path

Leopard crosses your path at times of rapid spiritual enlightenment. She comes to lend you the strength to overcome any fears.

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  1. I dreamed of a leopard last night that followed me to my home as a walked,
    and I was naturally afraid as it actually came to my door as I closed the door it just sat there.

  2. I dreamed of a leopard last that followed me to my home as a walked,
    and I was naturally afraid as it actually came to my door as I closed the door it just sat there.

  3. I had a dream about leopards on the loose, running around while trying to escape out of the city – not intentionally chasing after people. I run away and take my family to my grandmother’s home(which i haven’t visited in over 15 years). I close all doors, but just as we are all going to sleep (during the day) a leopard enters because of a relative’s carelessness. I remember feeling frustrated because i had done everything to prevent it and because everybody else was very casual about it (laughing as if it’s a pet dog). The leopard goes to everyone, inspecting them with it’s mouth and teeth – somehow is not as aggressive as i had anticipated. It ends up engaging with me ( not exactly attacking) but leaves a scratch. I am currently preparing for a very important entrance exam and mostly anxious. I can’t tell if there is an obstacle coming up, or am I being too overconfident, or if there’s a shitty relative visit coming soon.

  4. I dreamed that two golden leopards snuggled into me – one was huge and I was cuddling and grooming her. Her distinctive leopard markings were in deeper shade of gold and she intimated by telepathic medium that they were being gifted me for my upcoming birthday.

  5. I had a dream that there was this leopard that was in my backyard. I was in a different house and everything. There was also a chameleon that transformed into another cat I ran inside as they started to chase me. I went into a bedroom and packed things against the door and every time I put something against the door, 3 items disappeared and then the door would be open a bit. One leopard leaped into the room by breaking the window and killed me.

  6. I dreamed of a leopard today. I was standing inside my doorway looking through the garage – I am protected by an electric garage door, but it is in an open position. I see the leopard pacing back and forth just outside the garage threshold. My now deceased father, and brother and sister are standing just inside the garage and open door ’but close to the pacing leopard. They are not listening as I am yelling for them to get closer inside the garage or into the house. I notice the leopard is pregnant as well. They are not listening, and I wish to close the door. At the close of the dream, the leopard and I lock eyes and she is in a pounce position – I’m a little paralyzed, fascinated and terrified by her. I know I am protected a little by the short distance between us, but in my dream am also aware that she’s fast and could cover the distance quickly. I wake up.

    • I saw a leopard in the distance, high on a hill/jungle with golden limbs that trotted and ran away and I went chasing with my friend who wanted to see it closely.
      The golden shine caught my eye. This is a first one for me.

  7. I saw two leopards in my dream in my house one was in the house as a pet I was rubbing and petting it, then I walked out of the house the leopard was laying and watching , and people where talking about the leopard that I had a leopard, then the other was at the Conner of my house and was walking tuwards me I wasn’t afraid in the dream, but suddenly it changed color and was black, then I woke up because my mom was calling me

  8. Last night i dreamt of 2 leopards attacking someone i was with at some game park of some sort. I just stood there as they feasted on this other party i was with. I did not have the opportunity to see their face as i was woken up before i could get a clear view. Any idea what that symbolises??

  9. My husband and I dreamed of leopards on the same night! I had a dream that I was in a see-through helicopter over a lake as I watched 2 large yellow leopards standing in the distance on the land. My helicopter crashed and I was in the water, still in the helicopter, convinced that the leopards were going to kill and eat me. My next dream was that I had escaped and was safe. My husband dreamed that he was standing on a dock and looking down into some water and there were 2 black leopards under the water – just sort of hanging out. My husband hardly ever dreams, so I thought it was very strange that we both dreamed about leopards in the same night. Any idea what it means?

  10. I dreamed of 2 leopards crossing the street as I was driving down the road, the first leopard was injured and the second was fine. I vaguely remember getting out of the car and trying to help the injured leopard. Would love to know the symbolism.

  11. Just woke up from a dream where an entire group of ten white leopards with cubs were on the top branches of the trees outside my home. I was walking my dog back into the house when I noticed the dog was very quiet. I looked you and saw the group. I began walking slowly to the house while looking up. As I reached the door I saw a white leopard jump down from the the roof to where I was at. It startled me and I woke up.

  12. I had a dream where I was at this garden in large cut down circle in a wild forest. There was tall grass, and as I’m looking at the tomato’s. As I take another step I see a black shaded leopard lay down in the tall reedy grass. The leopard starts to pounce on me I run away. But the leopard lay’s back down. Some how we become friends and and walk together talking about some thing. I ask if it was a cheetah, but it said it was a leopard and then dream ended. I’m confused, any one know what the meaning is?

