Laughing Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Laughing – Dreaming about laughing is a sign that good times are on their way. If you dream about laughing unnaturally or hysterically it means that you or someone close to you are under too much stress and need to take a vacation from your everyday life or make a change in your routine. If you dream about being in a group of friends and you are all having a good time it means that you are entering into a period of joy.

If you dream that people are laughing at you it is indicative that you feel self-conscious about some aspect of your life that you do not want to be judged about. It is important to understand that others will only perceive you in a negative light if you perceive yourself that way. Make an effort to feel proud about your differences and you will be accepted for who you are.

Laughing in Symbol

When you dream of laughter it is a sign you are happy and gay. You will be successful in all you try to do, and will have a great circle of friends and family. Laughing at a weird situation can mean there may be tough times entering your life. It may also even mean some disappointment coming your way. Hearing a child’s laugh brings happiness and news of good health to your life.

Dreaming of laughing can also mean you need to examine something in your waking life. This can be a warning there is some minor or major detail you are missing. You need to look closer to make sure there is not something that you overlook. It can also signify you will achieve the success of your dreams.

Seeing others laughing is a sure sign you will have happy times in your future. It can also warn to be wary for someone close may plan to cheat you. Laughing while watching a comedy show means there is a lot of joy and laughter in your waking life. You feel happy and content at this time. Mocking laughter can bring health and financial trouble. Dreaming of laughing at others warns that you are being selfish and hurting those you love. Are you guilty of this? Hysterical laughter is a sign you need to defer anything to do with financial matters. Avoid spending money on anything other than essentials.

Making people laugh can symbolize fighting with your partner. Is there tension in your relationship? Hearing a woman laugh can signify you are not getting on well with those close to you. You may need to find out why. It could be you take out your anger and frustrations on the ones close to you. This does not bode well for your relationships if you continue this way.

Laughter in a dream can also be negative. It can be a release of suffering from deep within your soul. Laughing can help you find your way through a hopeless situation. Laughing with a group of people will help strengthen your confidence. But, laughing in a dream can also signify a fear of being laughed at. Are you afraid of being ridiculed? Is there something you feel ashamed of? Hearing a group of people laughing can mean there are those who are waiting and wishing for you to fail.

Hearing the laughter of an invisible person warns you need to be careful for there is terrible trouble on the way. Someone laughing at you can mean you will have a happy future.

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  1. I dreamth laughing in a group,some are friends of mine and some are strangers. I laughed so hystirically on the stranger I don’t know if I was so amused to him because the reason why I laughed is so small,but in the dream it looked like that I knew the person well.

  2. I had a dream we were on a plane with a bunch of soldiers and me and my significant other made them laugh uncontrollably and I as well heard myself

  3. I had 2 laughing dreams in one week. One day short of being exactly a week apart.
    My 1st dream, a person was brushing his teeth and I looked at him through a face size’ window from the side. In my view, the bottom half was a mirror and I could see myself while I was looking through the top half at the other person. He however could see through the whole window space from the other side. He had weird funny hair, and I could see myself in the bottom half, had wacky weird funny hair too! He was aware of me, tryna hold his laugh in while brushing and looking at me every now and again. I was laughing at both our hairstyles and assoon as his laughter finally built up enough, to break through his brushing toothpaste foam, I laughed hard and woke up!

    My 2nd dream was 2 groups of people, almost like playing tag of some sorts. The opposite team were “the happy team” and I was part of “the angry team”. The happy team were chasing us to ‘convert’ us onto their side, while we were running around with clentched fists shaking our arms, it wasn’t a real, serious anger type thing, bt it was a way to differentiate the 2 teams apart. I was gripped from behind by some dude and we fell to the ground. He then stuck his fingers in my neck, tickling me senseless!
    I woke up laughing and my neck-muscles in a small spasm, as what we do being tickled there..

    My laughing dreams doesn’t really fit any descriptions, of hearing people laugh, or being laughed at ect.. so I’m curious as to what it might mean.

  4. Last night, I dreamt that I was in a car with Jack Black. He was sitting in the front, passenger side and I was behind him. His seat would not stay in place and when it moved up – almost squishing him in the front – I laughed at it, which literally woke me up (I woke myself up from laughing).

  5. I’m really afraid…I saw people laughing at me….may be due to my insecurities…but I still feel a group of people wants me to fail in life….I’m soo frightened of this thought

  6. My dream was diifferent, From majority of the lists of explainations listed… My dream was about the obursting of laughter, That I couldn’t stop, But recognizing that i was in an outburst… Nevertheless the dream kept repeating itself… As if I was in between dimensions and the repeated dream kept on-going till I finally realized what was hapening… I finally hit the pause button after replay kept on going till I understood?!

