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Key Dream Symbol – The key is one of the most archetypal symbols that you can dream about. Not only is it the central and most important element in opening doors and locks that stand in your way to progress, but it also is the symbol of secrets and interior strength. Dreaming about a key could mean that you have the power within you to accomplish any goals that you wish to complete.

It can also mean that you are safe from any harm and that your secrets and weaknesses are unknown by those around you. Everyone has insecurities and the key represents your safety from harm and your ability to freely travel down any path you wish to take.

Additional Interpretations for Dreams

A dream highlighting keys is about finding solutions to your problems. When you have this type of dream you need to ask yourself what you need the solution to. Keys can represent new ideas, experiences, knowledge, and feelings These may have always been hidden to you before, but have now revealed themselves to your consciousness. Keys are a sign you are open to changes and new beginnings coming into your life.

Dreaming of a key can mean you have unlocked something new within yourself. This can be a new way of seeing or feeling. Or, there may be a situation in your waking life you have been trying to solve for some time. A key may appear in your dreams at this time to let you know you have the solution. Trust your intuition for it holds the key.

Losing a key can symbolize some part of your life or a relationship coming to an end. There may be some sort of trauma or dispute with a friend. This will upset you yet you can find no support among family and friends. Are you the one who instigates the problems? Losing a key in a dream can also indicate you have missed an important opportunity. You need to be more aware of what is going on around you and what it means.

Finding a key can be a sign that you will soon meet your soul mate. This can also mean you will be saved from some sort of embarrassment or disappointment in your waking life. This may have been stressing you out. If you have made no plans or have changed your direction, then there will be new opportunities soon cross your path.

Keys can also warn to be wary, especially if there are changes in your life or you plan to travel. If this happens to you, this is a warning this is not the right time to make these changes or to travel. Put it off for another time. Creating a key can mean that a toxic relationship will finally end. Walking into a shop that sells keys is a reminder that you cannot force someone to love you. Seeing a key in your hand indicates you are self-confident and have no trouble standing in your truth. Dreaming of having a key cut can mean new opportunities will soon cross your path.

On a spiritual level, a key can mean you need to remove yourself from negative and difficult situations and people. Are you involved with someone or a situation that can compromise your integrity? A gold or silver key represents the strength of your spiritual power. This is a reminder you have the ability to achieve it all.

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  1. gloria arnaiz on

    when i dreamed about keys i found a bunce of keys early in the morning ,shall i get some good news ,,, hoping sooo

  2. Ok,i had a dream where i got a new big and expensive padlock for free and its key. So i was always trying to lock and unlock the padlock while i was having it in my hand. I was in my compound,but i could see my compound fenced by barbed wire,in waking life we have been having a dispute as where the border is with my neighbour. What does this dream mean?

  3. I had a dream where I saw my husband’s personal assistant opening my house door and going through every room. She looked happy with trying out everything I had in these rooms. When I asked how she got the keys; she happily informed me that my husband gave her the keys. I felt disappointed and hurt in the dream.

  4. I had a dream where I saw my husband’s personal assistant opening my house door and going through every room. She looked happy with trying out everything I had in these rooms. When I asked how she got the keys; she happily informed me that my husband gave her the keys. I felt disappointed and hurt in the dream.

  5. i had a dream walking with my husband he was holding one silver key………i need to know the meaning please

  6. I had a dream last night, in my dream is like there is crisis people were runing and i was among them,in the process i saw one single key and pick it and continue with my ran ,some people are picking different things ,pls wht should be the meaning

  7. I had a dream, a crisis that could change hurt everyone, but with information there are five key people in this dream ironically holding two golden clock keys, I was a spy and feild agent of some sort. I needed to get each one and find the location where they fit. Each person holding holding them were very distinct, but I dont recognize them. It seemed oddly fluid like I was actually in a mission to stop this in this small resort island. Its still vivid and I’m shaken, I did get all the keys, but woke up before I could place them in the slots. It all happened at night, no moon, black water, white buildings heavily lighted. I’d like a firther look into this, you are only describing one key, I was holding ten gold keys for a clock or old chest, used for a rather technological problem.

  8. I have been having a recurring dream of a big White House that is mine, and me running past doors until I get to the door for which I have the key in my pocket. Thoughts??

  9. I had a dream around 3 am today . In that dream at first I was pounding yam for money . then after I finish pounding, I collect my money as I was going on my way a young boy gave me 2 Silver key . One is big and the other one is small. and the two key is one place I collected it him .

  10. I was confronted my a a very big lion so big it can cover the earth and it gave me a golden and silver key. I really don’t know what it mean? any help?

  11. I had a dream i was given one golden key on a golden round key ring to unlock something to get something for free…..please tell me about this dream

  12. I also had a dream about keys… In this dream a man came to our house looking for me and he gave me three (3) keys on one bundle.

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