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Killing Dream Symbol – Dreaming about killing someone or someone being killed is very reminiscent of the kidnapping dream. The only difference is that with killing, it means that the person that is lost becomes indelibly changed and cannot be brought back.

This sort of experience can ruin relationships and destroy families. It is important to view this dream as a very strong warning against losing yourself in an upcoming project. It is always better to fail at work than to fail in your entire life.

Killing is one of man’s most basic instincts.  Killing for food, Killing in self-defense.  When is killing an instinctual and justifiable action? When is killing murder? Is killing in war murder? Is killing animals for food wrong or acceptable? Abortion, is that killing? Euthanasia?

The list and the dilemma go on an on. These are the quandaries of the human, whom if they themselves would be killed, would have no chance at life. The one thing we must be in order to live is alive.  If that is gone, game over.

Every living being is seeking to preserve their own life, yet man with his wars, hunting, and other actions, take the lives of other beings, without so much as a blip on our moral radar. For example, pollution and through other actions we create environments where life cannot thrive. We are in turn killing our oceans and our natural environment. Why is that?  Ask yourself. What does it take to kill? If you consider it within this context, can you really justify say, killing for sport?

Additional Killing Dream Interpretations

In a dream, a killing can represent many things depending on the context.  Are you the one killing or the one being killed?  Are you killing an animal or human? Are you killing an idea?

To dream that you are killing another person speaks of heavily repressed anger and dissatisfaction that finds its outlet causing you to lash out and kill another person. The person being killed can represent an aspect of your own life or personality, a situation, or someone you know.

Killing may represent dissatisfaction with a job or lover.  The fact that you are killing this person, speaks to the feeling that you feel overwhelmed or trapped.  Killing is the only way out. You may be killing another, but it in fact you are fighting for your life. If you have suffered some trauma or abuse at some point, the repressed feelings are now surfacing resulting in you killing that individual because you have never been able to confront or have justice for the mistreatment in your waking life.

To dream of being killed, means that you feel that you are currently under attack or are being mistreated in some way.  This may be, a job that is slowly killing you or zapping your will to live. The pressure of the job, relationship, or situation can carry with it so much stress that you feel it is killing you on some level.

High-stress situations can bring with them life-threatening consequences leading to high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and any number of diseases. The disease can be broken down to mean dis-ease. You may want to consider what it is that is slowly killing you and change it.

To dream that you are witnessing the killing of another person speaks to the fact that we witness injustice every day. Is your intention in your dream to step in and try to prevent it? Or, do you feel helpless to do so?  If you try to prevent the killing, it can relate to a situation in your life, that is a wrong that needs to be righted. If you feel helpless to do anything, it relates to knowledge of abuses that you feel you are powerless to prevent.

Additional Interpretations of Killing

Dreams of killing represent parts of yourself that are easily manipulated by external factors. Killing can represent a need for power or it can also mean you kill off something you do not know how to deal within yourself. Killing someone indicates your need to escape from something. Most likely the person in your dream. Someone dying from a beating signifies beating yourself up. This can indicate your rage and frustrations are all of your own doing. You need to learn self-control.

Killing in a dream is also a sign of conflict. Of mental anguish. What is driving you to the brink? Seeing someone killed can mean someone close will die. This can be either physically or the relationship may end. Killing someone who cannot fight back is a sign of failure and that grief is coming your way. Dreaming of killing someone you know is a sign you are your own source of frustrations and worry. The reason you feel the way you do is all your doing. This is why you feel humiliated. You are the only one who can change how you feel about what you do or do not do. If you killed in self-defense, it can bring a higher social standing in your life socially and at work.

Dreaming of killing parents signifies transformation. Your relationship with your parents is evolving and changing as you change. Dreaming of your mother’s death can mean the death of your own maternal instincts or femininity. Your ego may be hurt in some way. This is a message about taking better care of yourself or your children. Being killed in a dream indicates you overcome or dodge dangerous circumstances or dramas others try to involve you in.