  7. Mehak verma on

    I heard my Father laughing in the dream but i could not see him…
    Plzz tell mewht does that mean…is it a goodomen or not!!!

    • Amber singh rathour pandey on

      It depends on what type of laughter that was ? Was it hysterical? Or mocking? Or joyous? U have to find out that !

  8. Nikita Scoble on

    So I dreamt that this guy who has a crush on me, did a hilarious movement by imitating someone else and I laughed, and I couldnt stop laughing. And everyone was looking at me weirdly but I fell on the floor laughing, and the guy who has a crush on me, just smiled and kept doing the imitation. I woke up laughing hysterically and smiling.

  9. I dreamt about someone putting a drill onto my ear and it was ticklish so i laughed and then i suddenly woke up laughing lol

    • This have happened for the second time but on different times but i forgot what my 2nd dream was about i just remember laughing again as i woke up

  10. I dreamt about a boy in my school who I rarely even know, but in my dreams we were talking together and laughing. It was wierd can someone tell me what that might mean?? I’m

  11. I dreamt for two nights in a row that there were children Messing with the garage door opener and the sound of the garage door opening and closing kept getting louder and louder and i could also hear children laughing louder n louder jumping up and down on my bed all around my head and
    could actually feel the bed moving. The crazy thing is that right now I’m currently living in a garage that is a fixed up as a nice living space for me while visiting my daughter in California and I currently sleep in here and use the garage door often it was exactly the garage In my dream and the way it is set up for me right now . It scared me and I woke up literally shaking . This happened same dream two nights in a row. What does this mean

  12. I write out my dreams to the best of my ability when I have them. The first part of this dream contains the laughter.

    In a theatre.
    I was in the front room with someone.
    People in the audience started laughing when I was making movements.
    Realised that my shadow was being projected onto a window behind me by a light in the room.
    Kept making the audience laugh for a while.
    Someone was in there with me.

    Left the box..
    Sat in the chairs about mid way up the cinema.
    A presentation came on.
    We had a leader.
    A female leader.
    Talked strong and confidently.
    I wasn’t serious enough.. Maybe sounded to much like a clown, asking silly questions or something.
    She called in security which came into the theatre in riot gear. Dragged me out the back door of the cinema and through some halls, knocked some of my teeth out.
    I was then returned to the cinema.
    It was around this moment I realised it was like a cult that we were stuck in.
    Sat in the back row.(was like shamed and scared to sit with people – nobody seemed to care – or were afraid to show care)
    Was trying to talk/complain to people but was slurring really bad because my left molars/teeth were all jacked up.
    An old friend came and sat next to me all casual.. Like “ahh, you got your teeth knocked out aye?”
    As I was talking to him my speaking ability came back clearly.

  13. In d dream, everyone was waiting for d arrival of something with happiness, I felt so happy and something in me said it is time and I woke up. Please what is the meaning????

  14. I had a dream I was sitting on a bench with my inspirational sportsman’s, Anthony Joshua. We was just sitting relaxed and chilled talking about just general things in life and we was both laughing with genral banter. I felt calm, relaxed, myself and inspired before he then left and I woke up. What does this mean???

  15. I had a dream last night of a girl, a girl I really like. She was floating in a swimming pool and laughing with joy looking beautiful and joyful. What does this mean?
    (It is a girl I really liked and wanted to be with her; she cut me off when I told her how I felt about her so we not close friends anymore.) What this dream mean tho?

    • I think it means that she is not ready for a relationship and prefers to remain single and joyful like young girls are. Just respect her decision and go on with your life. I know it may sound difficult but it’s better to stay with someone that wants the same thing than stay with someone that doesn’t.

  16. I woke up found myself laughing out loud… And I freak myself out… But It feels so good I wake up with a laugh I dont even know why and whats my dream about.

    • was in a kinda dream loop where I was dreaming about waking up in the morning and in one of the dream loops I woke up from a dream i was laughing in . when I really woke up I am full of energy and positive feelings.

  17. My dream didn’t really fit these exactly so I’m still unsure. I had a dream that I was in a car with my fav artist/celeb and we were just hangingout in the backseat. He was looking out the window while the car moved (don’t know who was driving) and I was looking at him. Eventually, he turned to me and asked me “What?” I said “Nothing” while smiling at him. Then I laughed at him and laughed at me, it was a gentle laugh like a giggle. It seemed like a happy dream but I don’t know what it could possible resemble. Lately, I haven’t really paid attention to any type of gossip or anything he’s been really up to. I’ve seen him perform live a few times and he noticed me once (about 1.5years ago). but I’ve never actually met him. Wpuld mean a lot if you could get back to me woth this! Thank you.

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