Jaybird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Jaybird Dream Symbol – The jay bird has many significant meanings. Among those meanings are nudity, as in “Naked as a jaybird,” freedom, carefree attitudes, and good luck. Birds in general are omens of things to come, whether good or bad. The jaybird could represent a need or desire to be naked in a non –sexual context.

If taken as an allegory this could mean that you have a need to regain a sense of personal independence and freedom in order to get a grasp on your life. You might have gone through a series of trials that have left you split in many directions or become distant with yourself. The jay is a sign that you need to reconnect with yourself.

jay birdJay brings lessons of adaption to your dreams. Whenever faced with new situations or people you adapt to act with wisdom of long ago lessons learned from the past. You are smart and intelligent and know just what to do in any situation. He visits to remind to take a risk, to embrace and explore new opportunities. What holds you back? What new opportunities excite you? Jay shows you that through balance and patience in waiting for the right time to act you can have success.

When blue jay visits it can mean you have become too overconfident. Have you been too arrogant? Do you think you are the only one with the answers? Blue jay may also be warning there is something you have overlooked. What have you forgotten?

When you see Stellar’s jay it is a direct connection with spiritual growth and mother earth. He reminds there is value in growing spiritually and in your relationships, but reminds that they take work for ongoing success. What or who have you neglected? Do you look after yourself?

Stellar’s jay is all about communication. He indicates you have all the resources you need deep within. Get in touch. Call on your wisdom to set new goals or walk a new path. All you need to do is visualize what you want for your future and work towards it. Use tact, diplomacy, and care along the way.

Alternatively, Stellar’s jay may be warning you to get to the heart of the matter. Crack it wide open so you can deal with it. What worries you? What constantly follows you around? Until you stand and face it, your worries will always follow you around. There is no other way to escape.

This is a time of slow transformation as your emotions mature and you grow to understand the lessons of wisdom buried deep within. Unlock them to use as positive tools to grow your life towards your dreams.

When Jay crosses your Path

When jay crosses your path it is to remind you to investigate what you cannot see. Investigate the truth of spirituality and how it relates to you. Understanding your spirituality brings a whole new way of being, and joy into your life.

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