Jigsaw Puzzle Dream Symbol


Jigsaw Puzzle – Jigsaw are symbols of all the separate aspects of our lives that come together to make a coherent picture. Dreaming about jigsaw puzzles symbolizes that you need to take a closer look at individual parts of your life and make sure that they belong and are organized in the right places. Puzzles are also representative of mystery in our life.

Life is exciting because we don’t always know what the entire picture looks like until we are able to look back on it. However, in the present it is difficult to see how some things connect. Because of this, puzzles in our dreams are indicators that something is not quite right and only taking a closer look will allow you to see any discrepancy in your life and fix the problem before it becomes larger than it already is.

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  1. I dreamed I was in an uncomfortable situation at a house I didn’t want to be at and I reached on this shelf to grab a game but a lot of puzzle pieces just keep pouring down and they were mostly faced on the cardboard side

  2. Jessica Holland on

    i dreamed i was given a wrapped gift- a completed puzzle in a gold frame. it was given to me buy someone who was completely in love and devoted to me, but i felt nothing for them. as i unwrapped the puzzle and was handling it- it broke and all the pieces fell apart. i felt embarrassed i ruined the gift, but wasnt upset about any lost sentimental value because it was broken

  3. A friend and I who have a very different way of thinking were asked to put together a jigsaw puzzle. It was an easy puzzle. 125 pieces. The picture we were putting together was very colorful, but had no shape. We argued over how to put it together. Color pieces first or edges.

  4. i had a jogsaw dream a few months back, i remember knockin them on the floor as they were on a wall at first, then the man in the shop said fix it and apl of the pieces were scrambled on the wall

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