Flying a Kite Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Kite Dream Symbol РKites are symbols of winds and childhood. As such kites often represent growing pains and obstacles that allow us to mature in unknown ways. If you dream about a kite that is unable to fly or stuck in a tree it symbolizes an obstacle in the way of growth and development. If you dream about a kite that is flying very high it means that great changes are happening.

If you dream about a kite that crashes in to the ground, it represents failure in some aspect of your life. Conversely, if you dream about a kite that is performing tricks and flying in style it means that you have mastered some aspect of your life and need to pursue other interests.

Flying a kite

Dreaming of flying a kite can mean that you have to face a contemptuous situation in your waking life. Do you feel that those important to you ignore you? Do you feel those you trust show you contempt? You have much to offer. Maybe it is time to reassess your friendships. Surround yourself with like-minded people. This type of dream can also symbolize happy childhood memories of being young and free. When you are flying the kite, this means that you will solve a problem that currently seems to have no satisfactory solution.

A kite that tears and falls from the sky signifies trouble at work or in your business. This can also mean prosperity and abundance will cross your path in the future. Your hard work will pay rich rewards. Throwing a kite on the ground symbolizes failure and bitter disappointment. This will be some time in the future.

Dreaming of making a kite indicates you will do your best to win in competitive situations. Seeing a child with a kite means good news and happiness will soon fill your life. This also represents your deepest emotions. Seeing a kite flying can mean your inner self is well supported. You are probably at peace. An unhappy child with a kite warns you need to revisit an old issue that continues to haunt your life until you do. This may relate to a current problem you are dealing with in your waking life. You may be unhappy. Take time out for a little rest and relaxation.

Watching a kite going up into the sky can suggest that your hopes go up into the air where they may disappear. This can mean you will fail or experience disappointment. Dreaming of playing with a kite is a sign you have a happy life with good friends and family. Your hard work will be well rewarded as you walk through life.

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  1. I dreamed of a white kite flying in the back of the hill it was midnight and trees all around I was in the top of the hill and the kite flies toward me but it not its was 12 hours of sleep

  2. Reeta Bisht on

    I saw no. Of white kites flying in the sky on dark mid night… & Some one cut thread of these kites…. M totally scared on my dream

  3. I was flying a kite & it started going very high. I was happy initially. Then it started going higher & higher & out of my control. I was trying very hard, pulling it with force, to control it but couldn’t. Then I handed it over to my father. What does this mean??

  4. My mom dreamed she was flying a kite and my sister was the kite. She was three at the time and they had just found out she needed open heart surgery. What does this dream meAn

  5. My boyfriend dreamed he found a kite (not damaged) and was trying to find the owner. Any ideas what this could symbolize?

  6. I saw a big kite flying inthe sky at night. Then i started flying my kite it was night i went to terrace suddenly it was rotating within itself. I flied it once again and agian it when high.

  7. Pratibha Jha on

    i saw a kite in my dream.. which if flying in the sky..and its very high but that kite’s rope was in my hand.. i was happy because my kite was going very high and looking very beautiful too.. but suddenly it fell down.. due to rope break.
    i became sad but never give up… at time i run away to get that falling kite.. and i get it too.. but can’t make fly again actually when i get it..unfortunately i waked up.
    can you tell me what is the meaning of my dream..??

    • Pratibha Jha on

      Kite directly crashed in my hand… and i’m worried about it.. actually i don’t know the exact meaning of that dream..

  8. I dreamed so many kite are threw from an aeroplane.. everyone catch it and i too catch one of it and start to flying it but the threat of my kite was mix with other kite’s threat, i separate my threat from rest of the kite.. then i realize it was not freely fying so i broke threat of my kite then it fly up in to the air and there they disappear.

  9. Rudolpho Lamas on

    My dream was
    … I saw Japanese designed kites flying super high (above the clouds) from an airplane window.

    IM not Asian but have visited Japan many times and pass through on my way to other Asian nations.

    • Time takes its motive free notion and guiding your telly picturisation into your day to day life.kites climb the way rhetorically suspended motion and preservation would lean to make you attentive .so deal the idea and don’t get plucked in measuring bliss.

  10. When i looked at the sky, it’s very clear..a clear blue sky. Then, there’s a white kite flying. I said, “wow!”. When i looked, the second time around, I saw pink and red heart balloons in the sky. I want to get at least one pink and one red balloon. So, I run to get the string. I finally get two. When I get the red one, there’s a name of a guy, a complete name. I read his name. He seems so familiar to me for I said, “ahhhh,, he’s the one!” The other pink, there’s a name of a guy, “william”.

    When I woke up, I can’t remember the name of the red one indicated. I tried to remember yet i can’t even compared to any names. I don’t know why. I only remember the pink one.

    By the way, before I went to sleep that time, I prayed to God. “Lord, where’s now my Mr. Right? Hope he’s coming soon in my life”. It’s approaching for Valentine’s Day.

    Thank you.

    • Fnu Nasrullah on

      I have dreamed that I am catching kite. When I get them I suddenly realize that there are two kites so I am asking one of my friends to take one .plz tell me the interpretation of it.
      Thank you

  11. I dreamt of flying a lone kite very far in the sky. But after a while I see the string is stuck in the midway and I struggle to get out it.
    I finally get the the string out and flyin it high again. After sometime, I see it is stuck in very near distance and I struggling to get in out. I see someone has got hold of the string and snatching away my kite. I can’t see his face but I know someone is trying to snatch the kite. I run down my terrace to catch hold of the culprit and wake up suddenly to find myself on my bed, realising it’s a dream.

    Pls help me to understand what it means and trying to say.

    Thank you.

  12. Grace Oniha on

    I pray my dream of kites be a positive fulfilment and great positive changes in my entire family life, friends and welwishers, loved ones and Ikenna Ekpete and his entire family in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN.

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