Jogging Dream Symbol


Jogging – Dreaming about jogging is often a symbol of physical exertion. However, it can also be a dream about zoning out and creating a space of physically active meditation. Scientists who study the phenomenon have determined that what we understand as happiness comes to us most fully when we are detached from actively engaging the present moment.

Zoning out is considered the most restful and happy part of our life. Entering into this type of head space is beneficial in bring self-awareness and joy into our life. It can also clarify problems and steps to take to overcome them. Jogging is a very archetypal form of entering into a space of zoning out. In general, anything that includes repetitious rhythmic motion makes for a great way to zone out.

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  1. I had a dream I was jogging and after a while I saw my x boyfriend jogging towards me. We hugged and then jogged together for a while. We jogged up to some street vendors and he said he was going to buy his son a gift n would be right back. I saw a restroom and went to use it thinking I’d be done before him. I didn’t tell him I was stepping away. When I came out he was gone, I looked everywhere for him and was devastated that he was no where to be found. The connection was beautiful in the dream.

    Curious what meaning this dream has.

  2. I had this dream of jogging just jogging and it felt so good do to the fact that I am not able to to ever jog again because of my disability of MCTD AND ARTHRITIS it got worse cause of my weight gained and I take over 30 pills daily and need to have meals with it.

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