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Jigsaw Puzzle – Jigsaw are symbols of all the separate aspects of our lives that come together to make a coherent picture. Dreaming about jigsaw puzzles symbolizes that you need to take a closer look at individual parts of your life and make sure that they belong and are organized in the right places. Puzzles are also representative of mystery in our life.

Life is exciting because we don’t always know what the entire picture looks like until we are able to look back on it. However, in the present it is difficult to see how some things connect. Because of this, puzzles in our dreams are indicators that something is not quite right and only taking a closer look will allow you to see any discrepancy in your life and fix the problem before it becomes larger than it already is.

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  1. I had dream with my family in a beautiful nature place there comes a field full of flowers and beside of the empty spaces it has a big separated jigsaws on it

  2. I dreamt that I was apart of a jigsaw puzzle along the right side edge, my dog was trying to put it together but it was storming and in my dream we were both afraid of the storm. At one point I broke apart from the puzzle to comfort him but he had disappeared and I looked at the puzzle and there were a couple of major gaps but those pieces were missing and aside from the gaps and where I belonged to it was joined together or put together or however you would say it. I tried to find the missing pieces but I just kept getting more and more terrified and all of a sudden I was such a wreck because I couldn’t find those pieces, and my dog which caused me to where I couldn’t even put myself together to the puzzle where I was at the beginning of the dream and then I woke up.

  3. I dreamed that me and about 8 other people were putting together a puzzle…outdoors… at a festival. A very young boy was one of the people and he very quickly put together a section that was perfectly round. The man across from me says” Good job, buddy. But that doesn’t go there” The boy says, “It goes there, if I put it there” and scampers off

    • KELLY RYAN Ryan O'BRIEN on

      I had a dream that I was looking at a purple puzzle piece that fit with a small purple puzzle. Like it was the last piece. It left me feeling excited

  4. I was in twilight type sleep not fully asleep yet I was asleep. Was talking to myself.
    Then I knew I was asleep.
    I was at kitchen table in this house
    I was trying to put a puzzle together. But it was a 3D puzzle. The pieces were big.
    They were different shapes and sizes. They looked around 6” tall but only 3-4” wide.
    I could not figure how to put it together at all.
    Annie and Baier were standing over by the toaster oven area watching. They said nothing to me or each other. Just watched.
    I was sitting in chair on side of table with my back to wall pantry.
    1st chair closest to frig.
    I didn’t have any emotions just kept trying to put puzzle together.

    I as a bystander watching kept thinking what a weird unusual puzzle how on earth could it go together. I was seeing it from side view.
    Kind of out of body experience watching, my out of body self was standing by the end of island by dishwasher.
    Then it would switch back to the me sitting at island putting puzzle together and seeing Annie and Baier just watching.
    Annie and Baier are my son and daughter-in-law who live with me. I put them on the deed to my house by the advice of my lawyer so that if anything ever happened to me the house would not be considered an inheritance. They and their 4 children have lived with me for almost 6 years. But past year there has been a division between them and my youngest son who live next door. Since this the relationship between my son and his family (that live with me ) has been strained because I won’t disown my youngest son over it. So they are angry at me for disagreeing with them over it.
    Having them on the deed is now concerning me. Things are very unpredictable in our relationship.
    They have started to listen to some heavy legalistic sermons on radio and have begun to say God is telling them to be harsh with me and my youngest son and my middle son who disagree with them. So I had this interesting dream.

  5. I dreamed I was in an uncomfortable situation at a house I didn’t want to be at and I reached on this shelf to grab a game but a lot of puzzle pieces just keep pouring down and they were mostly faced on the cardboard side

  6. Jessica Holland on

    i dreamed i was given a wrapped gift- a completed puzzle in a gold frame. it was given to me buy someone who was completely in love and devoted to me, but i felt nothing for them. as i unwrapped the puzzle and was handling it- it broke and all the pieces fell apart. i felt embarrassed i ruined the gift, but wasnt upset about any lost sentimental value because it was broken

  7. A friend and I who have a very different way of thinking were asked to put together a jigsaw puzzle. It was an easy puzzle. 125 pieces. The picture we were putting together was very colorful, but had no shape. We argued over how to put it together. Color pieces first or edges.

  8. i had a jogsaw dream a few months back, i remember knockin them on the floor as they were on a wall at first, then the man in the shop said fix it and apl of the pieces were scrambled on the wall

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