Landlord Dream Symbol


Landlord – Dreaming about your landlord is indicative that you are behind on rent, either literally or in a more allegorical sense. It could mean that you have not provided insightful or useful work in your career. Dreaming about the landlord is a warning that you could be evicted if you do not start producing, and soon.

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  1. Khrisset Flemming on

    OK so my boyfriend is not supposed to be living in my apartment and we have been doing a good job with keeping him unseen but for some reason I keep having this dream about my landlord finding him in my apartment and I don’t know why and it’s making me feel really paranoid

  2. I had a dream I entered one of my landlords property’s and chased a black toad everywhere… my landlord entered the property and we began a sexual relationship.. I can’t for the life of me get it out of my head xx

  3. I dreamed the ex landlord was playing records to my ex boyfriend who is a musician who works on the property, I believe it means I know they are are both bored with each other and tensions are mounting, my ex boyfriend is a butt kisser to the landlord who doesn’t care about my ex boyfriend just uses him to do work he doesn’t want to do I also think it means I am right about both of them, they are losers

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