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Knot Dream Symbol – The art of knotting is an ancient form of communication. Sailors, soldiers, and statesmen all used knots to communicate rank, safety, and skill in their trades. Some knots, like the Gordian knot, are famous for the skill or wit that it takes to create or solve them. There are literally thousands of kinds of knots that can be used for as many purposes, even though today very few of them are known by laymen. Many textiles are created by a implementing a series of knots, like tatting, crochet, and knitting.

Dreaming of knots can be simple or complex, just like knots themselves. Knots can represent being tied or bound to something or someone. Tying the knot represents marriage because of the ancient tradition of literally tying a knot around the hands of two lovers, also known as handfasting. Some knots represent travel, especially various forms of sailors’ knots. Other knots can represent an obstacle, such as climbers’ knots.  Still, others can represent death, like the hangman’s noose.

If you dream about knots it is important to consult a book of knots and find the specific one that you saw in your dream and learn its purpose. This will give you clues to the possible meaning of it in your dream.

Additional Knot Dream Interpretations

Seeing a knot in a dream represents all sorts of complications or restrictions in your waking life. What stresses you out? What are you currently afraid of? Do they cause all sorts of complications that stop you from moving forward? It is time to use your resources to turn your negative mindset around.

Knots in a dream can mean many things. It can be a message letting you know that the solutions to problems are simple if the knot is easy to undo. This can mean you need to find new ways to achieve your dreams. You may even have to change direction completely. A knot that is difficult to undo can mean there are negative things in your life that cause you feelings of guilt. These can stop you from moving forward. This is a message to take time out for rest and relaxation. You need to chill out. Have some fun. Not everything in life is about being serious.

Knots can represent your connections to those you care about. Knots in a dream can mean that someone or a situation may embarrass you in some way. A piece of string with knots is a sign of confusion and disorganization in your waking life. Have you done something that makes you feel guilty? This can be a reminder you need to put things right. This may not be easy. It is also a warning to be careful about how you behave. You may need to be more sensitive about how you affect others around you.

Seeing a knot in a dream can be a sign there is something important in your waking life worth fighting for. Be wary about picking your battles. This type of dream can warn you are stressing out about the unimportant things. Tying a knot can symbolize a need for independence and freedom. You may also be upset by the way someone you trust is gossiping behind your back. Untying a knot is a reminder you have the ability to find a good solution to a difficult situation. This will give you more self-confidence and make you feel quietly proud.

Dreaming of cutting a knot can mean you take drastic action to solve a problem. A loose knot in a dream can mean you remain connected to someone who often pops up in your life in your future. Often just when you need their support.

A woman dreaming of a knot can warn that you may fall in love with another other than your partner. This may be a difficult time in your personal life. You may need to spend more quality time with your partner. Undoing or cutting the knot can mean you may become confused about something you intend to do. It can also mean there can be sadness and a lack of money at times in your future. You will work through these times.

Knots can also symbolize your love and loyalty for someone. This can be the person you will eventually marry. Untying the knot in this situation is a sign that, sometime in the future, you will need to remove yourself from a complicated situation. This type of dream can also mean you will have success in tough situations. This may be related to someone close to you. Knots can also signify the complexities of your life. How complicated is your life? Can you admit to yourself how complicated your life has become? You need to see your life with new eyes to make a new plan for your future.

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    I dreamt that my ex came to pick me up at my house. We sat next to each other on the couch. I was about to put on my shoes but he took my left wrist and tied a gray string bracelet onto me. Our atmosphere was of a happy one. It was the kind of bracelet where you can adjust the wrist size by pulling on the strings. I have a small wrists so he adjusted it for me.

  2. Your Comment last night i dreamt with my x boss trying to tie me with iron rope un the working place but I managed to untie my self for several times .. what does the dream mean

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