Jackdaw Dream Symbol


Jackdaw – A jackdaw is a small black bird, known for being loud and for scavenging food. It is generally an ill omen in a dream, signifying trouble and annoyances to come. If you dream of seeing one fly by, or land and fly away, this indicates that an endeavor will encounter some obstacles or be overthrown. If, on the other hand, you capture a jackdaw, this indicates that you will overcome the misfortunes that the jackdaw brings, and your endeavor will be a success after all.

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  1. Hi,I recently dreamt that I was watching someone from a window,this person had a small black bird in their hand and they were pricking it with a long thin needle,and reciting something,I somehow knew that this had something to do with me,as I felt that I wasn’t supposed to be seeing it,the bird was then let go,and when it flew away,it flew past the window I was looking out off and it looked directly at me.I then woke up with a shock.this dream occured around at 08:00am

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