Lemon (Lime) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lemon Dream Symbol – Dreaming of lemons can indicate your disappointment with someone or something. You may have been tricked or manipulated into something you do not agree with or did not want to do. You may harbor feelings of bitterness and resentment. It can also mean you will help someone out and this kindness it will come back to you unexpectedly.

lemon-dreamsEating lemons can mean a close friend will help you get work in some way. Or, they will try to help. A sweet lemon can mean you do not realize your friend’s help in the situation. If the lemon is sour, you will realize they are helping and reject their help. You may want to achieve things on your own merits or not want to owe someone something.

Slices of lemon in tea can mean you need to ask someone a favor in regards to money. If the lemon makes the tea sour, then that person will say no. Seeing a child eat a lemon can indicate you will go out of your way to help someone. You will make the person happy, which makes you feel good too.

Lime Dream Symbol – Dreaming of limes indicates how you feel about delays or setbacks in your plans. You may feel bitter disappointment or annoyance, as you may have been misled. Someone may have misrepresented themselves or the situation on which your decisions were based. You may also be upset because your hard worked failed to achieve your success. You need to rethink your future.

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  1. Hello good day Stephen

    Can you please help me with the meaning of drinking ripe lime in the dream.
    I was in a dream when I sliced two seed of ripe lime into a glass cup, after that I started drinking it. It was early in the morning this took place in the dream


    • Hello Stephen. How are you today. My husband had a dream that he is carrying a bag full of lime with his father to the temple. His father was told to take the lime which was possibily charmed with black magic but my husband refused to take it. Subsequently he drove back with his father together with the bag of lime. Suddenly his father nearly syncope along the way. But he woke up and they both went back home.

      Can you please help me interprete this dream

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