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Jaguar Dream Symbol – Jaguars are rare animals that can be found in tropical jungles. There are often camouflaged with their surroundings and blend into their natural environment. They won’t attack unless they are directly harassed or someone is approaching their cubs. The jaguar represents assertiveness and fierce anger inside of you.

To the Mayan Indians, Jaguar represents a mythical and spiritual creature. Natives view Jaguars as guides to their inner being and the spiritual afterlife. A Jaguar dream can also represent raw sexuality and instincts that you might have inside of you.

Jaguar can also indicate physical traits that you might possess such as speed, quickness, power, grace, and beauty. If a Jaguar is hunting you in your dream it can represent an aspect of yourself that you are running from.

Jaguar is a smart, skillful hunter that uses stealth and cunning for success. She may visit to remind you are a stable, proud person. It can mean you need to watch your back, especially if you are enjoying life. She reminds even at times you are happy and relaxed you need to protect yourself. Someone close may be jealous.

Watching jaguar’s behavior in a dream indicates you have great patience in waiting for just the right moment to implement plans. This can be a warning not to rush things with impatience. What drives your impatience? Do not act from fear. Stay calm. Use wisdom to get your timing right.

Jaguar is thought to have mystical powers. This can indicate you are in touch with your inner wisdom and sexuality and are fully empowered. She also symbolizes sexuality. Visits from the jaguar can bring exquisite pleasure.

Jaguars swimming in water sends positive messages your life is happy and relaxed. You deserve time out to rejuvenate. Cleanse your soul. Look deep inside yourself to see what you need to do so your future stays positive.

When jaguar sleeps in your dream, it symbolizes you have dropped your guard. She is warning that you are too relaxed about what is going on in your life. Wake up to what is going on around you.

If a jaguar attacks you, it can mean an acquaintance will betray you in some way. A woman who dreams of this may mean the betrayal of a lover. But if you fight off the attack or kill her, it can mean dangerous or risky situations or people are in or about to enter your life. Be wary. Be on your guard. Alternatively, you may be about to make a mistake for your enemies to use against you. Jaguar lets you know you can overcome all difficulties that cross your path.

If you are running from the jaguar, may be that you are spending too much time and energy on things that will never pay off. Is there someone or something in your life you can never say no to?

Dreams of a dead jaguar is not a good sign. She brings messages you may need to make serious changes to your life. It can be a warning that you are not on the right path and, if you keep going on in this way, it will not work out for you. Are the challenges never-ending? Do you have little relief from dealing with tough issues every day? If you said yes, then seriously consider why. It could be you are on the wrong path and need to make changes to get back on track.

A dream of jaguar feasting on its prey can indicate you will do whatever it takes to get what you want. You will stop at nothing. Even spread nasty rumors and assassinate people’s characters if you think they get in your way.
A dream of you driving a Jaguar car is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This can bring mixed messages. If your car is being repaired or washed, this indicates there is good news about your finances on the way. Driving a Jaguar recklessly or at high speeds is a message to be careful with your money and possessions.

When Jaguar crosses your Path

Jaguar crosses your path to let you know you need to stand up for yourself and for others. There is no place in this world for bullies or those who abuse their position of power.

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  1. Well around 4:44 December 23 ,2020
    I had a dream a momma jaguar was anger & I saw this orange glow in her head as she was anger because her baby kitten was attached to her & she looking at me coming to me & I was confused moving slowly away (she wanted help) so she started biting her baby kitten off of her .

  2. I dreamed of the panther chasing me outside into the store when I got in there he was letting me buy stuff but it’s like when I tried to leave he wouldn’t let me and his eyes never left me I was so scared but then towards the end I wasn’t as scared no more I was like whatever if it comes it comes I’m leaving out this door can someone please help me understand this dream because it kind of scared me when I woke up but it more so just left me curious of what it could mean should I be worried??

  3. I dreamed about a jaguar leading lion and Lioness coming to me and i control them with my hand supernatural powers and stop them, in the same dream i dream of controlling the sky and make a storm and move it away, also i can move objects with out touching them and i can fly as well

  4. For months I’ve had repeated dreams of a jaguar chasing me and me running from her/him. When I say months I mean MONTHS, this dream kept popping up. Later I found out my 3 year boyfriend cheated on me.

  5. I dreamed Justin Bieber wanted to be my boyfriend. We walked through the forest and there was a brick wall with ivy vines on it. I was climbing up it then a jaguar jumped on him and clawed up his back. I let go of the vines and jumped down and told him to go up first so the jaguar wouldn’t kill him. Then i climbed up after him.

  6. Keke Queener on

    I had a dream I was at some girls house (felt like a friend) and she had a pet jaguar that just freely roamed the house. I was talkin a nap in a room that bad no door. Once I saw the jaguar coming that way I decided that go I to another room which had a door but it was broken (chunks missing from the bottom and top) the jaguar got closer to the door so I shut it. My heart was racing I was so scared but remained silent. The jaguar was able to get through the hole on the bottom of the door and very very very slowly started walking to me. For some reason I knew to remain eye contact or it would attach. I tried to scream for the girl to come get it but it was like she couldn’t hear me it maybe I was so afraid I wasn’t saying it loud enough. Well I’m standing there frozen watching this jaguar in slow motion come towards me heart racing a million miles an hours hoping this girl hears me and comes to get it. But she doesn’t. I look at the jaguars body and notice it is starving. I could see it’s ribs it was so skinny. It got so close to be i somehow put my hands on it’s mouth like try to keep it shut. It didn’t move bite make a noise or budge. We just sat there like that for about a minute which seemed like 5 minutes. I woke up heart racing and sweating. Im not sure if the jaguar was going to hurt me or not but it was really weird. I’ve never had a dream about a jaguar before.

  7. In my dream the spirit of jaguar jumped over me and a child I was holding. At first I was scared then i felt protected.

  8. What does it mean when a Jaguar is chasing someone else but I manage to catch it and carry her around. I was teaching her not to eat the dogs or people and during this lesson she nibbled a little piece of skin off my finger. I didn’t get upset, it didn’t hurt and I didn’t let her go. She ended up listening to me and she let me feed.

  9. I had a weird experience where the jaguar was familiar and I would chase it through a maze of doors and corridors. Also the jaguar was half regular: yellow w black spots, and half purple with yellow streaks.

  10. In my dream, I saw a very small and chubby jaguar cub. I was holding that cute cub on my lap and he was sleeping and playing on My lap.

    Please do let me know that what does it means.

  11. What does it mean to dream of a Jaguar walking over you and your husband in bed? Actually walking over the top half of our bodies.

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