Lap Dream Symbol


Lap (Running)

Running a lap around a track represents doing the work required to make a difference in your life that will have a positive effect on your physique. Dreaming about running a lap represents that you have what it takes to make yourself look good.

Lap (Body)

The lap is a place of comfort and protection. Dreaming that someone or something is sitting on your lap means that you feel a responsibility to protect them. Likewise, if you dream that you are in someone’s lap it means that you feel as if it is their responsibility to protect and care for you.

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  1. I had a dream where I was sitting on a guys lap thag I didn’t even know. I don’t remember much about the dream accept I was in my old house that I moved out of. It was around Halloween time and I have 4 or 5 people over drinking somehing I don’t know of and standing around. While I was in an couch wih a boy I didn’t know. I was sitting in this guys lap and he just held me. I was in an stitch onesie and was on my phone (looking for Halloween costumes) with my head in his neck. What does this mean?

  2. I dreamed that I was sitting on chair and talking to a friend and suddenly my crush came and sat on my lap I just grabbed his waist for balance he was light in weight he then asked my friend if she had brought what he asked for (there was something that I couldn’t get what it was at first but it turned out to be a small white dildo) He then asked her if he can take it now (and also she has a little crush on him in real life) she said something and he only took the dildo but not anything else because it came with a charger and some other stuff, I then asked him what was that (I don’t remember what he said but I so remember I understood what it was in the dream )
    This dream was very werid so that’s Why I want to know about it.

  3. I dreamt a man actually smelling of urine and I was in a bus sleeping to wake with this man partly on my lap.
    Asked him to move he wouldn’t. Pushed him off slowly whilst he objected to move he fell to the floor of the bus. He also had crutches and this was on the top deck of the bus.
    He took out his phone to call police.
    Then other people wanted to pass by he was in the way and I helped people pass by by giving a hand to stabilise them to pass safely. Then these stag beetles started crawling about . One got stepped on and immediately baby Beetles scurried out of it and it screamed out a long scream. It then started to go after me and tried to hook onto my clothes it disappeared perhaps it did or not hook on but I woke up . I would like to know what was that dream all about.

  4. I dreamed that their was this gathering going on downstairs I look out the window and see a man sitting on my husbands lap what does this mean

  5. ive only had this dream once.. but many of the girls i date have had the same dream about me.. they dream that their sitting on an old boyfriends lap but their legs extend over my lap? why do they keep having this dream about me?

  6. My boyfriend had a dream that another girl was sitting in his lap and wouldn’t move , so I went mad and broke her wrist…? What does this mean lol

  7. I had a dream that was rather odd, it fits in the category, ‘lap’ but not a subcategory. I remember in this dream I was sitting on a chair and a boy came up and asked, “could I sit on your lap,” I replied with, “yes.” The dream ended there and it was morning, it was a strange dream, short and simple. I just don’t know what exactly it means.

  8. I had a dream I was on a guy friend from work Lap. Him sitting in a on his lap and my legs wrapped around him but facing him face to face .massaging his back n arms and I felt a knot in his arms he said it hurted that was it

    • I had a dream that i was driving ib the car with my boyfriend and while at a light, a frenemy hopped out of her car and opend the passenger door and sat on my boyfriends lap. My boyfriend was touching her thighs and not trying to push her away.what does this mean? The dream went on and i vaguely rember the rest.

  9. My mom passed away 4 years ago and I haven’t dreamt of her in anyway, until a couple weeks ago in my dream she was sleeping on my lap, and I just watched her sleep.

    • My condolences to you for the loss of your beloved mom. I lost my grandmom at 102 at a nursing home here in the northeast. They killed her in the nursing home. God bless you and your mom.

  10. I dreamed my ex-boyfriend was driving me somewhere and he had an open bible on his lap. I do read it but not sure if he does.

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