Koi Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Koi Fish Dream Symbol – Koi fish swims into your dreams to remind of friendship, affection, and love. Her message maybe it is a time to act without pride or ego as this may alienate those you care for. Have you been acting arrogantly lately? Do you push people away with your attitude? Consider how other people see you.

koi fish dreamKoi can also represent tenacity, perseverance, patience, courage, and success. You have all you need to overcome any challenges that cross your path. Koi shows you how to succeed when you live without fear. Watch for new opportunities as you finish old projects. Have faith in your instincts.

A back koi can bring messages of huge life changes, and a gold koi brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A silver koi can bring wealth through a business deal. A white koi with a red mouth brings messages of eternal love and red markings on the head may mean a promotion at work or a new business deal.

When Koi crosses your path

Koi crosses your path to let you know you are in luck. She brings messages of transformation and the arrival of prosperity and abundance. Your life will soon be filled with serenity, peace, and beauty.

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  1. 12 PM in the afternoon. I fell asleep while leaning my head on the table I was working on.
    Before I was awaken by my mom’s voice calling me, I saw something in my dream.

    I dreamt of gold fishes in different colors. They were swimming in a small pond with flowing water, similar to a fountain but just situated on a grassy piece of a lot, almost at the edge of the ocean.

    Suddenly, rain came pouring in and in a split second or with a blink of an eye, the pond’s water overflowed. The water in the ocean came rising too, until both waters – the pond water and the ocean water finally meets and all the gold fishes were swimming along with the current, in all directions. And the place just got flooded with water full of koi fishes.

    What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream I was fishing on a little raft and I was going by instruction and I was to catch a red fish, a blue fish, and another fish but as I caught the next fish I got distracted by reading and my rod fell into the water I decided to get off the raft (I was on a little river I believe) and when I was feeling around with my foot for the rod i saw a huge gold koi fish about 3 to 4ft and I was terrified at how huge it was thinking it was going to eat I immediately started panicking and thrashing in the water alerting my husband to help me out of the water he finally lets me out and I tell him about the fish and he says I wish I would have saw it I would have loved to try and catch him and then I woke up. I love and enjoy fishing but I also have a fear of being in the same water with a huge fish

  3. I had a dream about 3 days ago, there was a little pond in front of my newly bought condo and there were 3 koi fishes int the pond that looked more like a swimming pool. There was one White, Gold and Black. The koi fishes were trying to conceive, so I took the White and Gold and put them in a separate pond and isolated the black one. The black one got so lonely that he jumped out of the pond looking for his mates.
    It was such a strange dream, but if dreaming with koi brings me luck, I dont mind dreaming with them all the time. 🙂

  4. In my dream at first I was myself but then someone was about to teleport me somewhere else (home) and I ended up being a human-koi in the middle of the Ocean. I had human torso but my face and arms were covered in red scales and I had a tail, plus my hair is black and in the dream the ends were pink-ish red. I “became” the koi..

  5. Hi searched this page coz last night i had this bizzare dream. In my dream, im watching the ocean in the night time, im sure its night coz it dark,then in the cloudy sky a spotlight appeard and two giant shadow of a koi fish appeard swimming in the sky where the spotlight is.. I cant usually recall my dreams but this i cant forget.. Any thoughts on this?

  6. I dreamt about being in a place with a large pond with Koi fishes of white and orange colour. There weinnumerable number of them crossing one pond to another. I also remember about the abundance of flowing water.
    Please help me decode this dream.

