Lapis Dream Symbol


Lapis – Lapis is a semiprecious gemstone that is symbolic for protection from evil and the coalescence of good energy. In the ancient past, lapis was called sapphire and the modern stone that we call by the same name is actually not the gem that the bible and other texts are talking about. The beauty of lapis lazuli has always attracted a sense of awe in those who practice spiritual arts and magic. Dreaming about lapis is a sign of good fortunes and protection for your life.

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  1. I dreamed that I was trying to buy some of the amazing lapiz Azuli, and a woman only had them in small earings, howver she would not sell the ones that were offered, instead she would cut a larger piece of lapiz and do it all from scratch, and sell it same price, I was not happy with the first one because it did not look like lapiz it had more red, white and yellow, that was not a lapiz. so I pointed out to her, what I considered to be a lapiz and what makes them different then I allowed her to do her work, while I was looking for my wallet, and weird things were happening around, very fishy of a lot of movements from people even me doing weird stuff. So when I came back i just remember touching them and trying to put them on but then as I was doing that the dreamed stopped and I just woke up after. Anyone knows what this could mean?

  2. Recently I had a dream that I gave a lapis stone to someone. It’s someone who I’ve been dreaming about often over the past year and a half, although they aren’t anyone I’ve met. Anyway, the two of us stood in front of one another before I stepped forward to press the stone into their hand. It was probably the deepest, bluest lapis I’ve ever seen. The other person accepted the stone, and as they did it appeared to sink into their hand, which began to glow with blue light. They looked really happy, and the two of us embraced. I woke up after that.

    Anyone have an idea what the heck that means? Lol

    • I have just been given a Lapiz p-like stone pressed into my hand in a visualisation by a ‘seer’ It hurt, as she pressed it right inside my hand.
      I looked online to find our what it meant and saw your post. Don’t know if you will see this, but thanks if it was you Shay! Still not sure what it means, strange as it is now June 2020 . Ps it is not really like me to do visualisations, but I do take notice of what I’m dreaming.

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