Killing Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Killing Dream Symbol – Dreaming about killing someone or someone being killed is very reminiscent of the kidnapping dream. The only difference is that with killing, it means that the person that is lost becomes indelibly changed and cannot be brought back.

This sort of experience can ruin relationships and destroy families. It is important to view this dream as a very strong warning against losing yourself in an upcoming project. It is always better to fail at work than to fail in your entire life.

Killing is one of man’s most basic instincts.  Killing for food, Killing in self-defense.  When is killing an instinctual and justifiable action? When is killing murder? Is killing in war murder? Is killing animals for food wrong or acceptable? Abortion, is that killing? Euthanasia?

The list and the dilemma go on an on. These are the quandaries of the human, whom if they themselves would be killed, would have no chance at life. The one thing we must be in order to live is alive.  If that is gone, game over.

Every living being is seeking to preserve their own life, yet man with his wars, hunting, and other actions, take the lives of other beings, without so much as a blip on our moral radar. For example, pollution and through other actions we create environments where life cannot thrive. We are in turn killing our oceans and our natural environment. Why is that?  Ask yourself. What does it take to kill? If you consider it within this context, can you really justify say, killing for sport?

Additional Killing Dream Interpretations

In a dream, a killing can represent many things depending on the context.  Are you the one killing or the one being killed?  Are you killing an animal or human? Are you killing an idea?

To dream that you are killing another person speaks of heavily repressed anger and dissatisfaction that finds its outlet causing you to lash out and kill another person. The person being killed can represent an aspect of your own life or personality, a situation, or someone you know.

Killing may represent dissatisfaction with a job or lover.  The fact that you are killing this person, speaks to the feeling that you feel overwhelmed or trapped.  Killing is the only way out. You may be killing another, but it in fact you are fighting for your life. If you have suffered some trauma or abuse at some point, the repressed feelings are now surfacing resulting in you killing that individual because you have never been able to confront or have justice for the mistreatment in your waking life.

To dream of being killed, means that you feel that you are currently under attack or are being mistreated in some way.  This may be, a job that is slowly killing you or zapping your will to live. The pressure of the job, relationship, or situation can carry with it so much stress that you feel it is killing you on some level.

High-stress situations can bring with them life-threatening consequences leading to high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and any number of diseases. The disease can be broken down to mean dis-ease. You may want to consider what it is that is slowly killing you and change it.

To dream that you are witnessing the killing of another person speaks to the fact that we witness injustice every day. Is your intention in your dream to step in and try to prevent it? Or, do you feel helpless to do so?  If you try to prevent the killing, it can relate to a situation in your life, that is a wrong that needs to be righted. If you feel helpless to do anything, it relates to knowledge of abuses that you feel you are powerless to prevent.

Additional Interpretations of Killing

Dreams of killing represent parts of yourself that are easily manipulated by external factors. Killing can represent a need for power or it can also mean you kill off something you do not know how to deal within yourself. Killing someone indicates your need to escape from something. Most likely the person in your dream. Someone dying from a beating signifies beating yourself up. This can indicate your rage and frustrations are all of your own doing. You need to learn self-control.

Killing in a dream is also a sign of conflict. Of mental anguish. What is driving you to the brink? Seeing someone killed can mean someone close will die. This can be either physically or the relationship may end. Killing someone who cannot fight back is a sign of failure and that grief is coming your way. Dreaming of killing someone you know is a sign you are your own source of frustrations and worry. The reason you feel the way you do is all your doing. This is why you feel humiliated. You are the only one who can change how you feel about what you do or do not do. If you killed in self-defense, it can bring a higher social standing in your life socially and at work.

Dreaming of killing parents signifies transformation. Your relationship with your parents is evolving and changing as you change. Dreaming of your mother’s death can mean the death of your own maternal instincts or femininity. Your ego may be hurt in some way. This is a message about taking better care of yourself or your children. Being killed in a dream indicates you overcome or dodge dangerous circumstances or dramas others try to involve you in.

