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Jumping – Dreaming of jumping is a sign of your actions and responses to adversity. The energy with which you jump indicates the effort you put into your own endeavors. In addition, if you successfully jump over obstacles, this indicates success in overcoming those obstacles, while if you trip on the obstacles it indicates either that you will fail at overcoming them, or that you fear you will fail at overcoming them.

If you dream of bungee jumping, this is symbolic of your resiliency and ability to bounce back after a negative event (the fall, in the dream). It also indicates your willingness to go out of your personal safety zone in order to accomplish new things and have new experiences.

dream of jumpingIf you are jumping up somewhere in a dream it can show the desire to better yourself. You might have recently undergone certain changes and have been trying to improve your life. Jumping down from a place can indicate the need to free oneself of certain burdens that are currently holding you back.

If you are jumping in the same spot it can signify joy and happiness. If you land the perfect jump then it can mean you are about to achieve something special in your life and if you miss a jump it can indicate the need to rethink a bad choice you have made.

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  1. Running turns into jumping (hopping) on one leg because it is faster. Sometime I am hopping fast along the ground other times I can spring up higher than tree tops which sometimes turns into flying but must be very careful of getting caught in the electric cables.

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