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Judge Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a judge is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied by a feeling of being deeply attacked. If judgment is passed on you in your dream, it is important to note who is judging you, as well as the other people present in the scene and the emotions that are evoked by this dream event. For instance, if the judge in your dream is someone you actually know, this indicates a feeling of judgment that you have from this person.

Whether or not this person actually judges you, you feel that they do, and therefore feel that you are constantly under scrutiny when you are with them. On the other hand, if you dream that you are judged by a faceless or anonymous judge, this is an indication of a judgment you are passing on yourself.

When you dream of a judge it can reflect authority figures in your life. It can also represent feelings of guilt for something you have done. A judge passing judgement in a dream can mean you need to consider why you would be feeling guilty. Remember, whatever you feel in a dream is magnified so it may not be true in your waking life. You may feel as if you have made a mistake or done something wrong, but have no intention of making the wrong you have done right. Is this true? Even though you know you should you have more urgent challenges to deal with.

You could have this type of dream when you fear getting caught for something. It also reminds not to judge others until you have all the facts. A dream featuring a judge is reminding you to do the right thing. Fighting with a judge is a sign you feel someone is sitting in judgement of you. Do you feel others judge what you do, how you think, and what you say? You may feel they have no right to sit in judgement of you so have no interest in their advice.

Dreaming of being the judge is a sign you tend to be a ‘sticky beak’. Are you always sticking your nose into other people’s business uninvited? This is a trait that can make you unpopular. You need to start minding your own business unless asked for your wisdom. It is none of your business. This is a lesson you may need to learn the hard way. If you continue this way, then you will be the one that faces rejection.

A judge that gives you a light sentence signifies that those close to you will forgive you your wrongs. But you will need to make an effort to make things right first. You need to remember that everything in life takes work. It does not matter how much you love or care for someone, they deserve to know how you feel.

Judges in a dream can also represent your personal feelings about something or someone. Are you repressing your feelings? Is there something you do not say? You need to speak out. You need to be heard so you can move your life forward. There are positive changes you want to make.

Dreams featuring a judge can mean you are ready to make an important decision. You may need to judge all the options before making a commitment. Take notice of the details of the dream for it may hold clues to the kind of judgments you need to make about yourself.

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