Jester Dream Symbol


Jester – The jester is a symbol of cunning and power behind the throne lightly masked by wittiness and humor. The jester was oftentimes the most trusted advisor to the monarch in history. This was because he had the ability to set people off their guard in such a way that they would tell him secrets that they would otherwise never tell anyone. The jester walks a fine line with the monarch. If you dream about being the jester then it is a sign that you may not be taken seriously at work or home, but you fulfill an important role nonetheless.

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  1. braelinn thomassen on

    So the other night I dreamt about an all black jester. I kept trying to leave the jester and to say goodbye and each time he would say the name I said “goodbye camera man, mystery man, etc..” Wasn’t his. He got angry and I shut the door on him. All of the sudden I felt a rush of fear. Crushing my chest. He said in a deep angry voice. “that isn’t my name!” In the dream I was sobbing and asked him what his name was. I woke up before I could. I really want to know what it means. The dream was too real to be some part of my imagination. I looked everywhere. Help?

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