Jackal Dream Symbol


Jackal – A jackal is a small, wild scavenger dog, related to the American coyote. A jackal in your dream often symbolizes an unsavory character or an unpleasant task. If a jackal is close to you in a dream, or especially if it comes in direct contact with you or is your pet, this is an indication that someone close to you is untrustworthy, and is probably looking to opportunistically “feed off” you for their own personal gain. On the other hand, driving a jackal away is an auspicious sign of protecting yourself against liars and cheats.

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  1. I dreamt that there was a road kill and jackals were dragging bits of it away, one by one and i was just watching them. What does that mean?

  2. I dreamt that Jackal’s were around at the end of the world and few of us lived.They were attacking everyone around them who was left. Suddenly i knew what to do.
    I put my hands on my two surviving friends heads and they fell into a deep sleep,i ran outside to the wild scruffy looking dogs,and before one could bite me i commanded it by name ((saewen??)) and it stopped as if it recognised me and sat,i then started calling alot of the others and spoke in latin ((barmy i know)) some even had french names.Thrn i commanded that they bow,and they all lay down at my feet.
    As they did this,i looked for a few that were missing,sabeen and amosith in my dream were missing and i wasn’t happy about that.
    I looked back to the obeying Jackal’s now under my command,and saw my friends now fully awake,and they called me lucifier,but in my dream i knew i wasn’t but they put the end of their world down to me.
    I shouted again for the missing Jackals,and i knew they were dead.They were killed by people that survived.It saddened me for the Jackals mostly,but i felt a little sad too,like i’d lost a part of my family.
    What the heck is that all about??

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