  7. Christopher on

    I’m fishing off the side of a culvert about 40 feet above the surface, I have worms, fishing line, and a hook. No rod to speak of. To get distance I’m basically using the line like a lasso, and letting the line go where I’m aiming. I spend hours casting to no avail. I notice a couple across the culvert, near the water’s surface. The woman is making an effort to have a wonderful time of it. The guy is just sitting there on his phone, not paying attention to anything going on around him. For awhile I make an effort to go unnoticed, casting my line away from the woman. Finally, I purposely cross lines with the woman. She gets excited thinking she has caught something. So notices that it’s our crossed lines, and follows mine up to lock eyes with me. She waves, gives me a big smile and we continue to go about our business. Occasionally smiling at each other now and again, finally a huge swarm of golden Koi swim just below the surface, close enough that I merely have to drop my line into the water. It plunks down right in the middle. One catches sight, and takes the bait. I pull it to just above the water, and yell out to the woman across the way, asking if she would like to have it, for I am merely here to relax. She wades across the water, take the fish and heads back across the way. Pick a up her rod, and continues to fish. All the while the guy makes no notice of these events.
    Once again I along my line out, and goes over the side of the bridge, passing cars push it this way and that, but don’t break it. Finally an old friend breaks down on the bridge. I make my way over to him, and we talk for a bit, I wave to the woman, and we hop in his truck and just as we are about to drive away, I look back, catch her looking at me, and we both smile at each other, and I wake up.
    Any idea what it means?

  8. I had a dream where I was staying in a tropical resort and there was a natural pond in the middle, surrounded by the resort’s wooden structure. There was a small part of the surrounding land that curved into the pond, like a tiny lump within the pond from plan view. As I stood by that part of the pond, a koi fish with red and black spots swam fast towards me and jumped out of the water. But while it was out of water, it was still trying to flip its way towards me. I was frightened and took a step back, also to give it space and to make sure I didn’t step on it. At first I thought, is this normal? Then two smaller black fish jumped out and started walking. Like little black puppies! Then the koi also began crawling, still in the same direction, but this time towards the other end of the “lump” and into the pond.

  9. In my dream, I was looking into a river filed with koi. I reached in and grabbed one and looked at its mouth moving before putting it back in. It was red and white and black.

  10. I’ve been having the same dream about a koi for 6 years. It looks like a Chinese art style and im at a picnic next to a waterfall, there is a blue koi fish as big as the waterfall sitting in it. Then im at the art museum looking at a landscape painting and the fish is at the end of the hallway.

  11. I dream of a white kio .. In my dream I was with my mom and a couple of other people we walked through a door it was like if we walked outside it turn to night and there’s was a big pon . There was and older man in my dream never seen before but had a lot of wisdom he was telling me to look in the pon and that’s when I seen the white kio it jumped out the water( it looked like my size ) . when it jumped out and just looked at me . It jumped back in the pon and that’s when I started to hear the old man telling me to take a deeper look so I did kio was really bright white I seen it Just swimming but I kept hearing look closer there it was another kio in the dark in the shadows I couldn’t really see and that’s when the old man said what are you going to do about the white kio needs more light to see each other the other kio looked black .. So I remember looking at the old man and the two kio in the pon . I realized it was me .. I jumped in the pon to see them swim together I was the light ..

  12. Lucy I Martinez on

    I dreamt of alot of Koi’s of different sizes swimming in a huge beautiful aquarium. The aquarium had four different sections though. One section was large the second section was medium and the oother two sections were small. There was a big sized all white Koi in one small tank and a big sized black Koi in the other small tank. However, in the large and medium sized tanks their were Koi’s of different sizes. Their colors were Black, White with Red, all White, and all Orange.

  13. I had a dream that a black koi and a golden koi were thrashing and breathing heavily in mud. I alerted a gardener who scooped them up and put them in a lovely cool clear pool but intimated to me that they did the mud thing to get attention!

  14. I dreamt that my fiance was a bright orange koi, in a tank in my house and was speaking to me. Then I turned around and he was a brown spiky bottom feeder type fish. And it went back and forth like that. I have very positive memories and relationships with both these fish. Thanks!

