Leech (Louse) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Leech (Louse) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of bloodsucking leeches symbolizes being overcome by your enemies. Someone is draining your energy. They are literally sucking the life out of you. Who could this be? Maybe a friendship once treasured has become toxic. Or, that new friend is not what they pretend to be.

leech-dreamsLeeches are also used in healing to cleanse or drain the bad blood from the system. This can be a sign that you are purging the bad blood or feelings between you and your enemies. Leeches sucking your blood can represent people and things that suck the life out of you.

This can be bad habits, relationships that have become toxic, or negative self-talk and emotions. Seeing yourself covered in leeches can mean you have body image issues. Or, you are beating yourself up over something you have done. What did you do that makes you feel so negative about yourself?

Using leeches for medical reasons can mean there will be news of a serious illness in the family. It could even be you. Leeches applied to another is a sign the illness will be among your friends.

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  1. I had a dream that: 1) I was flying through space with my dad and cousin Kenny (I haven’t seen in person for almost a year but grew up with him) on this really precarious swing. Like one of those swings you sit on at an amusement park that goes up really high and spins in a circle but yeah, with like no seat belts or buckling in. Then every now and then we would take a “pit stop” and be back in this room where a gypsy seeming woman running the swing ride would ask to feed us margaritas (yes, I know this is ridiculous – but I guess I’ve been wanting one during the quarantine? Idk lol). So I would always have some during the stops but then was getting scared I would lose control and fall off the swing. 2) idk if I woke up and fell back asleep or what the segue was here, but suddenly I was on this like wooden deck on a swamp with a super kind instructor dude. He was like teaching me and the other people there about something. Then I saw a dead baby alligator floating in the water near us. The instructor was like touching the water around him, so he made it seem like it was safe. I got closer but then this huge, dark, slimy leach like snake like started encircling and taking over my arm! I started screaming and the instructor guy started cutting it off but blood was splattering and I and the others were screaming and hence I’m awake now writing this and so freaked out. Can you please help me in understanding what might these dreams be about? Idk if I can fall back asleep right now either… haha

  2. In my dream i saw a lots of leeches i tried cutting them with knife as they were not dieing i kept some of them in to fire..and about to keep remaining also.

  3. I dreamt I was walking and a friend pointed that there’s a leech on my back foot, before we could drag it out it entered my foot & we could see it moving fast because my feet looked very pale in the dream. Before we could even cut it out, it came out dead from my big toe like something we weren’t aware of cut it out and I felt no pain the whole time.
    Then it was as if the thing that cut it out cut my stomach open to be sure there was no foreign body there but I discovered what looked like the head of a human toy. Yet no pain.

    Then I saw me owning 2 cars, my normal car & a red one I just got in the dream, trying to change my accommodation. I had packed my belongings in the new car that I would come drive it to my new place but needed to take my regular car to my new place.
    Then a supposed friend came (he’s nobody I know in real life) & wanted to test drive my old car & I gave him & he made a silly attempt to escape the compound with the car & I caught up with him and warned him seriously, took my car. Then my cousin was trying to get my attention about something but I couldn’t stop to listen because the car lost control but I managed to control it on a road that looked downhill but under construction. I used my reverse gear to go some way back but i soon turned and moved uphill and forward.

    I know this is long and maybe unrelated but please help

  4. Mayank hatwal on

    I also saw the gaint leeches stick to my hand at joint and I manage to remove all the leech from any other body part but unable to remove this gaint leech and wake up. So what this dream mean

  5. Ganesh Kumar on

    Yesterday night I dreamed leeches are sucking my blood on my body at 3 or 4 points. On my feet, palm and legs. I also see leeches are going inside from the skin and i m trying to remove it.
    Let see what happens…

  6. komal kumari on

    I saw i was walking barefoot and three to four leeches bit me at the bottom of my feet, even though they didn’t stay for long they left me and was dying infront of be and i was aware of the other leeches and went for shopping with my sister. Although i didn’t say anything blood but only the black creature tring to bit, i saw my foot and there was 3-5 mark of there bits.
    After shopping i slept on the footpath with my sister and when i saw one aged begger me and my sister vacant the place. And then there was a person in the building who knew me called me up. I told him to wait as i was talking to my sister and when i turned toward the building the person who knew me came down to pick me. I don’t know who the person was.

    Please reply about my dream as soon as possible.

  7. I had a dream last night that I fell into water and walked out with my feet covered in leeches that were so painful to remove… I feel like this connects to me falling into a new relationship with a friend, whose recent ex has been intruding and draining the life out of us both.

  8. Sneha singh on

    What if i see that I’m going to eat leech? Although i don’t want to eat it but I’m forced to eat… Please interpret this one for me… I’m seeing the same dream from several days…

  9. Nitesh Kumar on

    In my dream i was smoking and there was very dark,suddenly a leech attack on a point which was lighting but that was a cigarette,
    After that Leech burn and died.
    I sense that was attack.
    Does any of this mean anything?

  10. Im not really sure if its a leech all i know it has round face and pointed body to tail.. I assumed it was a leech cuz it was sucking my right leg.

  11. I dreamt that I snuck out the house with 2 friends And i dreamt the leches were on me especially in my hair and finally when a doctor came and seen the leeches they had got bigger and changed from a dark color to red and white and some purple and white and he said it’s from that disease have you thought about how You want to handle it. Then I woke up, mind you I am an adult and have my own place

  12. priyanka chauhan on

    in my dream there were a lot leeches on the ground , because it was monsoon season , plus the people were using it for the better crops , i could see like really long long leeches , i was disgusted to see them , one small wheatish one got stuck to my track pant on my hip as i sat down , i immedieatly stood up n asked my friend if there was any leech . she immedieatly grabed it n threw it away .. does any of this mean anything ?

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