Jellyfish Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Jellyfish Dream Symbol – Jellyfish are beautiful and deadly at the same time. They are graceful and seductive. Dreaming about jellies is akin to dreaming about a Nikita. If you feel that you are the focus of the dream, that you are the jellies, then it means that you need to turn on the charm and unapologetically go for your goals. Don’t worry about who might get in the way. In the end anyone who matters will either forgive you or lie in ruins at your feet.

This is a call for you to reach out and unswervingly take what you want. Risk takers are the most successful people in the world. They can also be the least successful people in the world. Dreaming of jellyfish is a symbol that you need to go out and take the bull by the horns.

jellyfish dreamWhen jellyfish floats into your dreams, you may have old memories of painful events in your life coming to the surface. These are emotions you have buried because they are just too painful to deal with, but are now coming up as you are ready to face them. It is a time for forgiveness, to get rid of any bitterness and all negative feelings. Living with hidden aggression and hostility will continue to eat away at you unless you cleanse your heart of past pain.

Who do you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself? Accept what you cannot change. Let go of all old negative emotions so you can move forward transparently with strength and sensitivity. Have faith you can overcome anything when you simplify your life.

Jellyfish can also visit when you lose confidence or feel inadequate. Identify why and work through these feelings. What or who brings feelings of inadequacy? What causes your loss of confidence? Regain your confidence.

When Jellyfish crosses your Path

When jellyfish crosses your path it is a time to let your inner glow shine. Open your heart to let love come in. Relax. Go with the flow. Trust in your heart to guide you.

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  1. I had a sudden dream. I was swimming. I saw a big brownish jelly fish that looked like a mushroom. I was trying to swim away from it quickly , but it turned and hit me with its head only. There I sank in 5′ water, paralyzed. What does this mean? :{

  2. I dreamt a box jelly fish was attacting a toddler in murky water. I dove into the water and picked it up by its head and for a moment i looked really concerned at it. I then threw it out of the water onto the embankment and then rescued the child ????

    • I had a dream last night (I dont dream often). I was at work and about 30 feet from me about 15 feet off the ground a stunningly beautiful translucent light blue almost white jellyfish gently floated towards me very docile. I was sat down as it floated in front of me. That’s all I remember.

  3. I just had a long dream. Actually it was my first ever dream inside a dream. At the end I was standing by a pond with my new girlfriend and an unknown family member. Between them I saw what looked like a white/translucent jellyfish floating in the air. As I was yelling what the f is that, it darted toward me and attached itself to my face and started electrocuting me.

    What the f could that possibly symbolise?

  4. I had a dream of lots of beautiful jellyfish float in sky. And i wonder to see them. Whts the meaning???

  5. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with jellyfish. Through the dream i felt nauseated but only when the jellyfish would respond to someones voice they did not like. They were happy when I was with good people in my life. I suppose it means i create my own desires and securities based on the environment I choose to be in.

  6. Deja Crenshaw on

    I dreamt of a huge pink jellyfish that was taller than a building. It kept emerging from a hole in cement. It was scary but then I started to pet it. Eventually it became a human with brown hair and we fell in love. He wouldn’t leave even if it was painful without the water and I became protective of him. I just thought it was interesting to share.

  7. I had a dream of holding a time octopus & tiny jellyfish in the palm of my hand & the octopus was eating the insides of the jellyfish. I was emotionlessly observing. How do you think the symbolism of these too collaborate?

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