Jade Dream Symbol


Jade – Jade is a beautiful green gemstone that symbolizes luck, growth, harmony and purity. If you dream that you are handling or carving jade, then you are or will soon take a very active role in creating your own good fortune. To dream that you lose a piece of jade indicates that trust is breaking down in a relationship, due to lies or a lack of harmony.

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  1. Toni Coleman on

    I dreamt that I was doin some cleaning and found a jade buddah charm or pendant.. what does it mean?

  2. Sally-Anne Lambert on

    I tried Crystal Vaults website cos they have lot of stuff on what a crystal means when u dream about it, which is not necessarily just the reflection of the stone’s usual meaning in using the stone. But the jade page didn’t have that feature.

  3. Sally-Anne Lambert on

    jade is found in political hotspots, and has similar history to diamond… high demand, conflict jade in a sense, top prices…

    I dreamed of jade search, for more colors (I have a collection, most jades are Pacific Rim)… right now I try to sell 2 properties, I found some low price properties in a place I really want to be… but there is conflict over one of my properties, an unjust lien…. I always use stones to help me especially due to this conflict….

  4. i have a dream where a voice was involved…”you are the protecter of the jade”what does it mean?

    • Sally-Anne Lambert on

      Burma is a main area of jade, BRitish Columbia, New Zealand… Turkey, Siberia… mainly around the Pacific… there was Maya jade from probably areas further south… possibly there is a place u can protect in some way…

      jade represents environment in a sense… there are environmental issues often tied to it… in China it is stone of 9 virtues…. I suppose it means true wealth, including health… part of the true wealth is harmony between peoples… and a better economy… modesty and purity are some of its virtues, there is a special kind of smoothness to jade… colors are significant part of jade culture, also carving and toolmaking….

      u can ask urself, what is it u were trying to protect at the time u had the dream?

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