Ladybug Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ladybug/Ladybird Dream Symbol – Ladybug brings the promise of luck to your dreams. She lets you know all your dreams will be fulfilled. All your worries will melt away replaced with a new found peace and serenity. Reach for the stars and you will reach them.

You will experience good luck sometime soon. She also warns to be cautious when chasing your dreams. It is best to allow things to evolve naturally, rather than pushing them too hard for results. She could also bring messages to leave your problems behind. To stand in your truth to find new found happiness. Do not fear what is in your heart.

Dreaming of a lots of ladybugs can mean everything is out of control. Do lots of minor things go wrong? Do you make silly mistakes? How can you take more control? When ladybug flies into your dream, it can mean you have no trouble dealing with any challenges that cross your path. It can also mean you solve current problems quickly, in a civilized manner without arguments.

ladybug dreamCatching and releasing ladybug, may be a warning not to be so trusting of friends with sob stories to tell. Who can this relate to? Do you fall for people’s hard luck stories? Be wary, for ladybug warns you may fall victim to someone manipulating you. Catching a ladybug can mean you will find yourself promoted in your career. This is something you wanted, but it is daunting until you settle in.

When a ladybug lands on you, she gifts good health and a long happy life. Have you been sick? This can mean you will recover very soon. A ladybug at rest may be a warning to listen to the advice of those close to you. Who has been giving you advice? Did you listen? How did that work out? Be careful. If you always tend to ignore people’s advice when you ask for it, they may be hurt and offended. They may ignore your call for help next time.


The ladybug is considered the luckiest of all insects. To see it in your dreams means that you are protected from the small worrisome problems that you normally have to face.

When Ladybug crosses your Path

Ladybug visits to alert you to the positive opportunities coming soon. These will help you start a new life in the right direction. Trust your gut instincts and be open to new things coming into your life.

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  1. I had a dream about two ladybugs the other night. One was yellow with black dots and one was red with black dots. There was nothing else around..just blankness..a white floor..the ladybugs were slowly heading towards each other until they met and touched each other. Then I woke up. I had no bad feelings. Pretty much felt at peace but I’m confused as to what this all means. The next night, I dreamt about a Caterpillar..nothing less nothing more. I’m so confused. HELP??? Please

  2. Dreams_Messages on

    Last night I dreamed of lots of red with black poker dots ladybugs all over me. They were all around me, landed on me and a bunch were on my head. I normally are not afraid of ladybug, think they are pretty, but in my dream I got so shaken up mainly because there are so many of them crawling all over me. Hundreds in numbers. I tried to knocked them of my body and head but they were all around my personal space. The short dream literally but briefly woke me up in the middle of the night. Not sure what the intent message is.

  3. I had a dream of a beautiful big ladybug that shed it’s shell like locusts do, the shell was transpatent with the colors & the ladybug was bright beautiful and strong, I could tell it was well pleased!

  4. I had a weird dream that
    I thought I saw a small maggot next to my shoes
    I got scared and kicked my shoes off
    A small black spider came out and grew big and another black spider came out.The first one started to form it’s first web ( a single line) a red lady bug appeard.
    I woke up feeling really scared and I felt that their was a spider next to me. I fell back a sleep panicking and I saw a black thick hairy spider in my dream???

  5. I dreamt of a spider lady bug… In my dream I knew that they were really rare and poisonous… I was not afraid… I was trying to protect it.. Because I knew she was pregnant and about to have babies… It was red and had 8 black dots in her back….it was a beautiful specimen.

  6. I dreamt of lots of ladybirds in the crown of my head .I took a comb and starting combing them the centre of all of them were 2 that were together make and female.what does this dream mean

  7. I had a dream about lady bug but not trying to be nasty they were in my underwear what does that mean?? I don’t understand it

  8. Pat Margaret Millar on

    My dream involved ladybirds that were white and their wings were very large and flowing absolutely beautiful . My feelings were they had just been given life. Truely amazing dream x

  9. I dram that I came across a ladybug sitting on sand I went ahead and pick it up with the sand and let it go it flew into my hair n flew around there and instead of me freking out over a bug flying between my hair it gave me peace in the dream.

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