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Jam Dream Symbol – Dreaming of jam can mean you have gotten yourself into a big, sticky mess. How are you going to get yourself out of this jam? You may need to look at the positive side of this situation to solve it. Jam in a dream can also bring back reminders of the simple pleasure enjoyed in childhood.

jam-dreamsHow you approached life without fear. Maybe you have some ideas you want to put into action but have been waiting for the right time. This is a message to there is no need to feel uncertain anymore. It is the right time to take action.

When you dream of making or eating jam, this is a reflection of what is happening in your waking life. This will be about the things that you feel are not going right in your life. You may need to make changes if they are not working out how you want so you can keep moving forward. Take the time to reassess where your life is at compared to where you want to be going.

A dream of delicious, freshly made jam is a sign your life is fruitful and you are happy with where you are at this time in your life. It is also a sign prosperity will soon make your life happier. Seeing jam in a jar is a sign you do your best to get through, but may only have moderate success and happiness. You may have to work harder to get what you really want out of life.

Dreaming of spilling jam on yourself that is difficult to remove, this means you need to focus on what is important and take better care of yourself. Seeing kids eating jam is a sign of fertility. It can even mean you may get pregnant soon. This is a message that your children will live long, healthy lives and so will your grandchildren.

Moldy jam in a dream is a sign you may be stuck in a rut or in a situation where you are just going nowhere. Do you have feelings of bitterness about something? Is there something you are trying to remove yourself from that is proving difficult to put behind you? If you are not careful, this may make you bitter and twisted. This is a warning to take action.

Dreaming of jam can also be about the petty things in your life that annoy you. Jam is an indication need to take action to remove yourself from bothering with such petty situations.

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