Laboratory Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Laboratory Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a laboratory means that you need to do a little experimenting in your life. Perhaps you are uncertain of your feelings for someone you know. It may be time to test those feelings and see where they lead. You may not know what career path you wish to follow, this too, is the perfect time to try on several hats and see which one fits best. Dreaming about a laboratory is exactly what it seems.

If it feels like an eerie laboratory it most likely means that you are uncomfortable about experimenting. Perhaps you are attracted to the same gender and are uncomfortable about experimenting. Don’t be. There are plenty of people in the world who are interested in similar things as you, no matter how strange they may seem.

Additional Laboratory Dream Meanings

A laboratory in a dream can symbolize a problem of your own making. The only way you will solve it is with a lot of hard work and a deeper understanding of yourself. Laboratories represent experimental phases of your life or the everyday routine of your waking life.

Working in a laboratory can be a message you need to approach life and situations in a more organized way. It can also be a reminder that although you may have the knowledge and ability to achieve something, you may still have limited experience. This could hold you back. Seeing a scientist in a laboratory can mean you have been cut off emotionally from your involvement in life.

Do you approach life based on facts and figures? Do you leave no room for emotion in your approach to success? Have you become shallow? This is a reminder you need to put your heart and soul into something to achieve true success.

If you are working in a laboratory researching new things, this indicates you are seeking to change your perception on all manner of things. This can warn that you may still have to overcome some obstacles ahead. Seeing yourself working in a laboratory can mean you put a lot of energy into something that yields no results. You need to walk away. Stop wasting your time and energy. Use your skills to achieve something more realistic.

A laboratory assistant helping you is a sign there is good progress towards your goals. Researching or diagnosing cells from a sick person warns there is danger around you. You need to be prepared to protect yourself. Owning a laboratory in a dream indicates you will be prosperous very soon. A chemistry lab can also signify danger and complete exhaustion.

Have you been working too hard lately? You may need to take a break. Seeing lots of equipment in a laboratory can indicate your hard work will pay off big time. Seeing yourself as an experienced scientist can warn of dangers lurking in the shadows. They may soon enter you waking life. Just know you have the ability to overcome them

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