Jungle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Jungle Dream Symbol – A jungle is a dream symbol of the depths of the human heart. As with our deepest emotions, motivations, and desires, the jungle is impenetrable and difficult to understand. The things you see in the jungle of your dreams are significant and should themselves be examined as dream symbols.

The unconscious mind is full of things that people do not want to know about themselves, uncivilized desires that frighten them, or ancient beliefs that they suppress in favor of polite, modern religions. In your dream about a jungle, you are likely to experience quite a few of these and to see them as dangers.

The lushness of a jungle represents there are many possibilities as opportunities cross your path. Jungle dreams can remind that you have everything you need to achieve success. You are well supported. Are you trying to push too hard, too fast to get to where you want to be?

Seeing big cats in a jungle can mean you feel trapped. Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel there are those who watch your every move waiting for you to make a mistake? Being stuck in the middle of a jungle, with no visible path out, can mean you see no way out of your situation in your waking life. Ask for help to find a solution. You need to find your way out and to get your life heading in the right direction.

Leaving the jungle shows you that you have the ability to solve difficult situations when they arise in you waking life. Light shining brightly through a jungle signifies you do not have the courage to go through with something that matters to you. What holds you back?

Getting lost in a jungle can mean change and new energy entering your waking reality. You may be scared as you try to find the right path. But, what you do in this dream represents how you actually deal with life’s challenges as they arise. Remember, sometimes things are scarier in your head. By facing them you can master these things that hold you back.

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