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Jesus – Dreaming about Jesus can mean any of several things. If you are in a religion that recognizes Jesus as a prophet or more, then he usually represents a message from god. He is also a symbol of love and healing and redemption to many people, regardless of their not giving credence to faiths that incorporate him into their tradition. Jesus can also be a symbol of enlightenment.

Little is known about his life, but what is known is that when he was a small child, three magicians (magi) visited him. These men came from the east, probably from India or nearby where there was a center of knowledge at that time. Shortly thereafter, Jesus was smuggled out his homeland and brought to Egypt, presumably in the company of the wise-men or at very least with a great deal of money that they left him. Egypt was the greatest center of education at the time and Jesus was likely afforded a great education as long as he stayed in Egypt. When he was older, we know that he was very learned compared to others his age and this fact is attested to in the bible.

His teachings reflect very similar ideologies that were found in India at the time, and which were extremely foreign to his homeland and the west. In fact, it was not his miracles or death that made him remarkable in his time. Many others could heal like him. Many others died like him, on a cross. Many others resurrected just as he is assumed to have done. However, only Jesus is known to have taught an obviously eastern way of thinking full of all the ideologies of the Hindus. Taking all these things into account is important when trying to understand a dream about Jesus. In the end, this is a very personal dream and needs to be interpreted by the dreamer themselves.

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  1. The other night I dreamt that I was out on my porch at the change of autum to winter. We were having a party at my home and I was talking to a soldier that had served with my soon to be ex-husband. Enjoying the celebration – holiday gathering of sort – I looked up at the sky dreamily, it was both blue and big puffy clouds and Jesus appeared in his priestly robes and raised both of his hands as if to blow a kiss from heaven and as his hands came away from his face a beautiful dove was released toward me and flew away. Everyone on the proch saw the same thing! So I ran across the field just a short distance away where church was being held in a barn. The ground had frost on it and snow began to fall ever so slightly. I burst into the service to tell everyone that Jesus was just outside in a cloud! and many raced out to see, but he was gone. Then all of a sudden, my soon to be ex husband and I were cleaning up from the party politely chatting while I washed dishes and glasses at the sink and he came up from behind me affectionately and wrapped his arms around me.

    (reality check: twenty years of marriage he has never ever done any thing like that – help me clean up, chat politely, or wrapped his arms around me spontaneously with affection)

    I woke from the dream feeling exilerated and confused.
    The marriage was over eleven years before I finally left the marriage – than quickly found out he had been cheating on me the whole eleven years.

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