Lake Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lake Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a lake can mean soon unexpected events will cross your path. A lake represents your emotions, innermost feelings, your imagination and creativity. This sort of dream can symbolize repressed feelings. You need to get these out to deal with them so you can move on.

A dirty lake can mean you may be depressed. Do you think dark thoughts? Is your outlook on the world negative rather than positive? You may need to seek help to find the light. A calm lake is a sign there is peace and quiet coming into your life.

A large lake with bright colored water symbolizes quiet times ahead. It also means you have a bright future, and will make a lot of friends and acquaintances. Fishing in a lake can mean you will meet your soul mate, but it can warn you let opportunities slip away. You may need to be more proactive in what you want to achieve. Being on the lake’s shore can mean you have a happy, content life. Swimming in the lake is a sign of new friends entering your life. There could be new beginnings on the way.

Lake dreams can refer to emotional stability. You need to interpret the other things highlighted in the dream to get greater insight into what it all means. Choppy water in a lake can indicate life is moving too quickly. Are you having trouble keeping up? A really big lake in a dream can mean there are positive changes coming. A deep lake can symbolize a fear of getting too deeply emotionally involved. Is this you? Do you fear becoming too close to others?

Dreaming of going into a lake is a sign you are organized and usually keep track of what is important in your life. Being on the lake in a boat represents a decision you make or one that you avoid. This may be important so you need to take decisive action. Diving into a lake is a sign you have the strength to deal with obstacles that cross your path.

The lake is similar to the lagoon in that it represents a worry free environment in which to enjoy yourself. Dreaming about a lake typically is reminiscent of vacationing and taking time off from the burdensome worries of everyday life. If you see yourself swimming in a lake in your dreams it symbolizes a rebirth of old ideas and pleasures. Try revisiting some of your past hobbies and you will be surprised to find that they still have much more to offer you.

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  1. Fiona Thomas on

    I had a dream about being in the most beautiful place I had ever been to, there was a big lake that was turquoise and surrounded by mountains and in the middle of the lake was pointy rock. We were staying in this beautiful house were my family were also staying. Me and one of my best friends were jumping off the rock into the lake and were swimming. When we got to the centre we turned back because it was dark.

  2. vivek M Kumbhare on

    I saw my village…. There is an lake which get converted into plot in half portion….. Also other surrounded area of farm get plotted……

    Can you please tell me the meaning of that dream….

  3. I had dreamt that I was swimming in a very big and large lake with some old friends and cannot see the end of the lake. Then my friends left me and I kept swimming alone and saw a very bright and long rainbow above me. What does this mean?

  4. Narendra tiwari on

    I had seen I am swimming on lake & after dream I wear cloth but my undergarments still wet.

    So please give predictions for my dream.

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