Killing an animal represents killing a part of yourself. This can be old habits, old friendships, or relationships. You may even need to find a new job or move to a new city. It can also represent repressed feelings that continually come back to harm you. You need to dig deep to face these so they do not keep haunting you.

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  1. I dreamt that my sister killed my ex boyfriend. And everyone gave me pictures of him to look at. All the pictures I looked at of him came to life. Then he came back to life.

  2. I had a dream that my mother & i were having a picnic outside, while my dad was at work. And a chubby short man starts to walk towards us. The man starts to walk on our front yard even when we tell him to leave. Then, while my mom is opening our garage door (I have no clue why) I see him take out an apple slicer & he starts running towards me. I didn’t have enough time to protect myself, so he ended up peeling off one side of my face with the slicer. And even though I was in a lot of pain, I ran into the house to get a katana we’ve always had (because it’s always been a part of the family. I struggle to find it and end up hearing my mom screaming in the garage, and somehow I find the katana five seconds after hearing her scream. I grab the sword and open the door super slow, and I end up seeing the short man with two teenage boys (one was short & the other was tall). Since there were now three people to fight off, I waited until the boys walked off to the house the short man told them to go to. Then I open the door and run as fast as I could and I end up decapitating the man. It’s weird because I was mad at my mom the night before, but I would never want her killed… what does this dream mean???

  3. I had a dream that me and my family members were going to church and someone sent people to go and kill us If we don’t give them food, so we had no choice but to do that, someone was against my mum, so I saw some people hiding in my house I was scared so I told my uncle to follow me to their hiding spot so when I went there with my uncle they threatened to kill him if he comes any closer to them so we kept on giving them food,for if we did not we would die. Then I woke up feeling weird I want to know what this dream means and whether it’s a vision or not

  4. I keep having the same exact dream after about 10 minutes of closing my eyes I start seeing I faint light as soon as I notice this light I’m suddenly tied up to a chair as well as my mother and younger sister and in front of my mother is what I believe to be a man dressed all in black I cannot see his face nor hear him when he speaks after he stops talking he slowly pulls out a gun and shoots 3 bullets into my mother’s head I feel helpless unable to move unable to prevent this I start screaming for him to look at me then look at my helpless defenceless sister to then out 6 bullets into her chest and finally as he turns to me and pulls out the gun I’m able to break free but as I get close to him he pulls the trigger and I wake up out of breath sweating tears down my face and this is happening most nights and I just don’t know what to do

  5. I had a dream.
    I was living in my childhood household with my sisters mother and father again. My father then murdered one of my sisters. My mother being scared left us. My father then killed all my sisters. Leaving me to be the only one left, he was just about to kill me then I woke up.

    What’s weird about this dream is while living in that old household my father left us for another family. I believe this dream is showing how I have lost my trust in my father, but I wanted to seek professional help.

  6. I dream I knife a person will not name ….Got told by medical people stay away ..NOW This dream or reality is so vivid more as a birth child who was in it ….IS BEcoming so involved …I see blood ..THen floors below with red blue purple stuff that as been takin away from me . Sold house . Now that dream i have dreamt for 5 years is here the floors the steps the gaps .What if my dream was me killing myself ……. I see this every nite . I have become a nite person and sleep in day to protect myself and people connected with me .T his is not good I know .. I am lost in my inner mind of the past that will not let me go or forget

  7. I was verbally abused and beaten by my natural father during my childhood. I grew up hating him and fearing him. Lately, I’ve had dreams where I get a gun and kill him, but before I do,in the dream, I have always left home, bought my own house and then he is trying to break into my house and that is when I shoot and kill him. I also see my mother who just stands there with big, round eyes much like a cow and she says nothing, does nothing, just looks dumb-founded. (In my childhood, when my dad would scream insults at me and beat me, she would often just stand there and look, but say and do nothing) Why am I dreaming of my early life, now at 60 years of age?