Killing an animal represents killing a part of yourself. This can be old habits, old friendships, or relationships. You may even need to find a new job or move to a new city. It can also represent repressed feelings that continually come back to harm you. You need to dig deep to face these so they do not keep haunting you.

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  1. I had a dream that me and my old school teacher and a few of my old classmates were sitting in a dark wooden barn, and we were all chatting about nothing in particular. Then from underneath a pile of hay and blankets a tiny pink piglet comes out. He’s scared of all of us except me, so I get to hold him and keep him as my pet. So, the teachers told us to go down this odd little portal of hers, so we did. But in there it was the same wooden barn we were in before, except two other girls from a different school and a woman dressed in black didn’t like my pig, so they went through to this kitchen where they got these really terrifying knives. I kept my pig hidden under blankets, but that didn’t do anything. While my back was turned, they’d taken my pig and he was dead on the ground. I cried a lot, and the woman dressed in black laughed. I shouted something at her and cried again, and that’s all I recall.

  2. In my dream, I had killed a guy in my school because someone told me to do it, and the whole time I’m trying to get rid of the evidence, and I keep hearing other students wonder where he went, and how much they miss him. But then he comes to school with his body parts stitched back together. I ended up hugging him out of being sorry for my actions, yet he doesn’t remember the murder.

  3. In my dream i was in this war setting being trained to get down and for cover then me and my buddy went walking and found yourself in this room and this freak with two knifes came at me and we fought for a little bit but i couldn’t get the knifes out of his hands then he turned into my nephew to trick me or something and i grabbed the knife and put it through his rib and left a hole but too no effect so i grabbed him and put his neck on my knee and sliced his neck open but there was no blood and he was screaming but stopped and the whole time i did it i was about to throw up in real life

  4. “yet man with his wars” in the future it would be nice if you included women in your wording, thank you

  5. A mother threw all her children down from a high building. I tried to prevent them from landing direct on a hard floor in order to stop them being badly injured but I couldn’t save all but few. She then fiercfully came downstairs with her keys to lock us in I was able to overpower and handcuffed her.

  6. Nicole Mukes on

    I dreamt my oldest brother killed snakes that were in our childhood home. there were many of them. after a while he got tired and said I would have to handle it myself. he left. there were two different kinds of snakes in the house. brown ones and orange ones. the brown ones were hostile and threatening to bite. the were agile and moved aggressively toward me. the orange snakes were hidden under the baseboards where the foundation, in true life, is moving due to earthquakes popping up in our area. You had to strain to see them. to kill those you would have to pull them from their hiding place and they didn’t seem to moving or active. their scales where bright orange with black stripes; but the orange was the dominant color. Any ideas on what this means.

  7. I had this dream of killing my stepmother. It was self-defense. I was out with a coworker of a higher rank. All of a sudden my mother came and killed my coworker, I asked her what’s happening but she tried to kill me instead. I smack her head with something hard (rock i thing). I hitted her head and I was about to leave when she started screaming and swearing to me so I smacked her head again and again until her upper part of head crushed to pulp. I don’t usually think about my dreams but this was the first time I dreamt of killing someone.

  8. I am asleep irl in my daughter’s room, she is six, my dream wakes me as I saw her dad come in and shoot her and I do t k ow if she’s dead but I’m next. So I try to fight him and drag her to safety. I’m not sure if we get away because I wake up staring at her door would deri g if it’s going to happen, knife in hand.

  9. I’m here because i had a dream where my mother was trying to kill my brother with an ax so she brought the ax down on his throat but it didn’t so she told me to call 911 and it was all too graphic. anyone have any idea about this one?

