Laser Dream Symbol


Laser – Lasers are a symbol of a straight path. This path can be a path of destruction, healing or discovery. If you dream about a laser gun it is a warning that your current methods are having a negative effect on you and those around you. You need to try different tactics in your everyday life in order to bring balance back to your life.

If you dream about a laser shining in your eyes or pointing on your body as if from a laser sight found on a gun, it is a sign that you are in danger because you know something that someone doesn’t want you to know. If you dream about a laser pointing up at the sky or in space it is a symbol of discovery and you should follow it and see where it leads you.

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  1. I had a dream about being with some friends and we were walking down this path. There were trees and corn on each side of us….as we were walking we could see a barn in the far distance. And we saw a red dot on each of us and following us around. We ran away and hide behind the big pine trees.

  2. My dean was me and my grandma were sitting on the stove and she told me some guy died from him getting shot in the eye with a laser and it was from its stove! So then there was these little dots that went all around the kitchen and when it stop there was a nother layer and it just jelled going until it reached me. On the stove it was counting from 3 ta 2 ta1abd then the laser was on me but I woke up befour anything else was going to happen.

  3. I have a recurring dream never see a person or what’s aiming at me it’s a laser sight from a gun sometimes at my bedroom door or from my closet it points at me I am always in bed I get shot 4-5 times in the chest area I wake up it’s over so confused to why I am having this dream???

  4. I had a dream once when I was sick. I was riding a laser. The laser was gaining speed- winding up faster and faster. Terrifyingly fast. There was a whirling sound associated with it. It was if it was carrying me to a point of destination. I woke up soaked in a sweat. I never could figure out the meaning of it. I was quite young when it happened but I never forgot it.

  5. I had a dream that two cops were pointing laser from their gun at me and tried to shoot me. When I looked at them I realised they were looking at something. I found out they were looking at a deadbolt in my balcony. I turned the body it was of my acquaintance (a very long time ago) and the body was decayed. It had no eyes and the face was grey. But there were two live people also with the body who were relieved that I found them. I was not scared by the dead body, the dream was overall cheerful because of the other girls who I found with the dead body.

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