Lawyer Dream Symbol


Lawyer – Dreaming about a lawyer represents protection from the forces that are against you in life. If you dream about a lawyer it means that whatever forces are against you cannot be fought in a physical way, but require specialized help in order to defeat. If you dream about a lawyer it means that you need to ask someone to help you on a project that you are working on or you will fail.

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  1. Hiya,
    I was walking thru what seemed to be a public park and a couple were sitting behind a knee Hight brick wall. The tall blonde muscular male kept staring at me and made me feel uncomfortable. He walked up to me and said he was interested in me, asked my name, he was very romantically keen. I said please don’t! You have a girlfriend and I don’t want to mess that up, just leave please. I carried on walking to work. Minutes pass and I’m back in this park area like I’ve finished work. There is the guy again he walks up to me, but his girlfriend with long brown hair is annoyed and turns to leave the park, she disappeared. He continued that he is single now and a lawyer and he can take care of me no matter what. He pleaded that I need to give him a chance. I felt like I loved him but was scared to hurt his girlfriend even if they broke up ( previously in real life I’ve met this guy, he is from America and I have something really important to tell him but im so scared of the outcome, maybe I’m scared of rejection) maybe it’s just a wishful thinking dream

  2. Just had a lawyer dream of a man in a Grey suit and old fashioned glasses.
    He gave me a fright.
    If this is true that I’m being protected I’m glad that he is as scary as he looks.

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