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Jacket – A jacket or coat signifies a protection from outside inconveniences, hardships or discomforts. To dream that you are wearing a jacket is a sign that you will be able to pass through hardships without being excessively bothered by them, because you will receive some degree of protection.

This protection may come from an unexpected source, or it may come simply from your own resources and resiliency. Taking off your jacket because it has become warm outside is a sign that a difficulty is coming to an end. On the other hand, taking off or losing your jacket when it is cold outside is a sign that you are in danger of being defeated by a hardship.

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  1. Last night I dreamt of someone gave me a jacket, I dont know who is she but she is one of our participants of an event that happens to my work place. They want to give a give away for us. One night (in my dream), I’am jogging/walking on the high way, im alone, and someone is following me, then when I turned around, I saw her and she gave me a jacket, a new jacket with a logo of our company, this jacket is one of my dreams to have it because I really love my job, (also in real life), so when i receive the jacket iam so happy and I hug her who gave this jacket to me. May I know what is the meaning of this dream?

  2. I dreamed i was in a restroom. I was peeing on the wall. It was a strong flow. it splattered on my coat i was wearing. SOmeone came in a saw me wiping the urine off my coat. i took my coat off before leaving the restroom.

  3. Last night, I dreamt about my crush. I was at school, and I slipped into grass that was muddy, he gave me his jacket for some reason? And after we talked for a bit, he went away to his friends. Can someone tell me if this is a normal dream? Or if my dream is saying something?

  4. I dreamt someone giving me a Jack and I thought it wouldn’t fit, it was a size 36 white with beige stripes. I was hesitant to put it on but, this person persuaded me to put it on and I did and it fitted me perfectly. What could be be the meaning of this?

  5. Tina Jombert on

    I dreamt last night my wearing blue leather jacket from my ex boyfriend in young days. Attracted him your recognise it but he couldn’t until I was further way when he released it was too later I remove and pinned it on a cock board to read the prints on it written MEANT all over it.

  6. Kim Griffiths on

    I had multiple dreams last night that the jacket I was wearing kept getting caught on something. Any idea what that means?

  7. I dream’t that a friend of mine wore my black jacket which I really like and I was upset with her

  8. glorified simelane on

    i have two dreams that i need to be interpreted
    1. i lost my grey leather jacket in my dream and i keep on checking the jacket.
    2. A group of people were talking about cutting my hair in order for them to receive my blood.

  9. My husband dreamed I was on a train to NY and I was wearing a gold Nehru jacket. He was trying to get a round trip ticket for same train and couldn’t get it so he just got on my train antway

  10. I had a dream that a very nice guy that I have been dating (in real life) brought me a clean white jacket. It was made of a light soft silky fabric, later in the dream we crossed a torrent river and I got a chunk of rusty metal in my leg, he pulled it out and then carried me for awhile. It was so real..

  11. i dream about wearing a jacket and the falling rain drops on my jacket but i also wear a cap on my head and i hold another one cap that i will give it to my sister and i put on her head. But the rain i feel so cold then i will go back in place together with one freind..what that means?? it is good or a bad..thanks..

  12. I was wearing borrowed cream color jacket. I was supposed to travel next day. I poured a red color liquor on the edge of the jacket. Friends were telling me not to worry and giving me ad iced for fast hotel dry cleaning for my next day meeting.

  13. I dreamt of a closet full of down-filled jackets of different colors, some white, some green, some brown. They were all quite puffy, new and expensive-looking! Am going through an especially difficult time right now and wish I could find an interpretation for this, as cannot find one for jackets hanging in closet.

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