Japan Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Japan Dream Symbol – When you dream of Japan it can signify a part of yourself that cannot help but worry about everything. Are you a perfectionist? Can you cope if anything is out of order in your life? You may be so focused on being positive that you actually become negative.

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  1. I have been having dreams of what I think is Japan (I’ve never been there) since is was a kid. I have this recurring dream where I am walking barefoot along a street lined with shoji screened walls in the middle of winter. When I am in the dream I feel incredibly happy and every face that walks by smiles back at me. As I have no asian heritage or knowledge of it, I used to sincerely believe that I used to be Japanese in a past life, but even I think that sounds ridiculous. These dreams have always been positive and comforting to me, and I am in fact a controlling person who seeks perfection, so I believe your interpretation has some merit. However, I was hoping for more information on this as I have had this dream for over a decade and it provokes such a positive emotion in me even though I have no ties with Japanese culture or locations in my waking life.

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