  15. I had a dream where there were two large koi in a black bucket swimming round and round each other. One was a sheer white with very little silver reflections on its scales and gills. The other was again white, but spotted with black around its head and down to its tale. There were people around me and we stood around the big black bucket as a game to see who could take one of the fish home. I won, though I hadn’t really wanted to. And I picked the one with the black spots on it. As I was preparing to find a big enough container and guided the large spotted fish into it, it squirmed and fought in my arms. Once inside the container I noticed the other white fish in the big black bucket. It was still and it was lying on the bottom with blood shot eyes. It was dead. I don’t know what this dream means but I’m open to interpretation.

  16. I dreamt I was with my lover and my family at a breathtaking lake in the middle of just mountains and forests and the lake was crystal clear, and we were on a pier. We saw a huge white koi, bigger than my cat but not as big as my dog, and somehow we knew she was female. We were calling her a “guardian angel fish”. We played music for her and it made her friendly, and she allowed me to hold on to her while she swam in the water. The dream was beutiful and the koi was at as well.
    Now that I’m typing this, I can remember now as I was holding on to her while she swam, I looked below me and saw a shark that had been mangled, and within the dream knew that the koi had defeated it for our safety.
    I dream vividly every night, not always the greatest dreams either, mostly not good dreams. But This one was beautiful, and I remember I loved that koi and was sad I had to part with her.

  17. I had a dream with a lake that had dirty looking water. There was a massive car sized koi in the lake. I was being heavily gravitated toward the water but, had an overwhelming fear that the koi was going to eat me.

  18. Shanetra McClendon on

    Had a dream about a koi fish that was served with my husband’s meal. It was obviously dead, but was gray/black in color and was raw, still wet, but DEAD and was on a plate for him to eat at this Japanese restaurant. He never ate it or touched it and neither did I. But I’m not SURE what the TRUE meaning is of this dream. We both left the table where the fish was sitting and took the other entrée and left.

  19. I had a dream of koi multiplying very fast. Beautiful bright colors. They were multiplying so fast that I couldn’t get them into water fast enough. Both of my children were with me.

  20. I had a dream that I was swimming in a pool full of golden koi and another type of golden carp with a less streamlined body and bigger fishy lips (it looked like a giant goldfish). Suddenly the two types of fish began fighting one another around me, ramming each other with so much force I thought they would kill themselves. I set about separating them into different ponds (I had an unknown male companion who helped me.) At one point I had a goldfish in my left hand and koi in my right. They suddenly lunged at each other and their strength was immense. I couldn’t barely keep them separated. I managed to get the goldfish into water but when I looked down at the koi in my right hand it had started to turn grey and was dying. I got it into water before it died and it seemed to swim away, but I woke before I could see it restored to its original golden colour.

  21. I had a dream about 2 months back… where I was cleaning a fish tank… (i don’t own any fish) so I was automatically able to notice that I was dreaming… So i let the dream plan itself out… my brother appeared out of no where with two very big koi fish. One was blue, one was orange. When they were together they would fight… I took this dream as a sign of Yin Yang… that i needed to mend the slightly broken relationship that I have with my brother…. but in the back of my mind I felt like the fish were a sign of fertility… so being me i kept getting nervous that the dream meant I would soon become pregnant. But this was not the case…. my brother announced yesterday that his girlfriend is about 4 weeks pregnant… finding this out made me go back to my fish dream. Is the dream was trying to tell me a baby was coming, from my brother… why was their more than one fish. And why were they fighting? That’s the only thing i cant seem to figure out…. anyone have any ideas?

    • Me again…
      There were 2 fish because she was pregnant with twins….She’s having a boy and girl (which explains why one was orange and one was blue) but the fact i’ve been right so far.. kinda messes with me…In the dream, my brother told me ‘they just can’t be together’. He separated them and that was the end of the dream.

      The twins are due next month but mama fish is starting to look like shes ready to pop… guess i’ll let you all know what happens. (If anyone reads these things)

  22. Just had a dream about koi fish in a cave within a lonely mountain and then darkness came across the land like a black cloud but the mountain was untouched

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