Lamb Dream Symbol


Lamb – The lamb is a symbol of peace and helplessness. To dream of the lamb could mean that you are vulnerable to attack, but it might also mean that you are at peace with life and those around you. To properly interpret this dream, you must take into account everything else that was in your dream.

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  1. peter kwalanda on

    Your Commenti I dream that was carrying lamb for slaughter and found it dead on reaching the place and was said that was too young for meat

  2. I had a dream I was looking out of the kitchen window of my house and I saw my whole family. My father was outside and talking was my sister about something scary, my father tells her we give it power . Right there I feel a sense of great danger coming from the forest and a baby lamb comes running out the forest, jumps through the kitchen window into the house, runs down the hall and disappears. My father drops to his knees with his hands over his face. And then i was woken up because I was making noise in my sleep..

  3. Hi

    Last night i saw a deep brown lamb type creature ( more like a baby horse) with inverted horns …running towards me to attack me ..could you please guide?

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