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Laughter Dream Symbol – When you dream of laughter or laughing when feeling happy it is a sign all your dreams will come true. It also symbolizes you have great friends and family who support you. Laughing at something weird can mean things in your real life may not be all that good or you are disappointed about something. Hearing the laughter of children in a dream brings messages of wellness and joy to your waking life.

Dreaming of laughter when you are unhappy in real life can be a way your subconscious finds to comfort you. Others laughing in a dream can mean you need to work at having fun in the future. Dreaming of laughing at a comedy club brings news of great success in some area of your waking life.

Laughing at others is bad luck. Have you been selfish and self-centered lately? Have you ignored appeals for help from those who support you? Do you not care how you hurt those around you? Hearing a mocking laugh brings bad news of business deals and your health. Crazy laughing warns you need to postpone any financial dealings. This is not the right time.

Hearing the laughter of someone symbolizes your own skill and knowledge to take you through life. Making others laugh is a sign there may be misunderstandings between you and the one that you love. A woman’s laughter can mean there is a conflict with one or some of your friends.

Dreaming you laugh in a dream can be a sign you are masking anger in real life. Have you been in a bad mood a lot lately? Laughter can warn of tough times and negativity in your life.  When you laugh in a dream it can be releasing the tension and stress you feel in real life. It can help you refocus in the face of hopelessness. Take note of what makes you laugh as it will be an important clue to watch out for in your waking life.

Being a part of a group of people laughing supports how you feel in real life. Seeing yourself laugh can mean you have a fear of being judged. Is there something you have done you need to feel shame about?

Hearing laughter can symbolize coming success in all areas of your life. This can also signify your fear of being judged on a past failure. You need to get over it so others do too. Hearing a lot of laughter can mean there are those close to you who want to see you fail. Watching others laughing can mean someone will cheat you.

Hearing laughter come from an invisible person can warn you are in danger. You need to watch your back. If someone is clearly laughing at you, this can mean an important relationship may come to an end. Someone laughing alongside you signifies a happy, fulfilling life ahead.

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  1. A close male relative cracked some joke to which in my dream i could not control my laughter, so much i was laughing that it made me feel happy also within, it felt too good.

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