  10. My dream starts somewhere in WWIII and I was once a pilot who was shot down, I made my way back to my home through sea transportation. When I found out my family was assassinated I went straight back to the air force but I started all over as a new person. Through the weeks of camp I made a friend (Blake) and I also had a crush on one of the female recruits (Allison). But, having my luck she was already taken by another recruit so I just kept my thoughts to myself and my friend. After camp we were sent to our stations and ten of us were assigned to one hanver. I was with my friend and crush and her love and a few random people, in the middle of a good day the battle stations sirens go off. We all rush to our planes and my co-pilot (Blake) was terrified and said, ” I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Then we go and fly, quickly we found out why the sirens went off, the enemy brought around 30 bombers and 50 fighters but our job was to kill the bombers while the other planes fight the fighters. Whilst this is all happening some how Allison and her boyfriend are shot down and I land to see if they were alright and when the land with their parashoots we are taken into questioning by our superiors. The next part to me was blurry and happens quickly, at some point I punch the general for smack talking us and they restrain me, when they bring me out the have the whole air force base lined up. Ben is holding a gun and next to him are our superiors, I’m in the middle of the big group. Soon enough Allison comes out of the group her hands are zip tied and a man has a gun to her head and so the general starts to talk about what is going to happen. If Ben kills me I am the only one that dies and if he were to shoot himself Ben and Allison die. Ben initially wanted to kill himself for the sake of saving the world by having me alive. But I explain to him and the rest of the people that I should die and not two innocent people that did nothing but their job. I also said that Allison has someone to live for and I don’t since my family was already gone. So I tell Ben one last time in tears in sorry and good luck. But Ben couldn’t do it so the general takes the gun and shoots. That’s when I wake up and am so confused so I looked it up and here I am

  11. Ok so my dream is a bit more sinister than your dreams. I can’t remember much of last night’s dream but the last part was linked to a previous dream I had a few months back. Anyone feeling up to it, please give feedback.
    I had a dream in which I remembered that I accidentally killed an unfamiliar person in the past. As I was trying to recall the details, I remembered that I have accidentally killed yet another (but this time familiar) person. I was ashamed and shocked that I killed these people and I tried figure out why I would have forgotten these two life-changing events. While I was “beating myself up” about this, I then remembered that I have killed yet another unfamiliar person, but this one was not accidental.
    The first two I could not remember any details as to how they died or actually seeing them die. I just remembered it as a kind of afterthought, and all I knew was that it was accidental.
    The last one I could not remember anything surrounding the murder, but I remembered seeing the beat up corpse against an alley wall and thinking that it was my fault. When I woke up and thought of the dream, I remembered a dream where I killed an unfamiliar person a few months back and the last person I saw in my dream was the same person from the previous dream. In that dream I was talking to a friendly bartender while she was having a smoke break outside. I was keeping her company and thought that she was pleasant and friendly. I was also a bit drunk in the dream and I blacked out. When I came too I was standing over the bartender with bloodied fists with her laying lifeless against an alley wall. I wondered what happened and why I was standing over this girl. I was shocked at the site of it all and I knew that I would never hurt anyone so how did it come to be that I have killed someone in a rage.

    • Well you seem to know half of what you may know that it could mean you beat yourself up too often and you don’t even realize it at all. But other things I could say is that this person or familiar person that occurs in your dreams again could signified a relationship you used to have with this person from the past that you regret ever forgetting about them or may had a bad relationship back then and something wants you to fix it how it was. If you know you would never hurt someone it’s your inner self that’s telling you that you beat yourself up too much like I said you’re not realizing it over a person

  12. I had a dream the other night about me walking up to this guys car in a parking lot and he said my moms boyfriend owed him alot of money so he was going to kill him, so I went to my moms boyfriends house to warn him. It was me, some random guy and for some reason my uncle was there, after I explained what the man just told me I looked out the window and saw a few car loads of men with weapons pulling in. My mom and my fiance were crying and freaking out so I told them to run upstairs and lock the door. After they ran up stairs me and the other boys and my moms boyfriend grabbed whatever was close by. Somehow I ended up with a bat. We all gave each other this very serious look for a moment before the men outside completely busted through the front door…..The first man that came in had a gun so I automatically started to beat the mans head in….there was so much blood, and i was full of anger and rage. Out of no where it was just me and two men left… My uncle and moms boyfriend just disappeared and I never noticed it until I woke up…….. The two men sat me down and said ” it’s over…..for now….” Out of nowhere I stood up and took one of the mans weapon which was some sort of metal rod I guess… I stuck it through his neck…. And the other man tried to run but I hit him in the back of the head with what i think was a solid black brick…. Then I woke up….. When I dream……it’s always a dramatic heart pounding dream. I don’t understand.

