Jungle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Jungle Dream Symbol – A jungle is a dream symbol of the depths of the human heart. As with our deepest emotions, motivations, and desires, the jungle is impenetrable and difficult to understand. The things you see in the jungle of your dreams are significant and should themselves be examined as dream symbols.

The unconscious mind is full of things that people do not want to know about themselves, uncivilized desires that frighten them, or ancient beliefs that they suppress in favor of polite, modern religions. In your dream about a jungle, you are likely to experience quite a few of these and to see them as dangers.

The lushness of a jungle represents there are many possibilities as opportunities cross your path. Jungle dreams can remind that you have everything you need to achieve success. You are well supported. Are you trying to push too hard, too fast to get to where you want to be?

Seeing big cats in a jungle can mean you feel trapped. Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel there are those who watch your every move waiting for you to make a mistake? Being stuck in the middle of a jungle, with no visible path out, can mean you see no way out of your situation in your waking life. Ask for help to find a solution. You need to find your way out and to get your life heading in the right direction.

Leaving the jungle shows you that you have the ability to solve difficult situations when they arise in you waking life. Light shining brightly through a jungle signifies you do not have the courage to go through with something that matters to you. What holds you back?

Getting lost in a jungle can mean change and new energy entering your waking reality. You may be scared as you try to find the right path. But, what you do in this dream represents how you actually deal with life’s challenges as they arise. Remember, sometimes things are scarier in your head. By facing them you can master these things that hold you back.

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  1. I was on a bus I had just gotten into an argument with my friend (in the dream and the night before :/ )
    And I was wondering why she was mad when we were surrounded by green mist and rain then we entered a rainforest. And saw a massive lion kill an elephant. I started freaking out because my window was open and thought the lion would come at us, in the end it didn’t. And the bus we were on drove past it (the destination is a place I’m going on holiday next year that I’m very excited for) then we had to get out of the bus and I had to climb across a rocky cliff edge and then we finally made it to a sort of break place and the bus was there, we all had to use the bathroom and drink some water. When we came our me and my friend were friends again, (idk how) but when I got in the bus everything started shaking and I started dancing for some reason when I was flung out the bus into the water nearby. And I was drowning in it and then then the person who was also drowning got out the water and was throwing up a black and yellow creature. And I said it was because of the water I managed to get out eventually but I missed the bus, and I wouldn’t be able to go to the place I was going on holiday to next year.

  2. I dreamt about in a beautiful jungle, with the sun shining, I was playing in the jungle with my older sister, which is in real life I have an older sister. Please answer this if you know what this means. Thank you so much if you do!! 🙂

  3. William Siddons on

    I “woke up” in a jungle to find a wild cat (black in color) with red eyes circling me, the cat growled and I slapped it; Provoking it into jumping on it. In the struggle I put the creature in a leg lock and broke it neck. If you could please reply with haste as this dream does concern me, that would be well appreciated.

  4. I dreamnt that i was in a lush green field in the outskirts of the jungle in ancient India. I found a little girl crying. People were trying to kill her. So i had her run. I grabbed her by the arm and ran. The villagers were angry but i kept running. They kept coming. I would dig my hands into the ground to help me run forward. The ground was soft and moist. Kind of like digging into moss but not slippery. I got to some ruins. And giant gorilla like people stopped us. I thought we had gotten past them but theyd seen us and doubled back. We could see the ocean from where we were. It was beautiful deep and blue. But we could see all the coral reefs. They were beautiful and colorful. Reds blues greens yellos orange pinks. Idk how i managed to escape but i jumped into the water and swam. My mom was already in the water with a talking gorilla that was swimming around with her. Teaching her about the coral reef. My mom sat on a rock and caught a beautiful orange with black and blue flat disk like fish. She pet it, kissing it, and it shaped to her hand. She held it in the air and it swam gracefully. She smiled and laughed pushing the fish to swim towards me and i laughed. I was happy. The gorilla was telling us how the coral reef was almost as old as he insinuating he was ancient like the land and ocean. We swam around happilly. I was nervous but i loved it. Then it all morphed and we were in the house all getting ready to go to sleep. We were all in the house. Mom, mingo, tia, the dogs, and tia yuli. The house was in India. So it was bare. But made sturdily but out of soft planks for a roof. We all laid down to sleep. The rooms were set up like the old apartment in west los. After i got in bed it began to earthquake. But while everyone else panicked i just slept. I was tired from running. I could hear everyone in the house moving and hustling. And all i could think was if i covered my face the ceiling could fall and it wouldnt even hurt. I know the rest of the house would be ok including the foundation cause it was set on concrete stone. So i fell asleep. When i woke up my parents had put me in the car. My aunt yuli, mingo and mom were driving to my aunts house to get her husband. Thats when i found out Mingo worked at mc ds. My mom passed me his jacket. It was a really cool bomber jacket in brown leather with wool inside. I wrapped up in it and watched the lights flash by. It was night time. And then i woke up. Ive never been to India, ive never gone deep sea swimming nor scuba diving. But i saw old ruins and villages deep in the jungle. I could see into the jungle. It was dense but i could see people go about their day. And every time id dig into the dirt i was launched forward like a video game sort of. I was running then id dig in and make some sort of leap like a gorilla. Anybody know what any of this means?

  5. Debjyoti Roy on

    I am running through the jungle and trying to find our my people , but I can’t find anyone. No one is there..and it’s a dense jungle and day time.

    What does my dream signifies ?

  6. i always walk by river and hills.side in dream and.always late to reach the destination and forget the shoes. please tell the meaming.

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