Laundry Dream Symbol


Laundry – Laundry is a symbol for regret, sin and uncleanliness. If you dream about a pile of dirty laundry it is representative of your guilt and regret for doing something immoral or unethical. This is a call for you to admit to yourself and others, regardless of the penalty, exactly what you have done.

Sometimes this may result in losing a valuable relationship or job. However, refusing to admit your guilt to others will only kill your soul and you will no longer be able to walk in this life as a complete human. If you dream about clean laundry it is a symbol of shamelessness and forgiveness for the wrongs that you have committed in the past.

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  1. What if you dream about eating dirty laundry? I could actually taste the filth in my mouth. It was almost like I was sucking all the dirt out of it….it was very bizarre.

  2. I dreamt of a workmate doing her laundry at the office. I was shocked to see her there and then we all left in the same office car to give her a lift home. Very confusing I must say.

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