Killer Whale Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Killer Whale Dream Symbol – The killer whale is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents peace and serenity that are also a little dangerous. If you dream about a killer whale and you have not recently watched Free Willy, then it might mean that this beast is your personal totem. By keeping a likeness of it around, you will gain extra strength and be better equipped to face the challenges that life throws at you.

killer whale dreamsKiller whale brings feelings of calm, tranquility, and emotional and spiritual connections. This can mean you may have crossed paths with someone with who you felt instantly connected with. Someone you felt you had met somewhere, some place, in some other time before. This may be a time of personal discovery where you connect with you deep emotions. This can heighten your sensitivity and creativity boosting your inspiration. You feel confident.

You can conquer anything. Who or what do you instantly connect with? Killer whale can also visit to make you aware your subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings are connected. They often hold the answers to whatever you seek. Listen to your gut instincts.

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When Killer Whale crosses your Path

Killer whale crosses your path to let you know it is a time of soul searching. Looking for your truth. You may have trouble trusting your gut instincts. Take time out to meditate for inner guidance.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I stayed up texting someone, someone who I have this weird but incredible connection with, it’s hard to even find the right words to describe it. Anyways I put my phone down and fell asleep. I dreamed
    I was standing in front a small creek with two other people when suddenly a killer whale appeared, nobody else saw it and nobody believed me. I got closer to the animal and it playfully grabbed my foot, pulling me closer. I remembered hearing about looking into a killer whales eyes. That they are so empathetic you can feel it when you look in there eyes. So I looked in it’s eyes, the whale kind of changed shape when I looked in its eyes. Later I got in the water and started swimming the animal followed me, thinking back on it now it also seemed to be talking to me.
    That’s all I remember.
    It was the first time I ever dreamed of a killer whale, would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. I just had a dream where I was staring in my back yard which was flooded. There were 5 orcas swimming in the clear flooded water and they were playing around trying to roll and dive etc. Some little came over and scared them into the river that was connected to my flooded yard. I asked why she did that and she said she didn’t want these monsters anywhere near her house. I let her know that these orcas were not monsters and that I brought them to my flooded yard because they didn’t have a home yet, so my home was their home for now. She understood, so I walked to the river and called them back and guided the whales back into my yard where they continued to play.

  3. Hi,

    I have reoccurring dreams of two orcas. in the past, all my nightmares consisted of deep oceans and storms overtaking me, but one time a man, who I’d call Jesus, took me through a maze that showed me each of my ocean nightmares then disappeared when a huge tsunami wave was coming at me, but i was able to run and i outran it, it only kissed the tip of my toes. After that dream these orcas appeared. At first they were friendly and wanted a snickers bar in return for a ride on their back so they could show me something underwater. Eventually I began to distrust them because of how they treated others in my dream, or they would call me out onto unsteady waters, or nip at my hands…so now they scare me, and they are usually lurking around in the water dreams I have. i only wish to know what they want or who they are and if they are trustworthy or not…

  4. I just woke up from a dream about whales. They were black and white so I think they were orcas. I was in a speedboat on the ocean, someone else was driving the boat while I was watching a whole pod of whales speeding through the water. They were right next to the boat and I was playing with them. They would swim under my hand and my hand would slide over their heads and I would play with their teeth also. There were other groups of fish nearby but the whales were closest to me. I have never dreamed of whales before. It was a beautiful dream. It was SO much fun! It’s 3:47AM now. I better get back to sleep!

  5. Carla Jean Castillo on

    Last night I dreamt that I was moving into a house, and it turned into a boat. Next, there was water surrounding the boat and a huge pod of orcas swam to the boat. I was looking down at them wondering what they were doing here. One orca looked at me in the eye and I felt something. I jumped in the water and held onto it. Then the pod started moving, they started swimming south. And they were swimming very fast, I looked around me and there were orcas surrounding me. Babies and adults. But in my guts I felt like being with them is where I belonged.

  6. Paris Belinski on

    I’ve been having Orca dreams for 4 years now. Sometimes for weeks straight. Last night I had a dream that a mother whale gave me her baby to keep safe and we had an understanding of eachother. I am Tlingit and Inupiaq. I’m beginning to think it’s my spirit animal.

  7. I had a dream last night about this killer whale that was a bit rugged and not taken care of very well. I was in some sort of a surfing school and the killer whale was supposed to be my sidekick, to help me jump higher from the sea.

    I was worried that the killer whale might attack me, but the guy helping me out at the surf school told me we’d both benefit from our relationship and he (the killer whale), needed me as much as I needed him.