  8. I had a dream I picked up a hitchhiker because I could tell she wasn’t all there and needed medical attention then we end up in my bed and my wife comes in freaked out I’m trying to explain to her I’m just trying to help and once this lady with feathers in her hair speaks my wife immediately understands and we try to help here then all of her friends show up and she’s more crazy than I thought so we try to get them to leave because I have to go to school and my wife to work and the woman and her friends all have guns they leave I thought for good and my wife and I go to a festival and they have a snow cone vendor booth so I frantically try to find my wife so we can leave the moment I find her they see us and come chasing us with guns so I send my wife in our car and I just tell her to go and they catch up with me and do nothing but they are chasing my wife on the highway with guns trying to kill her then I wake up

  9. I had a nightmare where I was in a tent with my little brother and bunch of other children. And there was this evil woman in the tent with us and she was throwing knives at the children. She killed my little brother and I pulled his body on top of mine to try to protect myself but then I got stabbed in the belly button with a knife. And then I got up and picked up some type of saw and grabbed the evil lady and started hitting her face with the saw, and then I somehow shoved the saw down her through. And then I woke up I had been crying, and I could still feel as if I had been stabbed.

  10. I dreamt that my best friend from school whom I haven’t seen or thought of in a while, murdered her husband, cut him up in pieces and buried him on the beach. Felt like I was there but can’t remember more. Truely nasty scary dream. Whould really like to know the meaning?

  11. I just had a dream i was with my boyfriend and it was like we was going school together everyday ( in reality we are 23 going on 24 soon and met 2 years ago) so we have never had anything to do with childhood together. Anyways it’s like i was living with him at his mothers house and then me and my boyfriend both went into his mums bedroom and i think my boyfriends nan said your mum is just tired and she was creeping out of bed saying wait then it was like my 2 sisters appeared in front if me and someone killed both of them with a knife. I ran out with my boyfriend and we said who was it who killed them… we were like we had no idea. I was asking was it his brother but his brother was out the house. So when we were getting ready that morning for school we talked about it and said the killer might be his nan or his mum then we went into his mums room again and i said no one was in the room only your mum and she was struggling to get off the bed and all of a sudden got up when the girls died. I said i think its your mum and my boyfriend agreed but told me to be quiet because she was in the shower. We started getting ready to get the hell out of the room and a wardrobe cupboard moved and said “whoooo” and then i woke up because i was soo scared as anyone any interpretations why my boyfriends mum would want to kill my sisters?

  12. All of you legitimately sound like you didn’t dream, because of the complexity in each of these I can only assume you actually lived this on another dimension. Which you of course traveled to in your state of unconsciousness. Just think about how this experience connects to your current reality.. it all makes sense. Just dig.

  13. A strange corner house one floor. Close to crossing ligths our cars are park some looks strange i get all the cars keys my brother in law comes out behind me. We check the cars. He turns the corner to the left and hears a sound and ask who is there .there a couple of our kids in the walkway and my mother waits by the door my father behind her. I feel the urgent to make them go inside fast. Some jumps down all dress in black with a big knife and tries to slash my brother in law through but he gets the knife with his hands. I sees this guy face closed up it looks very angry. Like ready to kill walking away. My brother in law walks back and into the house. I woke up then gasping To control myself telling myself is just a nigthmare repeating to my self everything is alrigth.

  14. Should I be worried that my brother told me he had a dream about killing me? He’s not the most mentally stable person.

  15. I dream that my sister in law set up a guy to kill me. There was this event that I attended with families and friends. I’m the miss of everything I saw a missed call from her( we don’t talk) and I call her back wondering why she feel like calling me now. She didn’t answer so when I went around the back and saw her she say somebody tell me say you have lunch with a male the other day at church. I said seriously this is what u call me for? For some strange reasons it didn’t make sense because anyone can have lunch with any male friend so I believe was up her sleeves. After moving from that session I saw a man with weed in his mouth stairing at me them take out his gun and I ran. He shot me in one of my foot but i escape the other shots. I called a cousin to pick me up to take me to the hospital. Up on arriving I saw the same attacker in another vehicle beside me. I yelled at my cousin that he was the one shot me. They both took their gun. The attacker tell my cousin to drop the gun and he lay it to his chest. As the attacker’s ready to fire at me I grab my cousin gun and shot him 3 times killing him. After I jump up out of my sleep