  13. I had a dream that all three of my siblings and I were living in one of our previously owned houses with our father. We each had our same room and same friends and hobbies. One by one, I killed each one of my siblings- my older brother by slitting his throat and then shoving burning cigars into him, my older sister by using an ax to chop her head off, and my twin by yanking her out of the shower and shoving a knife into her jugular and then putting her back in the tub. I somehow wasn’t caught by the police and it was after they all had left looking for a serial killer that my father sat me down and said that he and my grandfather had been thinking and wanted to tell me they believe it’s me killing them- only one of my grandfathers played a significant role in my life and he just passed away last month. I woke up before ever being caught; but while talking to my father during that dream, I know I didn’t feel any remorse or believe I had done something wrong, and that is what is scaring me now.

  14. In my dream I saw my family sitting down with some family friends witch I didn’t know who it was. Then,my mom suddenly started arguing with my sister and my sister got mad and disrespected my mom affront of everyone. I took her outside and slapped her for doing that. Then, I heard screaming at the house I run to the house and saw a man killing his baby like choking the baby. Everyone was just watching. I tried to get the baby out the man was so strong! I got the baby out and the babys eyes were open in my arms dead. Than I tried to bring the baby back to life by giving him oxygen or push his chest than the man run back to him trying to choke him more while he was dead. I was asking for help no one did. I woke up with my heart beating super super fast! Like I was getting choked. I started crying I was scared and I am still scared. I’m 17 I went threw anxiety and now I keep dreaming about bad stuff that freaks me out I really don’t know what to do. I’ve seen worse dreams mostly about babies Idk if it’s because I love babies so much or something . Someone please help!

  15. I had a dream where i was a time traveler. And I had just seen an urban legend that gives you luck if you do a certain thing. So I searched it up and I had to kill someone. I chose my sister I grabbed a knife and cut her head off and killed her. I then couldn’t believe what I had done so I reversed time. But I still had her head. So I went into our room where I killed her the first time and she was there, alive. But then our house was haunted by this male ghost. So I started attacking the ghost with the head. I then called my sister to get me a knife from the kitchen. I then started to kill the ghost. By now my sisters head looked completely different. Then I suddenly was filled with rage and I started stabbing my sisters head. The one that was alreedy destroyed. I then threw the head into the yard of the people behing me and these kids came outside and saw the head in the yard. They ran away to tell someone. I tried to reverse it but I couldn’t. There was also a talking black dog. What does this mean!?!?!?!?

  16. In my dream, I was fighting against a group of people trying to prevent me from getting to a safehaven. We were all using swords, and I killed one or two, but the last person surprised me. Suddenly, this guy appears whos really good at fighting and saves me. Then, I make it to the haven. We have to save the world against this group, and that’s all I can remember. But the problem was, I didn’t feel sad or guilty to have killed them, I was overwhelmed with the feelings of fear and self-preservation. It really bothers me that I didn’t feel remorse, is that normal?

  17. Elise Cerna on

    I recently left y dads house because of the abuse but lately I’ve been having a dream that I killed my little brothers and my little sister.. the dream was so intense that I wake up crying historically every night. I love my brothers and sisters with all my heart but I don’t know where the anger is coming from. I miss them a lot I was just wondering if anybody else could help me?

    • Maybe you’re not angry at them. Maybe you feel subconsciously as though you are killing them because you aren’t there to protect them from the abuse you yourself left the house to escape. We can sometimes repress our emotions to the point that they only come out in our dreams. God bless and make a way to peace for you and your siblings.

  18. I had a dream i killed my 6 year old girl, we was walking threw the green it’s like a walk way with trees and we was walking somewhere with my friend and her 3 kids it all happened so fast then I had the knife in my hand and my daughter was on the floor dying then she went up in a ball of fire I ran and ran and in my dream I couldn’t believe what happens i felt like I couldn’t wake up and now I have i don’t want to go back to sleep hate dreams especially like that kind because I would never do such things to my little girl I’ve never cried so much in a dream before.