    I’ve been dealing with past trauma lately and coming to terms with a lot, I guess it’s time to go deeper into my psyche without being afraid. 🙂

  8. I had a dream where an Orca was trapped in a small warehouse swimming in counterclockwise in circles in shallow water and I was on the edge of one of the walls looking out at it swimming standing in water that was comfortably high. The size of myself and the Orca varied in the dream. As it was swimming in circles, we were proportionately sized. I went to help the Orca get out of the warehouse and I reached out to put my arms around it to slow it down. I didn’t get a sense of emotion it was feeling, but as I put my arms around it, either I grew in size, or it shrank to the size of something I could fully wrap my arms around. As I did this, I was able to lift it up out of the water partway, and in doing so it latched onto the bottom part of my beard (I have a pretty long beard). It didn’t hurt, but was strange as I don’t think of Orcas grabbing onto things. An indefinite time later as I was turning for the exit to help this Orca out , it pulled some of my beard from my chin it was latched onto. Again, it didn’t hurt and it almost seemed like it needed it for something before my dream ended. Then my dream abruptly ended. Does anyone have any idea or guess as to what this could mean?

    • I always have dreams that orcas are trapped in warehouses too. The water they’re in is always dark and everything looks apocalyptic and rusty. I Wonder what orcas in warehouses truly means .

  9. I have had many dreams with killer whales and never any other animals. Sometimes they’re below in pools or out in the garden in a large tank. I’ve even been under water with them swimming towards me. The latest one scared me, the ocean outside was getting higher and higher and filling up outside the window. There were loads of orcas swimming fast. I think one came in but was human inside. I always feel uneasy after the dreams.

  10. Gemma Skillin on

    I dreamt a killer whale was being kept in a really small tub in a living room with nowhere to move- the tub was empty and every wee while people would come in and through a. I let of water over it. The whale was calm but sad and was trying to tell me something but I don’t know what….

  11. I had a dream that I was on one side of a highway in a small house and had this weird feeling, then I crossed the highway to end up at the beach and was walking on some rocks next to shallow water and I saw a killer whale swimming next to me, and then another one and another one and by the end there were like 20 of them and they wouldn’t leave me. I took my phone out to take pictures because I didn’t think anyone would believe me and I remember having this happy feeling come over me. When I woke up I felt so much better because my Grandpa was having a dangerous surgery and I knew I was super nervous, so having this dream just confirmed to me that everything was going to be okay.

  12. I dreamed the other night of an orca. I can not recall ever having dreamed of an animal before. In the dream there was a connection with the whale.

    In the dream i had walk out on to a board walk and was looking off into the ocean view and the fading sunlight. Then i noticed the small orca swimming in the water. It looked directly at me as if it recognized me. Then swam around and took a deep dive. The water was so clear i could see the bottom that was at least 40 or 50 feet deep. Then the whale darted up to the surface and jumped out of the water. It landed on the boardwalk right next to me. We looked at each other with a sense of kindness. It wanted me to reach out and touch and caress it.

    I have been thinking about the meaning of the deeam. The connection felt so strong and i have never dreamed of animals before. Why?

  13. I had a dream where we had to get past very aggressive and hungry orcas and killer sharks. My dead mother was with me but very much alive in this dream and I was trying to get us out. I always have a feeling of disappointing her as well in the dream. That or I have a dream where I have a dream where next to my pool outside I have a pool of orcas that are ready to kill. I have no idea why they persistently show up in dreams! What could be causing this. They are not the beautiful majestic creatures I remember them to be.

  14. Victor Buck on

    I just had a dream about a Killer Whale. One thing about me is that when I dream, I quickly frow anxious when I figure out im not in control of my dreams. Anywho, I juat remember being on some sort of scaffolding and later on falling off purposely off it (mind you, im afraid of heights but strangely, I wasn’t afraid this time). Now as im free falling towards the ocean where the beach were by this rock hill, the whole thing felt very calm. The beach from a skyview had a crescent moon shape.

    All was well until I saw one huge Killer Whale just swimming in the water. Now I know it sounds weird but what made it worse was I KNOW it wasn’t just minding its own business. That whale, few minutes before hitting the water painlessly, was looking dead at me like it was waiting for me to arrive like “Oh, there you are. Let’s get started”. I know it was waiting because before impact, I tried to steer myself away from it and it just followed me and looked up with a smile. So me being me I panicked trying my best to find my way to shore but the whale got to me first. I don’t know how but I feel like it pulled me into its slipstream very gently and I bet you it was trying to take me to shore. I was just fighting myself hard to wake up and I soon enough did. I feel like I was suppose to trust that whale but I didn’t. .. When I don’t understand things, I tend to not trust it. 🙁

  15. Ciara John on

    I just had a dream I was somewhere on the coast on a walking pathway near the sea. I was a bit sad and looked into the water and I seen this white patch looking right at me and then I recognize it is a killer whale. I felt the power connection, and he continued swimming around the end of the walkway path as it was a round about, I jumped, and then he jumped. And we continued doing this.
    Then when he finished swimming around the round about, he jumped out of the water to see me, and I was a bit nervous, because he did that for me. And I started walking down the walkway path and he kept with me and stayed in the puddles on the pathway. And then once there were was an entrance to water, I asked him to go back in.
    And I then I went home to my moms to tell her what happened. But she was busy. So I went downstairs to talk to my brother and tell him and when I was telling him I looked on the wall and there was a picture of a killer whale !
    I woke up

    I think this dream symbolizes a sign to my thoughts and questions of yesterday regarding love! I was feeling like I don’t know what love is and how will I know ?

