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Jet – Jets are a symbol of power. If you dream about a private jet, whether you are on it or not, it represents authority in your life. If you are on the jet, it means that you are the authority or close to it, or soon shall be. If you dream that you are looking at a private jet in flight or on the tarmac, but are not in it, it means that authority and power in your life are not yet in your sphere of influence.

This can be a message that you need to gain more control over your life. If you dream about a fighter or military jet it is representative of physical strength or force in your life. If you are flying the jet or on board, it means that you are ready for the obstacles that you will experience in your life journey. If you see yourself outside of the jet it could represent a threat to you or a defender. Jets are some of the most important symbols of power in our life and anything you see a jet do in your dream can be taken as an allegory of waking life either in the present, past or near future.

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  1. SeattleFreeze on

    I was talking on the tarmac with Boeing staff as a contractor to their company. Them a huge space jet started up and I plugged my ears because the super Sonic high speed engine was so loud my fingers did nothing to block the pain of the Jets sound. Then sooner than I knew what was going on, I was sucked up into the plane’s energy exhaust and flung so far into the sky that I fell to earth ultrs fast and hit the concrete and died. Then I woke up.

    I’m dealing with old pain from a car accident in my life again and have been feeling powerless over my finances and physical pain. My mom has been dramatic and painful to watch. She is a drug addict and alcoholic. But the good things are I have a stable home and amazing fiancee as of lately. I wish to understand my dream better.

  2. Had a great dream just before woke up for subuh friends & i were stuck from going to school and there come an army-green millitary helicopter,the huge one..the one in a korean drama “descendent of the sun” help us go through it,to made us made it to school!so cool i thought in the dream..most exciting to sat on the soldier seats ^^ but we were landed not so near to school..”u hv to walk from here,this plane just could make it here..the road were narrow for us” the commandant **i think said.. The End.

    For certain part,im hoping that i can go through those test i ve or i would hv in my life.

  3. Not sure what it means but I had a dream of something in the sky. I was in an apartment talking on the phone with someone and I would say it could’ve been around 11pm , so it’s dark outside. Looking out the window across the street was a huge parking lot to a mall. I looked up too the sky noticing a white light that then turned red and would go back to white. I started staring at it until it started to move swiftly in the sky in the shape of the infinity symbol. Then more flashes of lights started to slowly appear until it was a cluster of red and white lights. I then assumed they were ships of some sort freaked out and tried to get my phone on video so I could record what was going on. The cluster was growing then a few of them were getting closer to earth but only one came down rapidly and landed on the street behind a small building beside my apartment building across from the parking lot so I could see the lot but not the jet. It looked as a black fighter jet of some sort but it landed where it was hiding specifically from my sight. Then everything turned black.

  4. Hello! Can anyone please help me interpret my dream. It was very vivid. I was walking towards a train station about to cross the train tracks when three jets appeared in the sky. I heard them before I saw them. They were all different sizes. The small one was at the front followed by the medium one then the large one. They were flying fast directly towards me and I had to duck as they passed overhead. They were so loud. As soon as they passed 3 cars came flying around the corner (almost out of no where) again they were really loud and fast. I watched them speed past and panicked as I saw people quickly running across a pedestrian crossing out of the way of the speeding cars. One person (I think it was a grown man) dropped something and ran back to grab it. He was hit by one of the cars it was awful. There was not much left of him. I stood on higher ground (I think the train station) and looked back in hope the person was ok. It was an awful scene to view, there were body parts everywhere and then I woke up. I’m not sure what it all means. If anyone can help that would be great.

  5. i I had a dream I owned a jet! It was amazing… I would fly back and forth to all different parties and functions, most of the rich and famous were there. I know this sound silly but I was chatting with Michael Jordan and
    Snoop Dog became a good friend of mine. Was a bazaar dream that felt real! I woke up with music still in my head and a strange feeling. I understood rich people were rather weird people but also down to earth and I felt I was in their clique rather fast as I had money and because of my personality or there was some special tallent I had (was like a special club) I could fly back and forth from Australia as I pleased! ­čÖé I felt free ! In my dream I was explaining to my mother the world isn’t so big but she didn’t quite get it.

  6. I agree with this interpretation. I dreamt I was flying a huge jet – being guided by my father . Transformational changes ahead

  7. Hi all, I had a dream last night about a fighter plane. I dreamt I was part of some sort of flight school or something akin to it, not sure what my position was there but I was mostly interacting and hanging out with other young men like myself.

    I remember seeing a matte black military fighter jet in a hangar, it was just standing there parked and it eminated power; not sure but I think it was a Russian jet, like a Sukhoi or something, tandem seat. I befriended the owner or commander of this jet, some Norwegian or German guy 5 or so years older than me, he became a mentor of sorts and gained my respect and promised to take me up so I can experience it for myself, he said I could take the stick at high speed but that I would have to be gentle as the input is very sensitive. I felt very excited about this and couldn’t wait for the chance to experience the speed and power of this finely engineered machine. After some time of anticipating which literaly felt like days he said we had to prepare and that he would take me up on that day; he got in the rear seat and had me climb in the front seat. I can’t remember when last I’ve felt so alive and excited in my waking life; and then something came up and we had to cancel so it didn’t happen. Someone later said something about the plane being covered in a sticky layer of dust that would cause too much friction with the air molecules at high speed and damage the jet’s skin. I was very dissapointed.

    What I liked about the dream was the idea that I’m about to fly such an awesome machine, and the jouful anticipation that went with it. What sucked was the dissapointment after that since it didn’t happen.

    My dream as a child was to become a fighter pilot, simply to be in a position to command such a powerful machine and no other reason; until I got a little bit older and realised what it’s all about; war and death and killing and fatherless children and widows and how most of the time wars aren’t even about defending your own country but about veiled imperialism; being a fighter pilot or a soldier in a combat role is akin to being a uniformed murderer, you have a license to kill and you’re a pawn to some polititian, no glory in that. So no thanks. So i gave up on wanting to become a fighter pilot and very rarely think about it. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my childhood dream.

    Coming out of a marijuana addiction and porn addiction and also depression and my life is getting better day by day, starting to dream again during sleep and regaining the ability to feel joy and peace without the aid of MJ, and regaining physicl strength and confidence after dumping porn and masturbattion, slowly but surely; so perhaps it has something to do with that?

    Anybody who can share similar stories or advice please do.

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