Labyrinth Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Labyrinth Dream Symbol – The Labyrinth is representative of the great maze of life. In most of its manifestations, the labyrinth is not solved inside your dream. This is simply an expression of your uncertainty of where life is taking you. If you have a strong need for control over your life, dreaming about the labyrinth can be a very emotional experience that fills you with panic and fear.

However, the labyrinth is meant to get lost in. Yes, there are unnamable dangers and countless ways to lose yourself. However, this is a representation of life itself, where the dangers are no less real. The message of the labyrinth is to simply enjoy life while you are in it and not worry too much about figuring anything out.

Alternative Labyrinth Interpretations

When you dream of a labyrinth it can represent the turmoil and confusion surrounding your waking life. This is a sign you need to look deeper within to get a greater understanding of yourself. This is a time for patience and also a time that can be right for finding solutions to long-time problems.

A labyrinth can symbolize a secret crush on someone. Someone who has no idea of your infatuation. Maybe it is time to move on and let go, or to let them know how you feel. Do you fear rejection? This can also warn that you have a tendency to take on too much at times and end up feeling overwhelmed. It is a time to face your fear. Stand tall in your truth to help you move your life forward.

Making your way through a labyrinth is a sign you have the courage to face up to what you fear. Dreaming of finding your way through to the other side of a labyrinth means you will make it through these tough times. It can also mean there has been a period of drama and problems that have just ended. Leaving a labyrinth is a sign that soon something secret will find its way into the world. Will it be you who reveals someone’s secrets?

Dreaming of having a labyrinth in the garden warns there will soon be problems with financial matters. You need to be prepared. Try to put some extra aside for times when you may need it. A man dreaming of a beautiful woman in a labyrinth signifies prosperity and abundance will soon cross your path. Seeing a small labyrinth can mean there will be complaints, errors made, and a general series of annoying things that happen to you. Do you feel that no matter what you do there is someone there judging you in a negative light?

A dream of a labyrinth can mean someone close is out to cheat you in some way. Also, something from your path will come back to haunt you that you will have to deal with again. This can be a tough time full of hurt and fiery emotions. Having difficulty finding your way out of a maze before you awaken means there is something in your waking life that needs your urgent attention. If you do not make it out of the labyrinth before you wake up, it can mean you will have a long period of time where things are tough.

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  1. I had a labyrinth dream over a year ago and had no idea it was a labyrinth until I saw this image! The first encounter with the labyrinth was when me and a group were running away from trouble. We managed to escape by travelling through to another dimension and the labyrinth being the spot we appeared in the other world

  2. Jessica Chattopadhyay on

    I had a dream I was in a labyrinth but to rescue others. I made it to them and we had been on way out but it took us to an old mansion can you tell me what that means please and thank you.

  3. I kept having a dream where I was in a labyrinth. I always had either a dog or some friends or family with me. I couldn’t remember the parts where I tried to get through accept the last part where I did get to the end (though it wasn’t really the end) but it was a narrow path with proven glass and floorboards with water at the bottom. There a chimney type thing going up and in one dream down but there’s a green (?) bucket with a pulley as if it was a well but whenever I had to get up I had to leave somebody behind (as far as I remember) but when I got up through the chimney well part it was normal like I got to see my friends and go to a place or two. But when I got done with it I had to do the same exact thing over and over. It changed each time. A couple times I was being chased by a dog like creature and I could hear it. But sometimes I wasn’t. But every time the labyrinth would end I would always some into this dirty wet room and see the hall and go through. This time (that I almost just woke up from) I saw somebody I know let’s call him N with either another person ,T,or my dog (or both) were down there and I could see them and they got up but T came out later or not at all yet. N acted like me like it was fine because the dream isn’t scary it’s like the human interpretation of beetlejuice’s outfit and hair and talking garbage bags and just pitch black. I could see them while they were down there. I would have yelled for em but it was either a sleep paralysis thing or the thing where I push air out of my lungs and start almost whispering or wheezing then I wake up and need a LOT of air. I don’t know what seeing other people in MY dream means. Maybe he’s having the same dream? Same experience with the labyrinth? I’ll ask around but if anyone knows and would like to try to help I would appreciate it.

  4. I keep having labyrinth dreams. For awhile they were always related to a previous job and company I worked for. I would leave my desk to go do something – and the next thing you know I was spending hours trying to get back to my desk because I took a wrong turn somewhere. The first set of these I found myself lost in a giant casino/game room/pool hall like setting. I got to where I could almost recognize the way out, then the dreams stopped. They started again, only I was at a new job – not one I could identify too. This labyrinth is different. It is like an indoor flea market of foods and packaged delicacies. Not as much panic as the first set of dreams – but same scenario.

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