  13. In my dream the leaopard was sedated. I was in a building like a barn of some sort and someone else was there. There was another animal. I think an antelope. When the sedation wore off I told the other person the leaopards sedation was wearing off and he prepared a syringe to sedate it but it attacked the antelope and killed it and then it came after us. I climbed a red curtain (like the kind you see in a play) to keep from being eaten and then I woke up.

  14. In my dream I was laying in a hammock with my 2 sons and a large raccoon the size of a German Shepard came running out of the field, when my son tried to chase it a giant White Snow Leopard the size of a house crashed through the path and chased it down and killed it. I didn’t see it eat the raccoon bc I turned away.
    I can’t find any meaning in this.

  15. Last night I dreamed two small leopards came to my window. One was dark colored with no eyes and the other grey. I heard the mother call for them and I became afraid.

  16. I dreamt of two leapords swimming ina spiral i was at the bottom of the water and they seemed like they were trying to kiss they were happy of eachothers presence i coukd tell and as i seen that i thought of my girlfriend who was standing beside me as i thought of her
    Its weird cause why would i be at the bottom of of a dark blue and be seeing leapords???

  17. Arlen Dominguez on

    I dreamt of a black hybrid leopard that I named Jag, he was my bestfriend in the dream. Even though I technically didnt own him. We had a strong bond. Then all of a sudden these men were roping and tieing him down. I felt exactly what he was feeling. Scared. Confused. Jag was taken away from me and put in a cage. The men said I could see him as long and frequent as I pleased. Both Jag and I were sad and hopeless that he’ll never be free again. That was my dream, what does it mean?

    • Oh my god, I had practically the same same dream except the leopard wasn’t a hybrid it was a normal color. There wasn’t a group of hunters just one with this leash thing that was used like those ropes in cowboy shows, and is was red with a black stripe. The hunter couldn’t catch the leopard with the rope because I was protecting his head. The guy took out white darts and I told the leopard to run and he did. The hunter eventually hit the leopard with the dart and carried him to a cage. Then I wa suddenly in the cage with him. The setting of this dream was in a library with lots of people .

  18. I had a dream I shapeshifted into a leopard and was snapping the necks of all my enemies. I want to know if there is a significance in becoming a leopard myself. I’ve also noticed the leopard has become a recurring symbol in my dreams and I feel it’s trying to tell me something.

  19. I had a dream that I was laying in my bed. A lepoard came up to me and bit down on my right arm. I could feel its teeth through the bed clothes in my arm. It did not draw blood. I felt helpless I called out for help but nobody heard me or just ignored me. Eventually with my left hand I found something sharp and sunk it into its head and it let go and fell to the floor.

  20. My dream started a lot of other stuff happened at first and then i was at a lake with my mother, she said “we’re going whale watching” and drove the car into the lake. We we’re not afraid but i felt paniced in the dream after a while. She said “oh no whales today” and drove the car out. When I got out of the car a black panther came out from the water and started to be agressive ig and then a black leopard came out and began to protect me. A third black cat (cant remeber if it was my cat or a lion) came out and stood with me and watched the two cats fight. I was handed a rifle and shot the panther and it died. I saw a bridge next to me, and under we’re three litters of kittens, white bellied each litter either red blue or orange and each were distictivly diffrent kittens. And then, i woke up.

  21. I dreamed of a real cute spotted baby blavk leopard, with gold spots and green eyes.That was trying to fit in with kittens, and cats. And the leopard wanted me to pick him up and was super friendly, and than the leopard just vanished when someone appeared because I could pick him up. Was more wondering if it meant anything.

  22. I dreamed of a real cute spotted baby blavk leopard, with gold spots and green eyes.That was trying to fit in with kittens, and cats. And the leopard wanted me to pick him up and was super friendly, and than the leopard just vanished when someone appeared because I could pick him up. Was more wondering if it meant anything.

  23. I saw a leopard in my dream and the leopard let me pet him. Was soft to pet. Leopard was very sweet. Dream did not last long… I woke up :/ Would’ve enjoyed petting the Leopard a bit longer. 🙂 I love all animals alot. 😀

  24. I’ve had a couple of dreams recently where I am interacting (usually petting or looking after) small animals with leopard spots. In one dream the animal was sick and the spots disappeared after it was healed. In another I was just cuddling and petting the animal and thinking how beautiful the leopard spots on them looked. Do you think this could mean old habits are interfering with my ability to progress? Like, I’m simultaneously trying to cure my old habits but also nurturing them?

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