  16. I’m 28 and pregnant and I normally don’t dream. Last night I dreamed I was a young immigrant woman living in The US and I kidnapped my little brother and sister and took them on a long train ride. I’m not sure why but I took them to a hotel and I murdered my sister in the hallway with my hands and stuffed her body in a closet then I took my brother who watched and we spent the night in the hotel room watching tv and waiting on morning. I wasn’t afraid of getting caught at all. The next day we went to the train station and took a bunch of treats from a buffet like whole cakes and everything and we went home. Right after I dropped him home I was a little older and pregnant and I suddenly after years of it caring was worried that I would get found out and I contiplated telling my baby’s father knowing that I might never get to see my child. What does all of this mean?

  17. Florastance on

    I had a dream where my father killed my brother and mother. This dream has happened before with slightly different events. We are always in a different version of my grandma’s house, but it’s the same in all of my dreams like this. For some reason in this dream, my brother was a turtle. My dad killed him by cracking his shell with a fire axe. My brother is 4. I tried to save him, and I saw my mom running down the stairs telling me to run. That was the last time I saw her. After I saw my brother being killed, I woke up.

  18. I’m 12 and I had a dream where my little 2 year old sister had a knife and was trying to kill me and my sister and she was chasing us and I ran out of the house and my sister was still in there then while I was outside I hear my little 2 year old sister screaming like a scream for help and I was banging on the door to get in and for my older sister to open it then I came running in the house and I saw my lil 2 year old sister crying in a stroller when her had a big wound and it cut open badly and her hand was bleeding and was almost chopped off and I said to my older sister why did you do this she said it was for defense and my little 2 year old sister was crying in the dream . My little 2 year old sister would always say this word in Spanish pico which means sting and she was using it in the dream saying “Mi pico Jessica ” And she kept saying that in the dream while she was crying and I carried her out of the house crying callin for help in my head I couldn’t speak because I was so shocked I was just looking at people staring at me then I bursted out screaming help her help her please call 911 and no one said nothing and I went in front crying crying and sobbing and she died in my arms and there was this girl talking to me right beside me I did not know crying to with me and we’ll when I woke up there was tears all over my eyes and I cried for a little bit because that dream was so messed up

  19. i have a dream that i killed someOne accidentaly in my dreams. There is a old lady shouted on me in washroom then i push her she fall down on the floor then i saw a blood on her body., in my dreams in too much affraid to see the others the dead body so what i did is i cut her body and put on a big plastic bag then i throw in the creek back of our house im too much affraid the someOne knows what i did then the heavy rain come the body of the old lady go with the flood.,

    my dream about the lady i accdentaly kill its continiou only now in my dreams my workmate see the body of the lady i killed they open the plastic then they saw the dead body on a woman i the plastic then this lady i dont know that is mother of my friend.,

    im too much worried about my dream., i dont if this is warming for me..,

    please i hope you can explain my dream

  20. I had a dream last night and it’s a recurring dream, it goes a little like this: in my dream I know immediately that I need to hide because everyone and I mean the general public not anyone that I know particularly, is on a rampage and are killing each other whenever they SEE one another. In this recurring dream there’s always a spot near a train station that I try to hide before I’m discovered and have to go into the city to find shelter away from the crazy people killing each other. In last night’s dream I got stuck in a room and I was trying to barricade that room so that no one would come in so I wouldn’t have to kill anyone, but a lady and a guy got in and I was fighting them off in self defense. I think I killed the lady but I don’t know where the man went. Whenever I tried to barricade the door people were able to walk through the walls and try and kill each other and try and kill me. I watched quite a few people kill each other and all I can remember is this distinct feeling of needing to hide so I wouldn’t do it too. Whats weird about this sream is that the people dont seem to be aggressive until they’re near someone else… so what does this dream mean?

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