    Then I have this dream of this male killer whale who I felt a deep connection with who jumped out of the water for me and it scared me, but now that I think of it , I appreciate it so much more!!!!
    Killer whale spirit, thank you for showing yourself to me last night in my dreams

  16. I was dreaming that whale was talking to a person and playing with him and I was watching then a boat full of whale came and they where all covered in oil and they where crying and the boat went down in the water to try to wash them off then I was watching them in the water then I started to talk to the whale

  17. I just woke up form a dream where I was swimming with my sister and niece and one other random person. We were at a gorgeous spot clear and warm. Out of no where an Orca swallowed my sister whole. We escaped two great whites and it ended at the morgue with my niece and nephew crying. Yikes.

  18. I once had a dream when I was younger, bout being a little girl and entering this building that looked quit like a public pool, except this pool was very deep and full of orcas. The building was very crowded, and the pool was filled with hundreds of orcas. You could swim with the whales, except everyone was to afraid. I was too, and yet I was excited and slid right in to the warm water… I held my breath, and was able to see through the water clearly. At first I was terrified as they came up to me and slid past me, afraid they were going to bite me or crush me under their weight. Instead they gently guided me around, and blew air bubbles from which I could breath from. At the end of my dream I hopped out of the pool, sad to leave… but squeezed through a hole that led to the outside…

    Last night I dreamed of being alone. But happy about it… on one side of me was a thick forest that clung to the side of a mountain. On the other side of me was red rock, and a large lagoon that was connected to a river, twisting through the valley that was cut off from sight because of the walls of crusty rock. In between was a beach, with hot sand meeting the frosted forest, and closer to the lagoon was a slim desert area full of rocks and cacti. I dont remember much sadly, except spending my time with an orca, who spoke to me in a calming and wise male voice. I remember my two labs being there with me, and having the beach be crowded. Except all the people were blurred figures standing still when I looked at them. My Orca friend pulled me through the water, talking to me and telling me soothing thoughts, as my two old yellow labs, not able to do much now, swam in the water, hovering above a certain spot which I didn’t pay much attention to until the end of my dream. He pulled me to shore, and told me, “there trying to get a drum. They are going to hurt themselves if they keep trying. I can get it for them if you like?” I know I told him yes, but right as he was going to go get it, one of my fitter more agile dogs Maizy popped out of the water carrying a small drum in her muzzle, her sister following. I noticed it looked like one I used to play with when I was younger and still have in my basement. The stretched deer hide un-touched by water. Then I woke up.

  19. Sunday 8th January: I was with members of my family and some friends on what appeared to be a tunnel that leads one from the departure lounge to a plane. However, this tunnel led to open sea. I could just make out land in the distance. I saw a massive fin of a killer whale break the surface of the water right in front of us and very close to the end of the tunnel. I also saw another killer whale right down near the sea bed. I had this feeling that we had to swim out to the distant land on the horizon. My father was the first to swim into the water and seemed pretty relaxed doing so. It didn’t bother him that there were killer whales about. Mum expressed her surprise at seeing the killer whales and didn’t want to go into the sea. After a short while my Dad was already quite far out to sea, and he looked back as if expecting us to follow. Mum and some of the others who had been with us were also in the sea and my brother and I watched them like black figures out at sea. Eventually, water started coming into the tunnel forcing my brother and I to return to the building.

  20. Jemoder karter on

    Hi, today i had a dream involving a orca it was the closes topic i had a dream of me and the people to be trapped in a country that closed its borders from civil war i went to the boundrie that led to the atlantic ocean (note i didint watch any film or doumentary about sea or orcas for a while) i had to swim sneakly but then a baby orca came as if it said ride on and ill take you to safety i rode on it but when i went to the deep sea side i saw massive adult orcas i was scared then a big submarine came out of rhe sea it had secots of 4 tubes which had water. In them and a ladder to climb all of it i quickly jumped on the 1st seein the orca jump from the sea to the top tube it was feeding the orcas it seemed to me i didint stop the waters were bubbly as if it was boiling but. It was not hot i avoived jumping in as i didint want to be caught by one when i reached the top i shouted with joy as the thought of freedom conjoured me and then i hid and woke up after that. What does this represent? I had another dimilar one of land today but i cant remember also i am young

    • I have had a dream of a killer whale and her baby there where two boats one I was on untill I saw the other boat with a net catching the baby whale and the mummy whale was crying out for her baby I jumped of the boat and swim under water to release the baby whale and free her and held on to the mummy whale as they swim of I would love to no what this dream meant

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