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Joke – Jokes in your dream represent good times and frivolity. They are good omens and are considered to be the forebears of happy times to come. If you dream about cracking jokes with loved ones it is symbolic of the pleasant times that are to come. If you dream about jokes that are not funny but everyone is laughing except you, it symbolizes that you feel left out of the inner circle of friends that surround you.

You are an outcast that struggles to be included. In general, the harder you struggle to be included, the more you are left out. This dream is symbolic of the fact that you are special and that others feel threatened by your presence because you have something that they want. If you truly feel that you want to be accepted, it is important to be humble and remain in the company of those that will not feel threatened by you.

This often means that you will have to start hanging out with people that are smarter, wealthier, and more confident than your current friends. This will likely make you feel threatened by your new friends, however research shows that having friends that are smarter or more successful than you results in you becoming more intelligent and successful yourself. This is always a good idea.

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  1. I had a dream that I was cracking “inside” jokes to my real life ex-sexual assaulter about the past trauma that HE CAUSED and we were both snickering and shocked at how dark the jokes were that we were making about the past.

  2. i dreamt of my aunt prankinng my mother , brother and i at an old building , she asked a friend of hers to be a blind ghost . I dreamt of it twice at first i was with my ex boyfriend , i was hugging him because i was scared the second time was with my mother and brother.

  3. I dreamed I was at a work convention and as I was about to leave I was routed to a line in which we all had to empty our pockets and take off our shoes and socks. I said, if I was James Bond, we’d all be here for a while, and I said, now that was funny, but I one else laughed. I overheard one if the executive leaders ask what all the security was for and someone responded something about cell phones and emails…

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