Leopard Dream Interpretation and Meanings


Leopard Dream Symbol – Leopards are powerful and beautiful animals that are known for their incredible strength and cunning nature in the wild. Leopards are distinguished by the black spots that cover their entire body. Just like other big cats in the feline kingdom, they represent anger, speed, passion, courage, and can also indicate cruelty at times.

The spots on the Leopard suggest the need to be watchful of your current situation. Leopards are very aware of their surroundings and are always looking to hunt unsuspecting prey in the wild. If a Leopard is following you, it can indicate something from your past is still interfering with parts of your life.

Leopard dreamLeopard visits your dreams to remind there is always rebirth when things end. She is a healer. She brings old hurts to the surface to empower you with you have lost. You have all you need – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically – to change old habits and perceptions. To heal old wounds. Leopard can also symbolize your need to accept yourself for who you are. Instead of trying to change, use them to your advantage. You can do whatever your heart desires. All you need is persistence, faith, and to find the right path for success.

Leopard can also symbolize new friendships with someone powerful and influential. You may see this as useful for your future as their connections can help you. Leopard warns to be wary as what they say often changes. They may talk for the sake of talking.

A leopard attacking you can mean you will lose out because of others’ shameful dealings. Who do you know does not always treat others fairly? Be wary. Leopard warns this person you thought of as a friend will rob you in some way. Alternatively, it can mean you are overconfident about expectations for future success.

You may underestimate what it takes to succeed. A leopard attacking its prey can mean someone close to you will become sick and need your help. You a more than happy to help your friend in their time of need. If this type of dream recurs, it can indicate your friend’s illness may become more serious.

When leopard chases you, it can signify there are aggressive people threatening you. Who threatens you directly? Who makes you feel threatened? The longer the dream chase, the more aggressive are the people involved.

A leopard resting in the distance may indicate you may have to change your approach to your career. You need to stop worrying so much about others and focus on what you need to achieve. Avoid standing back at work to let others be recognized for your achievements. She can also bring messages of a promotion if you keep working hard.

If you are hunting a leopard in your dreams, it can mean to stand tall in your truth in your career. You may take risks, but without them, you may not move forward. Do not be afraid of the unknown.
Watching a wild leopard can signify you overcome all current challenges using perseverance. But, if she is caged, it is easy to find solutions to your current challenges.

When Leopard crosses your Path

Leopard crosses your path at times of rapid spiritual enlightenment. She comes to lend you the strength to overcome any fears.

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  1. I dreamed last night of many types of wild cats in a house, they where running all around… and I was not afraid of them, but once I tried to get in to the house this leopard came out of nowhere and attacked me literally as pray. He/she bit me on the back of my neck and brought me down, the pain on my head was so strong that I couldn’t yell for help. At some point I got strength and took him out of neck and started fighting with it, I was really strong and not afraid that I was fighting it really good to the point that he/she left. I usually do not remember dreams this clear but this one I do remember and got me really unease, like a feeling that I really need to get the message.

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