Landslide Dream Symbol


Landslide – A landslide is a catastrophic thing to have happen in your dream. It symbolizes that everything that you thought you knew will be taken away from you. Everything that you were working to accomplish is going to disappear. Everything that you had built for yourself and those you love is going to be gone soon. Regardless of how bad this dream may seem, it is important to note that it may not necessarily be a bad thing and it will likely not happen in a literal way.

It could also only be focused on one aspect of your life. You may come to realize that your religion is a complete sham or that the perfect house that you just bought is actually full of problems. Maybe your spouse is cheating on you. While these are not the best scenarios, they don’t represent the end of your life. Think of them as stepping stones to enlightenment.

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  1. I had a bad dream while sleeping. I saw my sister covered in mud by a huge landslide. In the dream she offered me to drive my car so I was able to scape the landslide. In my dream 8 wAs able to reach high ground and I rescued a family. Is my sister in any danger?

  2. I dreamed I was being held hostage in a rich school environment by a gunman. Then the landslide happened. I was in the centre of it and the land appeared to be made out of slate. As the land folded, i was in the center though somehow escaped and went back to the school roomm to see how everyone was, the gunman let me go to try and find my blanket. I tucked him into bed and put a quilt over him and went to the woods to try and find my blanket but there was nothing there.

  3. landsliding in bedroom where I am sitting, talking with my niece who is standing in dream. We both share a good bond in reality. As land started sliding, I alarmed her.I thought of seeking advice of my friend over mobile so as to know best position to tuck in ourselves safely, but as I raised my hand in which I held my mobile it crumbled went vanishing. She started finding her way other side… Where she fumbled.At one point I had to ask her help to hold my hand,so I could stop myself getting drifted in land.
    She gave me hand, I managed to balance my body which was drifted alongwith my bed.

  4. I dreamed of a huge mud slide taking away people with it….then in a while our house was swept away too but as we were being swept a away we were safe…After a while i saw we were walking downhill trying to escape , then i saw a huge building collapse but we were unhurt. ?….then i realised my baby was missing, then as we proceeded down hill i saw my father safely holding my baby..I took my baby from him hugged her n then i woke up to realise it was a dream..wat does this mean

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