Killer Whale Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Killer Whale Dream Symbol – The killer whale is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents peace and serenity that is also a little dangerous. If you dream about a killer whale and you have not recently watched Free Willy, then it might mean that this beast is your personal totem. By keeping a likeness of it around, you will gain extra strength and be better equipped to face the challenges that life throws at you.

killer whale dreamsKiller whale brings feelings of calm, tranquility, and emotional and spiritual connections. This can mean you may have crossed paths with someone with who you felt instantly connected. Someone you felt you had met somewhere, someplace, in some other time before. This may be a time of personal discovery where you connect with your deep emotions. This can heighten your sensitivity and creativity boosting your inspiration. You feel confident.

You can conquer anything. Who or what do you instantly connect with? The killer whale can also visit to make you aware of your subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings are connected. They often hold the answers to whatever you seek. Listen to your gut instincts.

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When Killer Whale crosses your Path

Killer whale crosses your path to let you know it is a time of soul searching. Looking for your truth. You may have trouble trusting your gut instincts. Take time out to meditate for inner guidance.

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  1. Hi
    I have reoccurring dreams with a pod of killer whales – I am often in a coastal town simialr to the one i live in and often will feel overwhelmingly strong impeding tidal wave is coming, and i must go to the beach and coast, and wait, in dread, that awful feeling of on-coming wave – and the pod arrives, sometimes they beach themselves and I have to help, sometimes they merely swim up and down the coast, sometimes they are playing and sometimes they are hunting. lately the dreams have been less daunting/overwhelming fear I am hunted and they mean me harm, to more of that they are just visitors in my beach and mean no harm. The latest dream i had last night was someone i was with ran up to me in my home, excited and out of breath, to come and see, and i follow her to the beach and the pod is there playing? No clue why in my dream the orcas represent a feeling of hunted/dread and why the feeling is changing to more peace and just visiting you (they are all females in this pod, including the baby), when in real life i love and admire orcas, if there is an animal I would become it is an orca or elephant.

  2. Heyyooo,
    So I had a dream last night that I become the orca. I started seeing through its eyes and swimming around. I have dreamt of them since I was a child. But I have never become one. What could that mean? It was beautiful and calming but confusing. Usually, there is some kind of separation. I am a human swimming on the back or near them. But to become one kinda blew my mind. I couldn’t find any information on that. Thanks for your time.

  3. I had a a recurring dream where I became a Killer Whale, and I can actually feel myself transform into that creature, what does it mean

  4. i had this recurring dream of orcas for quite some time & idk if im more so scared of them or intrigued since im terrified of any animal bigger than me… but it always takes place where the orcas are swimming with sharks & fish below some tiki style encounter place where u can get in the water with them & the power always shut off & someone falls into the water & peer pressured into gettin into the shark and killer whale infested waters doing all these tricks with the whales & somehow im terrified yet calm.. its just so weird to me.. if anybody has any answers, advice or similar dreams please lmk

  5. My dream was me and my kids in canoe type boat in the ocean, the orcas swim next and around us, I m scared and fearing the Orcas will tip my boat over and how do i save the kids, while the same time im feeling myself saying NO NO they are not going to harm you and the kids… I just keep looking into the water and watching their moves…. dream ends

  6. I have two very reoccurring dreams .

    1) I am in a very large indoor pool almost like a marina and there are two orca whales, they are so beautiful jumping and swimming around the tank as if they are following us.
    .2) I am in a indoor swimming pool with my younger sister who is a small toddler in my dream and she is pulled down underneath the water by a orca and I am trying to swim to her and fight it off but I fail and she drowns and disappears
    My dreams never change they are always the same and both dreams are in one sleep
    If anyone can tell me what this means , it would me a the world to me

  7. I just had a dream where killer whales crossed my path.
    I always have huge love for those animals.
    I did talk to someone i didn’t see for loong time… might be related…
    I love those dreams with killer whales…

    • Delilah Fernandez on

      I dreamed I was sitting on my floor eating a killer whale raw. It didn’t feel good & I walked away from it. How do I find meaning to that?

  8. I have had reoccurring dreams involving orcas for a few years now. Always the same. They are magical and terrifying at the same time. There are 2 different scenes within this one dream, both where I am surrounded by orcas. In one, I’m literally on a makeshift raft in the middle of the ocean. It’s the deepest navy blue ocean and I’m surrounded by orcas that are larger than the average. It’s almost a nightmare but I’ve never been in danger, they just swim next to me. The other scene, I’m in a kayak (i don’t understand my choices of transportation) and I’m trying to cross the ocean to get to an island. I always make it but again, I’m surrounded by orcas (these are normal, averaged sizes) and I’m afraid. I don’t know what this all means but after a few years of having this same dream, I’m very interested.

  9. I dreamt that I was swimming peacefully in beautiful blue open ocean it was breathtaking and the whale was so amazing. Your interpretation is wonderful I hope it is my totem animal!


      Hi, last night I had a dream where I was petting baby orcas, I was very happy and the whales were very gentel

  10. Future Trainer on

    I had a dream, where I was at a marine park. I saw three large female Orcas jump out of the water. I was up in the stands and saw two baby Orcas, one playing with a trainer, the other swam in front of me. I got down to where the Orcas usually slide up, and up onto the slide out came a beautiful albino Orca. I was soon down by where the trainers get ready for their day, i suddenly had a walkie talkie and a wetsuit on. I started talking on it to other trainers and asking them short questions. I then turned around and was talking to the manager of the park. She then sent me on my way to help the other trainers take care of the Orcas. I woke up both amazed, confused and warm inside. I’m curious to know what my dream might mean. Of course it might just be the longing inside me that I have. See, I’ve been working towards becoming an Orca trainer in my future, and I’ve never actually seen a real dolphin/orca before. Is it symbolism? Or was I literally dreaming my career dream?

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