Leaning Dream Symbol


Leaning – Dreaming about leaning is the ultimate symbol of teamwork. If you dream that you are leaning on something or someone, it means that you need to allow someone else to help you through a rough time that you are about to experience. If you dream about someone leaning on you it means that you need to be ready to step up and help someone else even if it means sacrifice.

Buildings leaning can represent different internal aspects of your life. For example, if you dream about the building that you work in leaning, it means that everyone at work might be relying on you to do a good job. Alternatively, it might mean that your business is not going to be able to be successful without gaining a key partnership.

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  1. Whenever I dream about a building on the beach it’s always leaning towards the ocean. My recent dream was about me moving into a new 3 story home on the beach leaning towards the ocean. It had 2 kitchens. A small one on the first floor and a large one on the second. I was excited to move in. Telling my friend I was going to only use the second floor kitchen then I woke up.

  2. Cheyenne B on

    Hello, I had a dream about this man I am attracted to.. driving in a car side by side holding arms.. then it switched to my back pressed up against his back, but not timidly but with strength and understanding I suppose.
    Also in the dream we embraced in a hug for a long time
    Idk… I woke up feeling that there is an underlying purpose and would love your opinion

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