    • People in our dreams are usually representative of some aspect of our lives. This dream doesn’t mean you want to or are going to kill your little one. It is more likely that your daughter is representing something in your life, like family or even the child inside of you. Only you know what part of your life you feel like you are “killing.” You’ll need to dig deep and answer the question if you want the dream to go away. It always helps me to ask for God’s assistance in understanding my dreams. God bless you. I pray this torment ends soon.

  19. Gurmeet Johar on

    I have a dream that I am watching my husband walking on the road and then I witness a police bus being driven behid him. I don’t why I don’t stop him because all I did was stand and then suddenly the bus goes over him dragging him by the wheel and I wake up. I don’t see him completely dying but I just feel horrific. Can u please tell what’s happening?

    • Are you over-policing in your relationship? Do you have a lot of rules your husband has to follow to “keep things happy” between you two? If so, your subconscience might be aware of it, and may be warning you to stop before he is gone from your life. It’s a shot in the dark, but that’s my first interpretation of that dream without knowing something about you and your life.

  20. I keep having this dream every Monday morning that an Asian boy and his mother were being hunted down by the Asian army for no reason and the son has to kill the mother and then be hanged but the mother tells him to switch because she secretly hates him and she slices off his head with a sword then she drinks his blood then his head rejoins with his body and he starts running then the army comes and one the soliders somehow takes out the mothers heart and she dies and son gets stabbed in the chest and then everyone just falls down and dies

  21. I’ve had this dream every night for about a week,and each one carries on where the last left off. The first involved several people in my school being killed by a sniper, it was violent, my best friends blood sprayed on my face, everything looked so real. The next one people were being picked off on my way home, so i ran, and a bullet hit this elderly man i pass on the way home, i stop to drag him away but another bullet passes through his head and he dies. The one i had last night everyone in my year was at the cinima in my school (we dont have one which is strange) A few guys i know got shot infront of me so we all ran, i left my bag behind. I decided to leave it there. On my way up the school drive i saw this man (not his face) with a long metal object wrapped up in cloth trying to hide something in a closet, later a green pickup truck stopped and turned its engine off so i couldnt get away, its numberplate begins with “OJQ”, a man with long hair got out with a suppressed 9mm pistol, the same man i saw earlier, he points it at me and i wake up. It felt so real, i dont want to sleep because i dont want to see him again. Another scary part is he knows things i didnt, like to wear latex gloves, put wooly socks on his shoes to mask his sound and footprint, and to put the cloth he wrappes his guns in down on the floor as a carpet to collect his shell casings once he has finished his work to hide the evidence. I’m a 16 year old boy in New Zealand, i dont know anything about this stuff! If you can help please do.

  22. Sean O. Phillips on

    I always have the same dream, I’m being chased. It never lasts long though because I gun him down. Its like I was sent to kill him and we were fighting, but I always win. I can never tell who it is.

  23. This was awhile ago but i still every once in a while I’ll have a similar dream my mom just got a new boyfriend and i hate him still but we moved into a new house and thats when the dreams started…… i would be walking around my home town and my step dad all of a sudden starts chasing me so i run i cant ask anyone for help cuz they cant hear me or see me my step dad already killed everyone ive ever seen or talked to i found a place to hide after a long time of runing and it was in like a tornado shelter (but i live nowhere close to places that have tornadoes) my step dad found me i was cornered then when i finally accept the fact im going to die i wake up i still have dreams like this but its different every time its a different place and its always my step dad killing what does this mean

  24. I had a dream I was a bartender on an old segregated train. The owner treated the mainly black crew horrible. One night the owner and his buddy are having a drink then they start saying horrible things to me and being scary. Basically saying they can do whatever they want because they own me. I ran down to the bathroom because I was terrified. I found the owners son and told him what had happened. Then the son said maybe we should just kill him. He hatched a murder plan and I was bait to lead the owner to the crew where they murdered him. It was suppose to be happy and exciting that our tyrant was gone. But we all just felt like murderers.

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